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Orgasmic sial this song.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with...... stuff.

Have been having writer's block as well. Every time I start on a post, I end up leaving it hanging and I just forget about it. Three times this happened. Gah!

My sister was here from Australia for two weeks. Been having so much fun with her. If you're an avid stalker of my Facebook page then you'll see all the crazy pictures. My picture on my blog being one of them. All we did was go out, eat, shop, sleep. I think I gained 5 Kilos from those two weeks alone. Missed her a lot and it was really good having her around. Just to talk and do stupid things. Felt a little down when she left, but it's okay, cause I'll definitely be seeing her again.

I've already come up with my education plan, but I haven't exactly executed it yet. Starting my Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP) in Sunway University College this coming January and also planning to take three SPM papers at the year end of 2011. Most of you think that I'm crazy or just clearly wasting my time. But this battle is one that I HAVE to do. It's a personal vendetta against everything and everyone. I want to be able to do a medical course and the only way that's going to happen if I go all out in the coming year and more.

From a friend via Facebook: Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the worst failure.

Been having a tough time with money. Need a job. Or I need to be really good in poker ;)
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