Running Around

To quote a friend: It's easier when there is only one option.

I couldn't agree more.

Let me just speed you up a bit. I was about to do CIMP. Then I discovered that I have take some SPM papers again. Then I found out that SPM registrations are closed. Then I got offered AIMST. Then I was confused. Then I went to Putrajaya. Then I don't know if I'm going to AIMST. Went to the British Council to ask about O Levels. And now, I'm going back to Putrajaya with an appeal letter to sit for my SPM examinations this year.

I've been doing so much of running around lately, that I don't know if all of it was worth anything. It's tough being at such an important cross road in my life. It's difficult to choose from what's hard and easy, convenient an inconvenient.

I didn't know it was this hard to be a doctor. I mean, I knew it was hard in med school, but I didn't expect it to be this hard to get into a med school.

I'm about to be doing another foundation and that doesn't bother me too much. But what does is the fact that my SPM has a blocking factor of what I want to achieve in life. The education system has tightened up like a virgin's ass. It's difficult to do the things you want. It's just difficult. Difficult.

Need to send my appeal letter today and I'm just hoping for the best. Should I start studying now? Maybe I should. Help in Physics. Anyone?

So friggin' dead on the inside.
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