Harry Potter Pawns the Twilight Saga

What is the big hoop-la about the Twilight Saga?

What is it that makes this series to die for? Why does it make girls swoon and drool like cavemen? And why does it just make guys want to barf?

I've read Twilight, New Moon and I couldn't bring myself to complete Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

I've watched the movies. For society's sake.

Reading the books. I felt like ramming my head into a brick wall. I might have actually done it. Seriously.

I can't get into the whole hype. I despise the books and felt like barfing out my innards through out the movie.

I think I know why I hate this series so much. For me, there wasn't enough realism. To be honest, there was no realism in it at all.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a fantasy geek. Sort-of. When I first heard that it was about werewolves and vampires, I was head over heels. But as I was getting into the middle of Twilight, I realised it wasn't your typical werewolf and vampire story. It turned into this icky soft-porn between a vampire who's always in pain and a girl who has not much more emotions than a plank and a boy who turns into a wolf when he's pretty much angry.

And that's when the whole thing started becoming fake. The ickyness was just too much to bear. There were too many barf moments. And as the story grew, the love triangle between girl, vampire and werewolf was just too stupid to comprehend.

Plank-girl and vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun fall in love. Evil vampire want's to suck plank-girl's blood. Vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun kills evil vampire. Evil vampire's hot chick want's to kill plank-girl for revenge. Vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun leaves plank-girl in the friggin' woods for endangering her. Plank-girl becomes depressed. Wolf-boy steps in to look after plank-girl and falls in love with her. Plank-girl becomes confused but still loves vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun. Vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun returns and falls in love with plank-girl while wolf-boy is jealous. Evil vampire's hot chick returns with army vampires to kill plank-girl. Wolf-boy and vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun join forces and kill them all. Wolf-boy still madly in love with plank-girl. Plank-girl loves both of them, but vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun more. Wolf-boy hurt. The two want to get married.

That's up till Eclipse. From what I hear, in Breaking Dawn, plank-girl gets married to vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun and transforms her into vampire-plank-girl-who-sparkles-in-the-sun. So now, they sparkle together in the sun (woop-dee-doo). Oh, she gets preggo with vampire-plank-babies-that-sparkle-in-the-sun too.

The story lost every ounce of realism in it's ridiculous ickyness.

If you're going to compare it to another fantasy novel, say the Harry Potter series. I would take that any time.

I went head over heels for the Harry Potter series when I first read it.

For one, J.K Rowling's style of writing was amazing and she kept me reading through every page without me almost never putting the book down.

Another, perhaps, is that most of the characters in the series were created to be around the same age as I was when I started reading them. A sense of connection between me and the characters were established through out the series.

I think the most important bit of the Harry Potter series was the realism involved in it. Putting aside the magical aspect of the book, it deals with real problems such as losing one's parents, fear, hope, struggles, friendship, bravery, revenge, growing up, actual hormones, actual love, choosing from what is right and wrong, good and bad, etc.

Growing up with these characters and with the sense of realism in the series makes Harry Potter one of the best series of books that I have read in my 20 years of life. And that is what makes a series unique.

The Twilight Saga? Please. It's rubbish. It just gave me massive head aches. Massive.

People say, you've not read the books, don't judge. I read, well, most of the books, and I hate what I found.

So to people out there who love the Twilight Saga, I respect your delusional mind and decisions, but................

Harry Potter PAWNS the Twilight Saga :D

Someone should really consider killing Stepahnie Meyer.

No, really, someone should actually kill her.
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