In a total state of confusion.

But going to Redang at 12.00AM!

So happy di
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This Is It

I finally watched Michael Jackson's This Is It since it's release last year.

I remember all those years ago when he was down. It was the biggest thing that could have happened at that time. I remember wanting to go for his concert. People kept telling me I was too young to go for one.

How I envied my cousin and my sister. Still do sometimes.

Watching This Is It was the closest thing I was going to get to watching Michael Jackson perform, even if it was just the rehearsals. He still has it.

How I regret not being able to watch him perform live.

I can see it. The moonwalks. The infamous crotch grabs. His high pitched, shrilling WOOH!

But most of all, his songs. That have made him a world wide phenomenon.

Black or White. Billie Jean. Thriller. Beat It. Man in the Mirror. The Earth Song. Just to name a few of my favourites.

I remember hearing the news of his death. It nearly brought news of my own. I was driving when I heard it and I nearly crashed into another car. I was shocked and bewildered.

Watching This Is It nearly brought me to tears.

The King of Pop is gone. But he has and will forever be the one and only King of Pop. Through his music, he will live on.

Michael Jackson. Forever.
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Just got off the phone with one of my friends and we were talking for quite some time. About things that were, things that are, and things that are about to be discovered.

It's funny, how talking to a friend can just make you forget all your troubles and for that moment in time, you are just one perfect person with no worries what so ever. The loud sounds of laughter acquired through many of the conversations and the mere sound of their voice just brings you to a better place, where your nerve-wrecking problems just melts away into this unimportant goo.

It just made me understand that there are people in the world that love you so much, that nothing else matters but their love. I don't mean the icky kind of love that Bella and Edward have, just love in general. Because besides your family, the closest of your friends will be there, no matter how far the gap that separates them from you.

My friends have been dear to me. They may not be perfect, but even with their flaws, they have managed to captivate me.

Although some have flaws beyond compare, they show their noble acts through means not as conventional as others, but still makes me wonder with awe, that they are here for me.

They are the most important things that I posses. And I begin to wonder how I would funtion without them. They are like my breath of air I take, their friendship fills my lungs each time I want to breathe.

Although I contradict my previous post, there is a better place in the world after all.

They are my loves, and I love them!

To those who have been there from the get-go:

Ron Nard
Jin Li
Zhe Rei

and to a host of many other people, I cherish you with all my heart.

If I have missed out anyone that have been dear to me, please forgive me, to forget is the nature of man.
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So there are people in the world that have a fuck face and behave like shit.

Good to know that the world is a shitty place to live in.
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Pulau Redang

Did I mention I was going to Pulau Redang this weekend?

Sheesh, I need a holiday, real bad.

I know I just had one, but God knows I need another.

Wow! Do you see how clear the waters are?

Damn it weekend, come fast!
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Okay, so I didn't get to posting my Australia experience.

Been to busy emo-ing around.

But here's a picture of me in Australia though.


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