Australian Withdrawal Syndrome

Suffering from AW (Australian Withdrawal) Syndrome!
Will blog about the Gold Coast when I feel a little better.

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West Side Story

My cousin and I went for the West Side Story at Istana Budaya last Friday night. We had tickets to the Grand Circle worth RM400+ each, courtesy of my uncle and Maxis. I'm a DiGi user by the way :D

The West Side Story is about two rival gangs in New York : The Jets and The Sharks. The Jets are the working class whites and The Sharks are Puerto Rican immigrants in the States. The two gangs are always up against one another and fights are the norm between them.

Things go awry when one of the members of The Jets, Tony, falls for the sister of the head of The Sharks, Maria.

Their relationship is tested as both the groups members disapprove and a fight soon ensues with Tony and Maria caught in the middle.

The ending was amazing and I rather not say if no one has watched the play or the movie. Nyeh nyeh! Ask me in person la.....

As a musical, the choreography was amazing! The dance routines were complex and the costumes so god-damn colourful, I just couldn't avert my eyes from the spectacle. The cast was amazing, the girls and the guys were great, in all the possible senses. Their acting was so believable that I was so close to the edge of my seat, it was possible that I was giving myself a wedgie! The second half was short, but it was that half that left me with the greatest impact.

After that amazing ending, I was glad I had the chance to watch it. Watching the Broadway cast from New York do their thang was indeed an experience I would like to revisit again.

Kudos to The West Side Story!

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Had the privilege to use the Nikon D90 for a week.

Absolutely loved that DSLR!

Unfortunately, it isn't mine to keep. Got it for my sister last week and sent it to her through her friend who is visiting Australia at this moment.

Took tons of pictures, some were pretty good, although some parties opt to differ. Arseholes!

I'm not DSLR savvy, but I do know that the camera handles well. Easy to use controls. Awesome shots, and this model also takes videos. Wow, much?

Nearly burst into tears when I handed it over. Bah! I will get one soon, in a few years maybe.

Doesn't mean I'm going to stop taking pictures with my awesome CyberShot :D
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American Idol


The show is turning into rubbish!

This year's talent is no where close to the contestants last year. It's becoming a chore to watch the show. Though, the guest performances were awesome, like Lady Gaga performing Alejandro with all the elaborate stage pieces.

Have I mentioned that I love Lady Gaga?

Anyways, Aaron should have stayed and Casey should have packed up and left! He's a boring douche bag! And clearly, he is not going to be in the final two.

And speaking of the final two, it is going to be a rather obvious one this year, I should think. My predictions are Crystal and Lee. Like duhhhhh!!

And the winner? Crystal!


And Simon Cowell is going to leave after this season. No one can fill his shoes, NO ONE! I heard they wanted to place Kanye West as the new judge. Why the fuck for? He's not going to put on a British accent for us, is he? Oh, dear God!

And Ellen? I mean, don't get me wrong, she's great for comic relief and I love her talk show, but she can't judge. Bet she doesn't even know what she's saying half the time. But her jokes are awesome!

Randy and Kara, yeah they can judge, but leave Simon alone, God damnit!

American Idol, you disappoint me this season.

By the way, do you know I love Lady Gaga?

Oh, and Hit-Girl from Kick Ass too :D
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Oh, no.

I think I'm on a blogging spree.

I was going through some of my posts and there was once I said that I might have liked someone.

Thinking about it. It was pure and utter rubbish (To whom it may concern: Sorry, but it's true).

I thought it meant something at that time, but honestly there was nothing to it. The idea of the crush turning into something more, was totally absurd. There were no actual feelings - from my part anyways - that were being relayed. I felt stuck in an empty void, waiting to escape. I came to my senses.

Never will I do that again, getting into something that is insanely impossible.

But I actually do have a crush :D

It's just a crush at the moment and nothing else. We've been chatting several times and I like the communication we have. So, here's hoping it might turn into something else.

I have tried analyzing it from different views, and for the most part, this crush has the potential to grow......

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Two deaths last week and I can't help but wonder who's next on the list?

I know meeting Michael Jackson would be really cool and all, but really....

I think I've been to so many funerals in my life, that I'm beginning to think that I am immune to the idea of death. I'm not saying that I'm not afraid to die, I'm scared shitless, it's just the hope and belief that we go to a better place that puts me on the optimistic side of things.

Like Thira says, I am the capital 'O' in optimistic.

I am so immune, I can't even cry anymore I think.

Heartless piece of shit I am.
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New Layout

Saw Dinisha's blog and saw her new template. Got jealous. So, I decided to get a new template. Looks kinda cool, with Einstein staring deep into your eyes. If I can find a better template, I will. Till then, happy with this.
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