It just occurred to be that I did quite a number of things this past year that I regret doing.

I've messed with my heart, messed with the heart of others and just making one too many stupid decisions without understanding the consequences of them. Looking back, I wonder why I did them.

There are things that are going to be the same and there are things that can never be and honestly, I hope it stays that way.
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Being angry at someone without reasoning is plain stupid. After reasoning sets in, you begin to understand the reality of things and being angry to begin with was unnecessary.

Looks like I am growing after all.
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You Belong With Me, Parody

I once posted that I cross dressed and that the video would be up soon.
And here it is!

It's a parody to Taylor Swift's, You Belong With Me.

The cast is made up of Darshanaa, Michelle, Ravind and I.

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Poker is damn addictive.
Damn them pocket Kings!
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Gold Coast

Just about another month to go!
Gold Coast, here I come!
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Want an iPod?

Who doesn't?

How about a PS3?

Maybe a XBox?

Or other cool items?


You sure can.

There's this website:

All you need to do to get cool items is to collect Lockerz points called PTZ.


Just by logging in every day and clicking the login tab gives you PTZ and answering the Dailies helps to earn you some cool PTZ.
There are even videos you can watch and that too earns you PTZ.
Have 20 Lockerz friends and all the PTZ you get will be doubled.
So what are you waiting for?
Get on now.

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Clash of the Tities?

Clash of the Titans.

Overrated, over hyped.

Still watchable.

Sam Worthington, what were you thinking?
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