Applied for a position as a customer service executive in a company called Symphony on Monday.

The interview process felt like the longest in the world. I was there from 11.00AM up till 4.30PM. Who does that?

The process comprises of two interviews and to get to the second one, you need to be shortlisted.

The first one just, the guy just tried to psych me out. He wanted to know if I was going to be loyal to the company. He scared the shit outta me with stupid questions that I was baffled with. If you want to give someone a job, don't scare them, then they might actually really quit.

The second one was a little better, it was more casual then I thought it would be and it also turned out to be quite an eye opener. I learnt a bit about the customer service world from this guy.

There was a little complication throughout the process and there is still this huge question mark hovering around on whether or not I got the job, so here's to hoping.

I need money la!


By the way right....



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Time's are bad and I need a whole wad of cash!

Luckily I've got two job interviews to attend.

And if anybody is interested for a temp. job in PWTC for RM100 a day, please leave a message either in the CBox or in the comment section of this post. Interview is today and Sunday.
(27th and 28th of March)
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Was watching the top 11 on American Idol.

What a whole load of bollocks!

Not as interesting as last year, that much I can tell you. Aaron, Crystal and that last girl were the only stand outs. None of them gave me goosebumps, though.

The time has come that American Idol is gradually becoming dull. The cast of Glee can sing so much better.

Speaking of Glee.

Glee is effing amazing! I love it!


I could say that all day!

It's a really amazing show. The talent is amazing, the cast is great, the plot is good.

But among all of them, I love Kurt, he has to be the funniest on the show. Everything he says just makes me burst into an uncontrollable laughter. He is my favourite character on the show.

Oh, yes. I went to Sungai Gabai falls in Hulu Langat with friends on Tuesday, and we had a blast. The falls were great, the water was cold, it rained for a period of time as well, but that didn't stop us from having more fun. And I saw a snake and ran out of the water FIRST, screaming my lungs out. The snake turned out to be a lizard, which was equally as scary.

Had a good time all in all, but we fell sick that night :/

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Failed Plans

It's been three months since my exam ended.

I was confident that my life would change right after it did end, but strangely enough, life is just the same, with the usual highs and lows. It's like on this never ending loop of events that either make you on top of the world or just down right depressing. But thankfully, it hasn't been that much depressing.

I had all sort of plans cooked up in my head. I really thought I was going places this time. I thought I would see my plans out. I was supposed to be on holiday in Australia, I was supposed to be working, earning money for my exotic holiday trip, I was supposed to be clubbing every other night. I did apply for a job, but looks like I didn't get it. I went for only one interview, hoping that it would be my only one. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, brakes were to applied on my plans. My uncle was terribly ill and he was in and out of the hospital for a while. He was a Parkinson patient. His illness then soon progressed to a more severe condition and he had to be admitted. He became terminally ill and passed away on the 7th of February. He died of pancreatic cancer. We had prayers for a month, which concluded a few days ago, and things are beginning to shift back to normal.

Things always have a way of working out eventually, when everything never seems to go right, something good always turns up.

Like for example:

My cousin won four tickets to the Gold Coast in Australia and she asked me to come!!!

Ahem, like I said. Things always turn out good, no matter how shitty it may seem at first.
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I can't keep this up anymore.

How long are you going to be around for?

Because I can't take forever.

It's good and all, but it is no more.

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I actually do feel kind of empty.
Missing you.
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