Check this out!

I eat the moon!

Nyom! Nyom! Nyom!

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a good read. It made my heart skip a few beats as I flipped the pages. Stieg Larsson has a vivid imagination on story telling and his characters just casually leaps of the page. The girl with the dragon tattoo is such a compelling character suffering from social ills and how she uses her sources to solve a mystery is just jaw dropping.

It is about a murder on an island, some years ago, where a journalist is called to help solve a case which appeared to be unbreakable. The girl is the grand daughter of one of the most famous financial figures in Sweden, and he suspects that a member of his family was responsible for the death of her grand daughter. The journalist with the help of the girl with the dragon tattoo takes on the case from different points of view and what they find was simply staggering.

I was so hooked on the book that I just had to get the second part of the three part trilogy. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest are the titles.

They even turned the books into movies. But unfortunately, it is in Swedish. I'm currently looking for the DVD or the torrent online, but I can't seem to find a functioning one. It got good reviews from the international media so this makes it the movie that I have to watch, one way or another. Why is it so difficult to get foreign language films to play in Malaysia? Essh. Moronic.

They are also making a remake of the movie in English. And who stars in it? Daniel Craig! Woo hoo. I think that was perfect casting for the part of the journalist. Can't wait, can't wait!
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I love intriguing.
Intriguing is good.
Intrigue the hell outta me!

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Busy La

Listening to: The Brown Eyed Girls, Abracadabra

Orgasmic sial this song.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with...... stuff.

Have been having writer's block as well. Every time I start on a post, I end up leaving it hanging and I just forget about it. Three times this happened. Gah!

My sister was here from Australia for two weeks. Been having so much fun with her. If you're an avid stalker of my Facebook page then you'll see all the crazy pictures. My picture on my blog being one of them. All we did was go out, eat, shop, sleep. I think I gained 5 Kilos from those two weeks alone. Missed her a lot and it was really good having her around. Just to talk and do stupid things. Felt a little down when she left, but it's okay, cause I'll definitely be seeing her again.

I've already come up with my education plan, but I haven't exactly executed it yet. Starting my Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP) in Sunway University College this coming January and also planning to take three SPM papers at the year end of 2011. Most of you think that I'm crazy or just clearly wasting my time. But this battle is one that I HAVE to do. It's a personal vendetta against everything and everyone. I want to be able to do a medical course and the only way that's going to happen if I go all out in the coming year and more.

From a friend via Facebook: Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the worst failure.

Been having a tough time with money. Need a job. Or I need to be really good in poker ;)
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People deserve a second chance. Don't they?

So I messed up my life once before. Who's to say that I'm going down that same path again?

I will to be different. I will for a change.

But sometimes the world doesn't see that will and leaves you in a void. A helpless one at that.

But I'm still here. I'm still persevering.

I will succeed.

Die, the people who think otherwise.

Sheesh. I'm a sadist.

I need a new job people. Anyone know where I can strip for a living?
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Stop It!

Stop beating around the bush and fucking with my head.
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Kelantan and Celebrities

I got offered a place in University Malaysia Kelantan for Applied Science.

I don't want to go. But my parents seem to think otherwise.

So what happened to all the running around for Medicine? Am I just leaving it all behind and giving in to my parents and do what they want me to do?

If Medicine was never in the picture, I still wouldn't agree to this course.

They say it's a good program. It has many job opportunities. This. That.

Bottom line is, I don't want to do it. I don't get which part of that they don't understand.

It has been a little confusing on my end and I decided to give them an ultimatum.

If I'm not doing Medicine, I am not going anywhere near Applied Science and I am just going to settle for Mass Communication.

LOL. A bit harsh, but screw it. I can't be troubling myself and them any longer. So it's crunch time.

Oh, yeah. I joined Celebrity Fitness last week. Can't wait for the outlet to open and start to gym! Another reason not to go to Kelantan!
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Harry Potter Pawns the Twilight Saga

What is the big hoop-la about the Twilight Saga?

What is it that makes this series to die for? Why does it make girls swoon and drool like cavemen? And why does it just make guys want to barf?

I've read Twilight, New Moon and I couldn't bring myself to complete Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

I've watched the movies. For society's sake.

Reading the books. I felt like ramming my head into a brick wall. I might have actually done it. Seriously.

I can't get into the whole hype. I despise the books and felt like barfing out my innards through out the movie.

I think I know why I hate this series so much. For me, there wasn't enough realism. To be honest, there was no realism in it at all.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a fantasy geek. Sort-of. When I first heard that it was about werewolves and vampires, I was head over heels. But as I was getting into the middle of Twilight, I realised it wasn't your typical werewolf and vampire story. It turned into this icky soft-porn between a vampire who's always in pain and a girl who has not much more emotions than a plank and a boy who turns into a wolf when he's pretty much angry.

And that's when the whole thing started becoming fake. The ickyness was just too much to bear. There were too many barf moments. And as the story grew, the love triangle between girl, vampire and werewolf was just too stupid to comprehend.

Plank-girl and vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun fall in love. Evil vampire want's to suck plank-girl's blood. Vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun kills evil vampire. Evil vampire's hot chick want's to kill plank-girl for revenge. Vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun leaves plank-girl in the friggin' woods for endangering her. Plank-girl becomes depressed. Wolf-boy steps in to look after plank-girl and falls in love with her. Plank-girl becomes confused but still loves vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun. Vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun returns and falls in love with plank-girl while wolf-boy is jealous. Evil vampire's hot chick returns with army vampires to kill plank-girl. Wolf-boy and vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun join forces and kill them all. Wolf-boy still madly in love with plank-girl. Plank-girl loves both of them, but vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun more. Wolf-boy hurt. The two want to get married.

That's up till Eclipse. From what I hear, in Breaking Dawn, plank-girl gets married to vampire-who-sparkles-in-the-sun and transforms her into vampire-plank-girl-who-sparkles-in-the-sun. So now, they sparkle together in the sun (woop-dee-doo). Oh, she gets preggo with vampire-plank-babies-that-sparkle-in-the-sun too.

The story lost every ounce of realism in it's ridiculous ickyness.

If you're going to compare it to another fantasy novel, say the Harry Potter series. I would take that any time.

I went head over heels for the Harry Potter series when I first read it.

For one, J.K Rowling's style of writing was amazing and she kept me reading through every page without me almost never putting the book down.

Another, perhaps, is that most of the characters in the series were created to be around the same age as I was when I started reading them. A sense of connection between me and the characters were established through out the series.

I think the most important bit of the Harry Potter series was the realism involved in it. Putting aside the magical aspect of the book, it deals with real problems such as losing one's parents, fear, hope, struggles, friendship, bravery, revenge, growing up, actual hormones, actual love, choosing from what is right and wrong, good and bad, etc.

Growing up with these characters and with the sense of realism in the series makes Harry Potter one of the best series of books that I have read in my 20 years of life. And that is what makes a series unique.

The Twilight Saga? Please. It's rubbish. It just gave me massive head aches. Massive.

People say, you've not read the books, don't judge. I read, well, most of the books, and I hate what I found.

So to people out there who love the Twilight Saga, I respect your delusional mind and decisions, but................

Harry Potter PAWNS the Twilight Saga :D

Someone should really consider killing Stepahnie Meyer.

No, really, someone should actually kill her.
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I just got lost
Every river that I tried to cross
Every door I ever tried was locked
Oh, I'm just waiting 'till the shine wears off
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Oh, Well.......


I can't sit for those three SPM papers this year.

Oh, well. Better luck next time.
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Of Octopuses

I don't know if I should kill Paul the Octopus


Carry him on my shoulder and parade him around to the country folk

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Decipherable. NOT!

I don't get it. Really.

People post comments on my posts in friggin' Chinese.

Do they really think I look like someone who could decipher that shit.

I love you for my readership, but screw you slanted eyes!
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Nobody Knew

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard
I'm going back to the start

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Running Around

To quote a friend: It's easier when there is only one option.

I couldn't agree more.

Let me just speed you up a bit. I was about to do CIMP. Then I discovered that I have take some SPM papers again. Then I found out that SPM registrations are closed. Then I got offered AIMST. Then I was confused. Then I went to Putrajaya. Then I don't know if I'm going to AIMST. Went to the British Council to ask about O Levels. And now, I'm going back to Putrajaya with an appeal letter to sit for my SPM examinations this year.

I've been doing so much of running around lately, that I don't know if all of it was worth anything. It's tough being at such an important cross road in my life. It's difficult to choose from what's hard and easy, convenient an inconvenient.

I didn't know it was this hard to be a doctor. I mean, I knew it was hard in med school, but I didn't expect it to be this hard to get into a med school.

I'm about to be doing another foundation and that doesn't bother me too much. But what does is the fact that my SPM has a blocking factor of what I want to achieve in life. The education system has tightened up like a virgin's ass. It's difficult to do the things you want. It's just difficult. Difficult.

Need to send my appeal letter today and I'm just hoping for the best. Should I start studying now? Maybe I should. Help in Physics. Anyone?

So friggin' dead on the inside.
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I might have to resit three of my SPM papers.

Add Maths

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In a total state of confusion.

But going to Redang at 12.00AM!

So happy di
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This Is It

I finally watched Michael Jackson's This Is It since it's release last year.

I remember all those years ago when he was down. It was the biggest thing that could have happened at that time. I remember wanting to go for his concert. People kept telling me I was too young to go for one.

How I envied my cousin and my sister. Still do sometimes.

Watching This Is It was the closest thing I was going to get to watching Michael Jackson perform, even if it was just the rehearsals. He still has it.

How I regret not being able to watch him perform live.

I can see it. The moonwalks. The infamous crotch grabs. His high pitched, shrilling WOOH!

But most of all, his songs. That have made him a world wide phenomenon.

Black or White. Billie Jean. Thriller. Beat It. Man in the Mirror. The Earth Song. Just to name a few of my favourites.

I remember hearing the news of his death. It nearly brought news of my own. I was driving when I heard it and I nearly crashed into another car. I was shocked and bewildered.

Watching This Is It nearly brought me to tears.

The King of Pop is gone. But he has and will forever be the one and only King of Pop. Through his music, he will live on.

Michael Jackson. Forever.
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Just got off the phone with one of my friends and we were talking for quite some time. About things that were, things that are, and things that are about to be discovered.

It's funny, how talking to a friend can just make you forget all your troubles and for that moment in time, you are just one perfect person with no worries what so ever. The loud sounds of laughter acquired through many of the conversations and the mere sound of their voice just brings you to a better place, where your nerve-wrecking problems just melts away into this unimportant goo.

It just made me understand that there are people in the world that love you so much, that nothing else matters but their love. I don't mean the icky kind of love that Bella and Edward have, just love in general. Because besides your family, the closest of your friends will be there, no matter how far the gap that separates them from you.

My friends have been dear to me. They may not be perfect, but even with their flaws, they have managed to captivate me.

Although some have flaws beyond compare, they show their noble acts through means not as conventional as others, but still makes me wonder with awe, that they are here for me.

They are the most important things that I posses. And I begin to wonder how I would funtion without them. They are like my breath of air I take, their friendship fills my lungs each time I want to breathe.

Although I contradict my previous post, there is a better place in the world after all.

They are my loves, and I love them!

To those who have been there from the get-go:

Ron Nard
Jin Li
Zhe Rei

and to a host of many other people, I cherish you with all my heart.

If I have missed out anyone that have been dear to me, please forgive me, to forget is the nature of man.
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So there are people in the world that have a fuck face and behave like shit.

Good to know that the world is a shitty place to live in.
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Pulau Redang

Did I mention I was going to Pulau Redang this weekend?

Sheesh, I need a holiday, real bad.

I know I just had one, but God knows I need another.

Wow! Do you see how clear the waters are?

Damn it weekend, come fast!
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Okay, so I didn't get to posting my Australia experience.

Been to busy emo-ing around.

But here's a picture of me in Australia though.


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Australian Withdrawal Syndrome

Suffering from AW (Australian Withdrawal) Syndrome!
Will blog about the Gold Coast when I feel a little better.

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West Side Story

My cousin and I went for the West Side Story at Istana Budaya last Friday night. We had tickets to the Grand Circle worth RM400+ each, courtesy of my uncle and Maxis. I'm a DiGi user by the way :D

The West Side Story is about two rival gangs in New York : The Jets and The Sharks. The Jets are the working class whites and The Sharks are Puerto Rican immigrants in the States. The two gangs are always up against one another and fights are the norm between them.

Things go awry when one of the members of The Jets, Tony, falls for the sister of the head of The Sharks, Maria.

Their relationship is tested as both the groups members disapprove and a fight soon ensues with Tony and Maria caught in the middle.

The ending was amazing and I rather not say if no one has watched the play or the movie. Nyeh nyeh! Ask me in person la.....

As a musical, the choreography was amazing! The dance routines were complex and the costumes so god-damn colourful, I just couldn't avert my eyes from the spectacle. The cast was amazing, the girls and the guys were great, in all the possible senses. Their acting was so believable that I was so close to the edge of my seat, it was possible that I was giving myself a wedgie! The second half was short, but it was that half that left me with the greatest impact.

After that amazing ending, I was glad I had the chance to watch it. Watching the Broadway cast from New York do their thang was indeed an experience I would like to revisit again.

Kudos to The West Side Story!

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Had the privilege to use the Nikon D90 for a week.

Absolutely loved that DSLR!

Unfortunately, it isn't mine to keep. Got it for my sister last week and sent it to her through her friend who is visiting Australia at this moment.

Took tons of pictures, some were pretty good, although some parties opt to differ. Arseholes!

I'm not DSLR savvy, but I do know that the camera handles well. Easy to use controls. Awesome shots, and this model also takes videos. Wow, much?

Nearly burst into tears when I handed it over. Bah! I will get one soon, in a few years maybe.

Doesn't mean I'm going to stop taking pictures with my awesome CyberShot :D
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American Idol


The show is turning into rubbish!

This year's talent is no where close to the contestants last year. It's becoming a chore to watch the show. Though, the guest performances were awesome, like Lady Gaga performing Alejandro with all the elaborate stage pieces.

Have I mentioned that I love Lady Gaga?

Anyways, Aaron should have stayed and Casey should have packed up and left! He's a boring douche bag! And clearly, he is not going to be in the final two.

And speaking of the final two, it is going to be a rather obvious one this year, I should think. My predictions are Crystal and Lee. Like duhhhhh!!

And the winner? Crystal!


And Simon Cowell is going to leave after this season. No one can fill his shoes, NO ONE! I heard they wanted to place Kanye West as the new judge. Why the fuck for? He's not going to put on a British accent for us, is he? Oh, dear God!

And Ellen? I mean, don't get me wrong, she's great for comic relief and I love her talk show, but she can't judge. Bet she doesn't even know what she's saying half the time. But her jokes are awesome!

Randy and Kara, yeah they can judge, but leave Simon alone, God damnit!

American Idol, you disappoint me this season.

By the way, do you know I love Lady Gaga?

Oh, and Hit-Girl from Kick Ass too :D
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Oh, no.

I think I'm on a blogging spree.

I was going through some of my posts and there was once I said that I might have liked someone.

Thinking about it. It was pure and utter rubbish (To whom it may concern: Sorry, but it's true).

I thought it meant something at that time, but honestly there was nothing to it. The idea of the crush turning into something more, was totally absurd. There were no actual feelings - from my part anyways - that were being relayed. I felt stuck in an empty void, waiting to escape. I came to my senses.

Never will I do that again, getting into something that is insanely impossible.

But I actually do have a crush :D

It's just a crush at the moment and nothing else. We've been chatting several times and I like the communication we have. So, here's hoping it might turn into something else.

I have tried analyzing it from different views, and for the most part, this crush has the potential to grow......

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Two deaths last week and I can't help but wonder who's next on the list?

I know meeting Michael Jackson would be really cool and all, but really....

I think I've been to so many funerals in my life, that I'm beginning to think that I am immune to the idea of death. I'm not saying that I'm not afraid to die, I'm scared shitless, it's just the hope and belief that we go to a better place that puts me on the optimistic side of things.

Like Thira says, I am the capital 'O' in optimistic.

I am so immune, I can't even cry anymore I think.

Heartless piece of shit I am.
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New Layout

Saw Dinisha's blog and saw her new template. Got jealous. So, I decided to get a new template. Looks kinda cool, with Einstein staring deep into your eyes. If I can find a better template, I will. Till then, happy with this.
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It just occurred to be that I did quite a number of things this past year that I regret doing.

I've messed with my heart, messed with the heart of others and just making one too many stupid decisions without understanding the consequences of them. Looking back, I wonder why I did them.

There are things that are going to be the same and there are things that can never be and honestly, I hope it stays that way.
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Being angry at someone without reasoning is plain stupid. After reasoning sets in, you begin to understand the reality of things and being angry to begin with was unnecessary.

Looks like I am growing after all.
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You Belong With Me, Parody

I once posted that I cross dressed and that the video would be up soon.
And here it is!

It's a parody to Taylor Swift's, You Belong With Me.

The cast is made up of Darshanaa, Michelle, Ravind and I.

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Poker is damn addictive.
Damn them pocket Kings!
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Gold Coast

Just about another month to go!
Gold Coast, here I come!
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Want an iPod?

Who doesn't?

How about a PS3?

Maybe a XBox?

Or other cool items?


You sure can.

There's this website:

All you need to do to get cool items is to collect Lockerz points called PTZ.


Just by logging in every day and clicking the login tab gives you PTZ and answering the Dailies helps to earn you some cool PTZ.
There are even videos you can watch and that too earns you PTZ.
Have 20 Lockerz friends and all the PTZ you get will be doubled.
So what are you waiting for?
Get on now.

Don't forget to add me on Lockerz:
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Clash of the Tities?

Clash of the Titans.

Overrated, over hyped.

Still watchable.

Sam Worthington, what were you thinking?
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Applied for a position as a customer service executive in a company called Symphony on Monday.

The interview process felt like the longest in the world. I was there from 11.00AM up till 4.30PM. Who does that?

The process comprises of two interviews and to get to the second one, you need to be shortlisted.

The first one just, the guy just tried to psych me out. He wanted to know if I was going to be loyal to the company. He scared the shit outta me with stupid questions that I was baffled with. If you want to give someone a job, don't scare them, then they might actually really quit.

The second one was a little better, it was more casual then I thought it would be and it also turned out to be quite an eye opener. I learnt a bit about the customer service world from this guy.

There was a little complication throughout the process and there is still this huge question mark hovering around on whether or not I got the job, so here's to hoping.

I need money la!


By the way right....



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Time's are bad and I need a whole wad of cash!

Luckily I've got two job interviews to attend.

And if anybody is interested for a temp. job in PWTC for RM100 a day, please leave a message either in the CBox or in the comment section of this post. Interview is today and Sunday.
(27th and 28th of March)
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Was watching the top 11 on American Idol.

What a whole load of bollocks!

Not as interesting as last year, that much I can tell you. Aaron, Crystal and that last girl were the only stand outs. None of them gave me goosebumps, though.

The time has come that American Idol is gradually becoming dull. The cast of Glee can sing so much better.

Speaking of Glee.

Glee is effing amazing! I love it!


I could say that all day!

It's a really amazing show. The talent is amazing, the cast is great, the plot is good.

But among all of them, I love Kurt, he has to be the funniest on the show. Everything he says just makes me burst into an uncontrollable laughter. He is my favourite character on the show.

Oh, yes. I went to Sungai Gabai falls in Hulu Langat with friends on Tuesday, and we had a blast. The falls were great, the water was cold, it rained for a period of time as well, but that didn't stop us from having more fun. And I saw a snake and ran out of the water FIRST, screaming my lungs out. The snake turned out to be a lizard, which was equally as scary.

Had a good time all in all, but we fell sick that night :/

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Failed Plans

It's been three months since my exam ended.

I was confident that my life would change right after it did end, but strangely enough, life is just the same, with the usual highs and lows. It's like on this never ending loop of events that either make you on top of the world or just down right depressing. But thankfully, it hasn't been that much depressing.

I had all sort of plans cooked up in my head. I really thought I was going places this time. I thought I would see my plans out. I was supposed to be on holiday in Australia, I was supposed to be working, earning money for my exotic holiday trip, I was supposed to be clubbing every other night. I did apply for a job, but looks like I didn't get it. I went for only one interview, hoping that it would be my only one. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, brakes were to applied on my plans. My uncle was terribly ill and he was in and out of the hospital for a while. He was a Parkinson patient. His illness then soon progressed to a more severe condition and he had to be admitted. He became terminally ill and passed away on the 7th of February. He died of pancreatic cancer. We had prayers for a month, which concluded a few days ago, and things are beginning to shift back to normal.

Things always have a way of working out eventually, when everything never seems to go right, something good always turns up.

Like for example:

My cousin won four tickets to the Gold Coast in Australia and she asked me to come!!!

Ahem, like I said. Things always turn out good, no matter how shitty it may seem at first.
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I can't keep this up anymore.

How long are you going to be around for?

Because I can't take forever.

It's good and all, but it is no more.

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I actually do feel kind of empty.
Missing you.
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12 hours to go!
Not feeling good....
...At all!...

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Kiss me, love me... what ever you want with me...
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Actually, I have a crush on someone!
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Random Rubbish

I just realised, that you shouldn't listen to the things people say, well most of it anyways. There's no time in the world living in doubt and regret and having what if feelings. Do what makes you happy, not what makes the people around you happy. Do what you want in your life as long as it is right to you (and of course not violating the law). No one else is going to remember what happened in your life but you. So make it count. Make something out of it. Take risks. Enjoy them. Learn from them. Have fun. But when you come across a disappointment and feels like the end of the world, it isn't. It happened for a reason and you must know that there is something better with a meaningful purpose.

I took a risk and to tell you the truth, I have never been this happy. I feel you snickering and hear your thoughts, but I really can't give a shit. This is the best thing that's happened to me, and I know the consequences. All of it. We came with nothing and will leave with nothing. So let me please enjoy all the happy moments I get before I kick my own damn bucket.

It's not that I don't hear you.
I don't want to hear you.
Leave me be.
Let me live my life!

I had a good Valentine's day. I was with the singles club and yes, after all that rubbish I wrote, I still am technically single. Good food in Chillies, Bangsar. Celebrated Ravind's birthday too. Yes, Valentine's baby, I'm jealous :/

So what's with Valentine's anyway? A fixed date every year, 14th February. The day you buy gifts for your loved ones? The day you make up for your mistakes you've done towards your significant other? An international day of love? A day to commemorate your loved one? Take them out to dinner? Make love with them? Drive them around? Marry them?

Honestly, does it need to happen on only that one day a year?

Why not do it every day? Show them that you love them every day. Are they not as special on normal days? Yes, you probably want to do a little more, but do you really make an effort on any other day? How many of you actually do it? Post it up on my Cbox. Curious to know.

I don't have a special loved one, but I love every one who is close to me on any given day, whether it bloody rains or shines, I love you!

So screw Valentine's day! I love every other day!

Peace out!

P/S: Fan Wai! I didn't get to say my farewells. I know you are so damn far away, but I'm sorry for not seeing you before you left. If I ever fly to Melbourne, I know where to stay now! So when you come back, we have a yam cha session, okay? Miss you!
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Looks like Australia is a big NO NO for now.

But never fear, I've found something else to do. I applied for a job in call center for Jet Star, the Australian low cost carrier airline. Went for the interview on Wednesday. My first official job interview. Filled out some forms, an about me column and they even got me to do this test on the computer. Most of it to see how competent their future employees are in communicating in English. There was also this brain teaser test which was made up of several questions and frankly, it nearly boggled me to hell. The interview part of it all was very much casual. Nick, the dude who interviewed me made things a whole hell of a lot easier. He was easy to get along with and I didn't feel out of place. The whole thing gave me good vibes, but I don't know if I got the job yet. Well, hopefully I do, cause I need the cash.
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Grr! I have an interview in about three hours and I only got an hours sleep. Why me?
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You Are Loved by Debbie West Coon & Justin Williams

I found another Justin William song.
Had to share.
Nearly had an orgasm.


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Justin Williams

If you watch American Idol, you know who Justin Williams is!

He is amazing!

I love his voice and I love him for all the other obvious reasons.


Here's the audition clip:


Rhianna's Russian Roulette

Frank Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon

Hard to Handle by the Black Crows (Personally my favourite)

David Archuleta's Crush

Pink's Please Don't Leave Me

He has many more on YouTube, but these are the ones I've heard so far.
His covers are very original and are not that of a copy-cat.
And to be honest, a little better than the originals, some of them anyways.

He is a true inspiration.
Fighting cancer at 20.
7 years down the road, he's made it into the 9th season of American Idol.
So here's hoping that he makes it to the end.
He's the one I'm rooting for.

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Cross Dressed

I cross dressed the other day.

I hear your gasps and feel your shock.

You'll know soon enough.

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So near, yet so damn effing' far!
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Well, I've decided. On what I want to do for the rest of my life.


Sort of....

I am going after what I always wanted since I was a kid.
I'm going to do Medicine.
I'm going to AIMST.

Here's the catch.

If I hate the course, I quit.

Chances are?


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Happy New Year!

It's 2010.
At last!

Even though 2009 was a bit of a drag for me, I actually managed to squeeze in a little fun here and there.

For example,
1) I finally got wasted
2) Danced with a chick while I was wasted
3) Drove the furthest (PD, sad I know)
4) Revealed deep dark secrets to people, some who I don't give a shit about due to me being drunk
5) Raced with two friggin' BMWs (lost of course)
6) Raced with Thira and won ;)
7) Got a tattoo on my arm

Just to name a few....

School starts again tomorrow, and the thought of not going back to the place where I dreaded going to everyday is damn awesome. I don't have to go back there!! No more uniforms, no more singing stupid compulsory songs, no more standing through boring assemblies, no more nagging teachers. This is the life I was supposed to have a year and a half ago.

Now that it's all over. I hope life turns around for me this year. According do the Hindu astrology, my star shows good signs for me this year. And for that I am thankful.

2010 has to be an awesome year! I'm leaving my teenage years behind me soon and I need to leave a mark before I do. It also seems to be the year to do some soul searching and to truly understand my purpose.

Here's hoping that 2010 is an awesome year! Happy new year everyone.
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