Form Six has finally come to a close. It ended interestingly enough with the hardest objective paper that I have seen in all my school life. Chemistry!!
Yes, it was hell. But it's done and over with. Now, it's just time to enjoy my holidays till my results are out in a few months. So, it's safe to say that I won't be that depressed till that holy time :D
Getting every morning knowing that you have nothing to look forward to is awesome. It allows me to make plans and do things that I have not had the time to do in the last year and a half. Such things being going travelling to some unknown country. My sister just got back yesterday afternoon and already she's planning a trip up north to Thailand, most probably Phuket or Krabi (but a little expensive). So it's going to be a food escapade for the both of us if that works out, and a shopping spree for me. My closet is getting a little bare from the clothes that I wear almost all the time. If you know me long enough, you'll know that my clothing are limited and I that I have a few favourites.
Since school has ended, only seen my classmates only once so far for a barbeque. Not seen them since. Seems to me, that I might not be seeing much of them anymore, since most of them live a pretty far way away. Well, here's hoping that we get to go on a class trip soon.
Off to bed, very tired, and want to see a lot of people soon!
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Encounter of the Same Kind

Okay, update! Haha!

So nothing happened since I last updated..... NOT!

Something happened alright :D

I was at the gym today (yes, laugh all you want), and continued to have my shower after my workout session. I was alone in the bath area, and I came out of the shower, nothing on me save my undies (okay, a little 18SX right about here). So I came out, and soon realised that I wasn't alone. The cleaner had come in. He saw me in my undies and he stared for the longest time. So I ignored him and continued drying myself.

Little did I know....

He began a conversation with me. He was foreign and spoke Malay with some accent which made it hard for me to decipher what he was saying at times.

And so it began....

He began by asking me if I just finished my bath. I told him I that I just did. He then hesitated before speaking further. He asked if I was married and if I had a wife. I didn't understand, one of those undecipherable moments. He repeated, I understood, laughed, and said no. He laughed too. I sort of knew what was about to unravel here. He then asked me if I had hisap or 'sucked' before. I didn't understand, one of those moments again. So I told him I didn't understand, he repeated, still didn't understand. So, he got on his knees and his mouth was inches away from my family jewels. I didn't need further explanations. I was shocked. But I continued entertaining him. I said no, have not done it. Jokingly, I asked him the same thing, and he laughed and said no. He then asked me if I had a big package and patted my back. I hated that accent, couldn't understand a word this guy was saying. So I told him I didn't understand yet again. He then proceeded to touch my package with his finger. So I said, it's okay. By this time, I was slowly unpacking my clothes and putting them on, ignoring the thoughts in my head. He watched me. I dressed, and I said I was leaving, and I patted his back and left :D

It was weird, and the closest encounter of the same kind. The previous times, weren't this close. Remember my KL Sentral story? Hahaha! Well, I was holding back my laugh as I exited the bathroom. I eventually burst out laughing all the way back to my car.

Worthy update, no?
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