Short Notes

Less than a month to go and yet here I am.

Diwali ended a few days ago.
To be frank, one of the least hyped up Diwali ever.
Boring, really.
Thira's and Aarthi's open house was good though, food galore.

Darshanaa's birthday was last week.
Dinner at La Bodega in Pavilion.
With a short sheesha session afterwards.
She's going to kill me for not putting the pictures up on FB.

I collected tickets for the All American Rejects happening on this 31st of October.
Reminder to self: Less than a month to go!

Skipped school today, just didn't feel like going.
Teachers don't teach anymore but stare straight down your eyes as if they're looking down at hell itself.

Oh yes, there was this farewell party AKA prom for the upper 6.
It was okay.
I was dressed the best, although no one wants to admit it.
But really, I was.
At least this thought keeps me going for a while.

Sorry for the note like update, too semi-conscious and groggy to elaborate.

Another note to self: Less than a month la! Go friggin' stuff your face with books you won't touch for the rest of your life!
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Love the music on my blog!
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Played a prank on someone today.
Went terribly wrong.
She ended up crying.
I felt horrible.

It's all okay now.
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Euphoria and the Peas

Finally went clubbing again last Thursday in Euphoria. It was just supposed to be Michelle and I, but Poe Mun messaged me in the morning that she would be there with Reagan, Hin Seng and probably Deepak. When we got there, met a few other people as well. Jing Hui, Yee Min, Chye Peng and some other people whose names for some reason I can't recall. We caught with each other and danced on the floor. Had a few drinks and continued dancing. It was starting to get a little boring, when someone decided to drink half my beer. I demanded for a new bottle and the next thing I knew, someone popped open a Chivas and handed me a glass and another and another.

The scene at the club kept spinning around my head. People were a blur. My guardian left for a breather and the next thing I knew, I was on the dance floor with Yee Min. I didn't remember talking, I didn't remember laughing, I didn't remember having a conversation. All I remember was this. After dancing with Yee Min, I left her hanging on the floor (forgive me Yee Min). Then, memory went blank. Poof. I had my hands around someone's waist. I remember looking at her face. Pretty, mesmerising. She was laughing, probably something I said or did, or laughing with me, enjoying the moment. I remember the smile. I remember my hands on her. Then I think it got a little overboard. My hands were naughty that night. I think she tried to get away, but I think I pulled her back, telling her I would behave probably. I danced for the longest time. Blank. I was walking around on the dance floor. Blank. I felt myself being lifted. Blank. I was outside number 17, Deepak drove me home, and parked at my neighbour's place. I told him. He parked at the right house. Told him I couldn't walk. Splitting head ache. Needed a drink. Hin Seng and Reagan were there. Blank. I was at KSM, having lime juice. Kel Jian was there. Blank. Back in the car in front of my house. Told the guys to leave. I slept off. 8 in the morning, dad woke me up.

After a shower, called Michelle. Got all the dirt from her. Four bouncers carried me out of the club. I probably passed out on the dance floor. Deepak went to get the car. They had trouble getting me into the car. I was being stubborn. I puked. 7 times. Or more. A police came by. I shouted profanities at him. Lucky Michelle explained. They hauled me into the car and got me home.

Had one of the worst hang overs ever.
The worst part?
I didn't get to know the name or contact details of the girl I was dancing with.
What a shame.

On the day of my hang over, I was lucky to get my hands on tickets to Arthur's Day in Sunway Lagoon. And the main event? The Black Eyed Peas! Went with Darshanaa, Michelle and Deepak. The event started off with some local bands as well as some artists from Taiwan. But beside Reshmonu, the rest sucked, big time! By the time the peas came out (which was like 3 hours later), we were all so exhausted, we didn't quite enjoy their performance. They were good no doubt, but their vocals were off. Fergie sounded like a squeaky mouse. It was a bit annoying. The thing I liked though, was that the crowd involvement was great. They sang a lot of their songs, and I was jumping around like crazy! It was fun, but superbly tiring. Probably never going to get to see the Peas that close for free any time soon again.

Last week was indeed awesome!
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