Three Century of Posts

At 300 posts, I should be getting more readership than this. Am I ever going to get close to becoming the next Kenny Sia? I don't update as frequent as I used to, but things are a bit chaotic on this side of the computer screen, and this blogger hopes that his readers understands the predicament he is in. Nevertheless, I will be updating as frequent as possible.

My baby girl, Lexie, has grown a tremendous amount since her arrival and she has also getting cuter, week by week. She's such an amazing part of the family and she makes me smile, just looking at that unique little face of hers. She just got her second vaccination, which means that there's another one to go. Waiting for that third jab, then she'd be able to go for walks in open areas and mingle with other dogs. Unfortunately, there are also times when I go berserk with her, such times being pooping/peeing time and the accident time where my hands play the role of a gigantic whacking machine. At the end of the day though, she's always back to cuddling and getting cosy on my lap. Getting a dog, has got to be the smartest and best decision I've made thus far.

I would also like to use me 300th post to thank Nuffnang for all the opportunities they have given me to get special gifts such as premiere screening passes to a whole list of awesome movies. And speaking of movies, I was one of the winners of the Surrogates competition and will be watching the premiere of the movie on the coming Monday at Cathay Cineplexes! I seriously heart Nuffnang! Thanks Nuffnang!
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Found this through 15 Malaysia and YouTube.
Take a moment, listen to OUR VOICES, and remind ourselves, that this is One Malaysia.

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Trials are finally over, which only marks the beginning of what is going to be the most hell-ish 2 months I will ever have to live through.

STPM, be gone soon!



By the way, I discovered something new today.
You know the word, 'mampan' in Malay right?
Well, did you know how it came about?

M - Mahatir
A - Anuar
M - Muhammad (some dude)
PAN - Tampan

So, it's,

Mahatir, Anuar, Muhammad Tampan.

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Slovak Sling

Another short from 15 Malaysia.

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Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls

Pretty good, no?
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15 Malaysia

There is this website I came to know about called 15Malaysia. 15Malaysia is a short film project. It consists of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. These films not only deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia.

Most of the videos have been released and some more are to come. If you want to check the short movies out, you can go to Among the released shorts, this one has to be my favourite. It made me cry.

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