I won tickets for Final Destination: Rest in Pieces!

Oh mah gawwwwd!

Thank you, Nuffnang!

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Please, dear God.....


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I Don't Want to Rest in Pieces Like Final Destination

Nuffnang is giving out tickets to catch The Final Destination in 2D. Yes, 2D, not 3D. Can't be too fussy, free what :D

So, to stand a chance to win a pair of tickets, all I have to do is to write a post with the above title and take a picture of myself in a horrified state.

This was the best I could do:

This is rather pathetic, but if it helps, I could have SWORN I heard something moving from inside that KOPI & TEH TARIK box I was pointing at.

Maybe it was Destiny waiting to cut me up into pieces.

I don't want to rest in pieces like in Final Destination. Why? Because you would not want to see me resting in pieces. I'm fat, pieces of me all over the wall, floor, ceiling? Lard all over the place is not that appealing, now is it? So please don't leave me lying in pieces, that's just gross.

But, don't you think death to be attractive? To a certain extent, death attracts me to it's alluring properties. Death is an inevitable event in everyone's life. But what is really after death? Could there possibly be another world? Another life? What happens when we close our eyes for the final time or the moment after we take our final breath? What happens? Death is inevitable. No matter how hard you try to evade it, death will be always stalking you, in any way and any form possible. That is the base of the plot in the Final Destination movies. Don't hide from death, for it will find you.

P/S: After reading that rubbish, don't you think I deserve at least one if not two tickets to the movie? I love death and how it spills blood for my viewing pleasure. Will truly appreciate it Nuffnang! Thanks for the opportunity though.
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Suicidal? Not!

I've been having suicidal thoughts lately.
Posted it up on Facebook.
Gave some people a scare.

Good news is that I'm not going anywhere, yet.
I have been having a rough weekend.
Back to my sane self.
Still pretty depressed though.

On a much happier note.
My baby, Lexie, is coming home on Saturday!
Oh, my bundle of joy!

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Yasmin Ahmad

After Michael Jackson's death, I thought I could find no other 'stranger' that I would mourn or cry for. I was wrong.

Upon hearing the news of the death of Yasmin Ahmad, I thought nothing of it. Just another person I guess. After watching many of her ads again, I've come to realise that the nation has lost a great Malaysian woman. Her movies and advertisements are not like any other homegrown productions. She has a flare to unite the many races in Malaysia through a 30 second short or a even a full length movie. She also loves to impart family values into her commercials which make them ever so meaningful. I'm sure many of you have seen most of her Petronas ads before which are groundbreaking acomplishments for a Malaysian production. Even the Pattii (grandma) add made me laugh so hard. Who else would dare tell a love story between a Malay girl and a Chinese boy in Sepet? Yasmin Ahmad was leading Malaysia towards 1 Malaysia through her movies and shorts which captivated thousands. A woman that will be missed. To Yasmin Ahmad!


Gosh, there are so many, wish I could show them all!
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