More Puppy Pictures!

Visited my puppy last Saturday with Dinisha, Choon Yoong and Karmen. She's now about 4 weeks old. Will be visiting her tomorrow again, can't wait. Going to take more pictures of her!

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The Merchants of Bollywood

My Tuesday night was filled with Bollywood, and quite literally. I finally got into Malaysia's most prestigious performing arts center, Istana Budaya, to watch the critically aclaimed stage musical from Mumbai, The Merchants of Bollywod. All this made possible by Yeshotha. Her dad works for Astro and got a few complimentary tickets. I attended the event with her, Kalpanaa and Pathu. What can I say? It was pretty amazing. Watching a full-length musical for the first time was truly an enchanting experience, unlike the 5 minute musical of Grease that I did in school once before. Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. There were somethings that I didn't like. The story, was a bit cliched, but then again, I was watching a Bollywood performance.

The story is about a man, who is a famous Bollywood choreographer. He holds religion, tradition and culture very highly, so much so, he incorporates this into his dances. But his ways are threatened as the current generation have more modern view on how things should be done. He leaves the movie industry and focuses on his grand-daughter by teaching her religious dances and dances of the Gods. But she does not want to lead that life, and confronts her grandfather about it. He declines her wishes and obviously upset, she leaves her grand father and every thing he has taught her and heads to Bollywood to pursue her dreams. She makes it big, but after years, she decides to get back to her roots. She returns home to her grand father now sick and withered. He still refuses to speak to her. He then heads to the temple of Shiva, and asks forgiveness for what her grand daughter has done, and proclaims that no one will ever chant His name again after his death. Upon this catastrophe, the grand daughter pleases her grand father by devoting herself to the temple and performing the sacred dance of Gods. Her grand father finds peace at last, and passes the moment the dance is complete. The grand daughter is upset, and realises her wrongs. She returns to Bollywood, and incorporates the teachings of her grand father and becomes a sucess, in all the right ways.

Phew, that was long. But the story was lined with love, drama, comedy and nothing is complete in Bollywood without dance, music and bright colours! We even stood and danced to one of the songs, just the five of us. A bit embarassed that no one else wanted to join us, save for this guy, who got up, and reluctantly sat back down. But at the last number, many of them did stand and dance! It was one hell of a night, and I can't wait for my next event at Istana Budaya!
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My Puppy

This is the puppy that is coming home to me!
My heart's melting just looking at her!

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Negligence for a blog is bad.
People start feeling bored, then they don't come back, and I lose readership(like I have any).
That sucks for me on all levels.

I truly apologise.
It's always either that I have no time to update, or there never seems to be anything interesting to write about.

So what's new you ask?

My dad returned home from Nigeria a few weeks ago. Wait, did I even mention that? Err, I guess I'm mentioning it now. Anyways, he has been away for almost six months, working to maintain the lifestyle of his precious son. I thought it would be good, he coming back. At least I thought my mom would lay off my back, but he too hopped on the mom wagon and starting breathing down my neck! But they've toned down a bit. Which is a good thing I suppose.

I went to Port Dickson last Saturday with Michelle, Darshanaa and Nirusha. We had so much of fun! I wish we could do it more often. I drove in the morning and as soon as we arrived, we headed to Cape Rachado or more commonly known as Tanjung Tuan. We reached the gates of the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve and walked up a slopey road that led to the peak of the cliff side where a white-washed lighthouse stood magnificently under the gloomy sky. We walked around the lighthouse vicinty and headed to the edge of the cliff and camwhored! The view was breathtaking. We were shocked to find such a beautiful place in Port Dickson as it has the reputation of one of the dirtiest beaches in Malaysia. And there it was, this magnificent view. After we finished, had lunch at the local mamak stall and headed to Eagle Ranch for some go karting. That was really fun, the four of us raced around the track trying to overtake one another. I won la, evetually. After that, we headed to Teluk Kemang, the more popular beach stretch in Port Dickson. There, we camwhored and swam to our heart's content. The waves were awesome, big and strong as ever. After what seemed like forever of swimming, we changed, had a light snack and returned home. Now, that's a holiday!

And the BIGGEST news by far has to be......

I'm getting a dog! Muahahahahah! I kept annoying my parents to get me a puppy for so long, that my dad finally sucumbbed to my pleads and agreed, under one, teensy, wincy, condition. I HAVE to actually study, and take care of the puppy really well, or else...... I don't know what else. Who cares? I'm getting a dog. She'll be only coming in August though, the breeder only releases the puppies two months after they are born. I've even already started thinking of names for her. Two names are stuck in my head, inspired by The Revenge of the Fallen. One of it is Skitsy from one of the Autobot Twins, Skids and another is Arcee from the three female bikes. Oooh, I can't wait for her to come home! Pictures of her can be found at, Even in all this excitement, I can't help to feel a little worried. The puppy is now only two weeks old, and I worry that she might not turn into what I expect her to be when she grows much bigger. And I worry that I won't take care of her. In my life, I had three dogs. One was fierce and demonic like. One was adorable. One was super intelligent and cute. I had pretty bad incidents with them, read my older (really old) post to find out why. I worry too much. Maybe this will finally show me how to be responsible, I hope. Maybe I might take things a little more seriously, now that I might not have any time to do anything at all. Still can't wait for her to come back home all the same!

Another long update, at last!

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