Way Back Into Love

Darshanaa just completed her exams on Friday and she wanted to do something totally random with me. She decided that the both of us meet in Desa Park City and do a video of the both us singing a duet. I agreed, and on Friday evening we met in the park, practiced the song, Way Back Into Love. It was from a movie that Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore acted in. We did a few videos, mainly because I messed up the lyrics and even the final video that we made was very flawed. So here it is, Way Back Into Love, by Darshanaa and I:

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Revenge of the Fallen; Feedback


Revenge of the Fallen was friggin' awesome! One of the best CGI crafted movies, evah! With tonnes of new robotic friends and fiends, the show was action packed with metal carnage from start to end. Unfortunately, the cinema hall I was seated in had crappy sound systems, so I am most definitely going to watch this one again. I loved how the actors have improved in their performances and that the CGI is top-notch through out the entire movie. Agent Simmons from the previous Transformers was brought back for comic relief that made the movie all that more enjoyable to watch. The Autobots and the Decepticons are just amazing, with more robots introduced into each scene. This was one of the problems of the movie, we didn't get to see much character development from the robots other than Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. There were these two new robots called Jolt and Sideswipe who I thought were awesome additions to the series, but were never given lines at all. There were also this three girl motorbike gang as well as twin brothers who try to impress the older generation Autobots and of course Jetfire, one of the Prime brothers. The new Decepticons are bigger larger and scarier, with the introduction of The Fallen, one of the Prime brothers who betrayed them, the super huge sand sucking Devastator and Ravage the one-eyed jaguar. The movie is pretty fast paced as it brings you to numerous locations such as Shang Hai, New York, Philadelphia and Egypt. I was still talking about the movie long after the movie ended, and I can rest assured that there WILL be another sequeal to the Revenge of the Fallen. Long live the Transformers franchise!

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, here I come!
Premiere tickets for the movie, TONIGHT!

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These videos are pretty old, but I can't seem to stop laughing at them.
It's from Jimmy Kimmel.

Sarah Silverman's message to ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel:

Jimmy Kimmel's reply:

These videos are just for fun, not reality mind you.

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Found these videos online. Very funny.

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After more than a month of torture, I get my PC back again for the nth time! I love you my darling i-Cute!

So anyways, this is what I've been doing since yesterday.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This series is pretty awesome. If you watch the Terminator movies, you won't be disappointed. The series begins after Terminator 2: Judgment Day and tells the story of Sarah Connor and her son John and how their lives are never safe. Being blamed for the death of a Scientist, Sarah is always on the run and soon encounters more Terminators, set out to kill her son, the future of the Resistance. When all seems lost, a captured and reprogrammed Terminator, Cameron, also a female, is sent back to protect Sarah and John, to prevent Judgment Day from ever occuring.

I think think the first season only comprises of nine episodes as the first season was meant for viewers feedback.

My feedback? Awesome! Can't wait to get my hand on Season 2!

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Putrajaya is an amazing place. I was there last Tuesday and it's weird to see some of the things they have there. The architectural marvels from the buildings to the bridges (one of them oddly resembled the Golden Gates in San Fransisco). The massive size of this place makes it a city of it's own.
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Sunway Lagoon

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