Nothing says bliss like free movie tickects!
Ahh, I feel an orgasm coming along!
Sorry, not sharing.
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I ditched Raja Abdullah and came to Maluri today for Teacher's Day. I'm such a ditch. Really glad that I went today, it's been a while since I saw any of the teachers from way back then. Being in the school compound, surrounded by all the other students brought a sense of nostalgia back to me, though I still am in school, nothing can compare to the years that I spent in Maluri, the teachers, the mischief that friends and I would get into, the old-worn-out toilets (which I found the time to appreciate after seeing the fungus infested toilets of Raja Abdullah). But the best memories of all, have to be the friends. Friends I made, friends that screwed me over, the friends I screwed over, the friends. Some of them changed my life, for better and maybe for the worst, but what is life without its shitty people, right? More than half of them, I barely see. Only a handful of them are still sticking around, the handful I love and adore, that I will cherish for ever more. I wish I was back in Form 1, worry free, where I was unbothered (save for that gangster kid who almost beat the shit outa' me), worry free nevertheless. Bah! I misss it. It was actually fun then, coming to school. But of course, I actually failed to see the actual purpose of school. To educate? To make me a fine young man? To make me fineeeeee?? I never thought there was actually more to it. Well now I know.
Being stuck in a different school is actually pretty surreal. Stuck with a bunch of people I didn't know, who I thought were a few thick headed mofos. I just utterly hated it. But I came around, to the people that is. Still don't understand what I'm doing there, my pre-U course is about to end, and I still wonder what the hell I'm doing there. But I actually started studying recently. Hah! It was wonderful to know I could actually sit and read stuff out from a third hand Chemistry book. Hoo-rah to me! Studied, I did, but come exam day, the first question just baffled me. So it was back to the usual shooting game. STPM is hard, no shit. Being a person who loved school so much, I am counting the days I can actually get the hell out of it.
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Angels and Demons

Watched Angels and Demons last night with Yong Seng, and it was awesome! Although the book in my opinion was much better, the movie did justice to it. Parts of the story were removed entirely, but maybe it was for the better, the movie was 2 hours long anyways, anything more and I would be probably be bored to death. Plot was undeniably incredible which centers science and religion. Character development wasn't half bad either. Ewan McGreggor was a superb cast as the Camerlengo, Tom Hanks had better hair and his girl counterpart (don't know who she actually is) played her role well. And they kept the score from the Da Vinci Code, which begun at the opening credits, brought a sense of awe to me it did. Fast paced with plenty of history etched into the plot line that made this movie unforgettable. What I love about this movie is that it makes you think, mainly about the clash between Science and Religion. Good movie with an even better book.

Excerpt from the movie which I thought was brilliant
(don't think this is 100% accurate):

Do you believe in God, sir?

I'm an academic. My head tells me that I am not supposed to understand Him.

But what does your heart tell you?
That I'm not supposed to.
Faith is a gift that I have yet to acquire.

In Other News!

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

Kris Allen won American Idol yesterday!

Not pleased. Doesn't anyone think that Adam Lambert actually deserved it more than Kris? Adam has been spot on every week, wowing audiences all over the world. He is one of the few singers that could actually make the hair on my back stand on end. Have you seen him hitting the high notes? Ohmaguh! Kris has impressed me too, occasionally. But to tell you the truth, Adam is just too good. Eventhough he didn't nab the final spot, he'll go on making awesome records. Kudos to the both of you. I still heart Adam Lambert though.

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Star Trek

Geez! I feel so detached from the online world right now. It's been more than two weeks since my computer at home crashed. So I resort to bloging in the comfort of school (hints of sarcasm). Bleh, better than nothing I guess.

Oh and yes, I watched Star Trek last Thursday. And my, have I turned into a Trekkie.

With an all new cast replacing the worn out members of the Enterprise, Star Trek was like an incredible breath of fresh air. If you are not a fan and think the series was a load of bogus, mistaken much you are. Casting was amazing with talents from Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and John Cho. Character building was prioritised in this movie which left me feeling emotionally attached to the characters long after I left the cinema hall. The graphics were simply amazing with a Star Wars feel throughout the movie. Tighthly wound around the concept of parallel universes, the movie had an incredible plot-line with well inserted cliff hangers to make you hang on to the edge of your goddamn seat! All in all, the movie made me practice my Vulcan greeting.


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Blogging from school at the moment, in a warm and stuffy computer lab. Nyeh! Managed to recruite two new members to the joys of blogging today. Hah! I do have the power of influence after all!
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It is in the nature of men to watch porn,
and I admitt openly, that I have watched some.

But, really, what is the big deal about porn anyways?

Personally, it's just too long, and tends to get really boring,
or could it be possibly be just me?

Okay, sure, I do get horny the first 10 minutes,
then, the horny-ness just dissipates away.

Tell me I'm right, please. Or I just could end up weird.
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