My life is being sucked out of me
Yelp me!
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I hate being treated like a kid. Makes me feel all puny. Being treated like an adult? Even worse! All I want is for everyone to stop breathing down my neck and leave me the hell alone.
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Solemn Good Friday everyone!
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I finally got my FM Modulator.....
...maybe not finally la, but been craving for it since Tuesday

So, I went on one of those random drives again, testing my FM Modulator,
which by the way is a bit annoying at times,

...while I was driving around, spotted a McDonalds,
decided to get a Mcflurry,
went up to the drive through,
confirmed ordered order,
drove to the paying counter,


Told the lady I was sorry a ga-zillion times....
....then I drove home....

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I am Sam

If you have not watched I am Sam, go hit your heads against a wall.

If you haven't heard of it,

This is one movie everyone should watch. The story revolves around an autistic man , Sam, who is left by his wife after she has given birth to a child, leaving the child behind in the care of Sam. The relationship between father and daughter tightens, until one day, Social Service deems that Sam is incapable of taking the responsibility of raising a child in his condition. So she is taken away from him and given to a foster home. Sam eventually finds a lawyer to help him with his case, in taking custody of her daughter again. The story then tells a tale of a determined man who fights for the custody of his daughter, who will go against all odds, in making sure her daughter is happy. Despite being disabled, the movie comes to show that no matter how crippled you may be, you will always have the ability to love and care.

Brilliant movie, although it is not that new, I give it a full 5 (Vinod) Star rating.
Heart warming, touching, tantalizing, insightful, moving....
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Scrabble and a Bone

Just finished a game of Scrabble with my mom. Played for an hour and a half, racked my brains, a lot, and I won in the end. Hahahahahah! You have no idea how hard it is to beat my mom in Scrabble. She's like the ultimate GOD of Scrabble. So beating her today made me ecstatic!

Oh yeah, I got myself a bone today too. No, not a real bone, but a pillow bone. Saw this in Metro Prima just now, and I had to get it. Surprisingly enough, my mom said okay! I love this pillow!

Okay, I do look like a dog with a bone in this one.

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My fingers keep drumming the table top as I rack my brain for anything significant to type out, but more often than not, my head draws up a blank screen.

I am losing it.....

It just occurred to me that it is officially the month of April. Almost a year now since all my life drama episodes began. It has been a year of ups and downs, mostly downs. But I can't help to think about the end of it. Somehow, I see it ending in shambles.

Learn from your mistakes. I hear every Tom, Dick and Harry harping around with this phrase, trying to make me see whatever light that is I am supposed to look at. But in some cases, it is always easier said than done. Turning over a new leaf takes time, weeks if not days, months if not weeks, years if not months. But, this is what I said a year ago. More recent? My new year's resolution. Yet, same old same old.

Studies is wrecking havoc upon me. Exams in around, what? 8 months? Less? God knows, what's getting into my pea-sized brain. Sitting at a table at hours at a time has never been my thing. Maths has never been my thing, and so is Chemistry. Biology, nyeh, I'll probably survive. Had my monthly exams recently. Was sick for two days, so I did not bother attending. Mom does not know, she'd probably be digging a makeshift grave in the backyard. The papers I sat for made no difference to my awesome CGPA of 0.00! (Is that a + or - ?) Monthly only what.....

Health wise? I just had a bag of Chachos and a bottle of 100 Plus. If that's any sign of my health deteriorating, you guys better be looking out for me in the obituaries. Weight has been fluctuating over the year. One moment I have loss a great deal, the next, I'd have put it all back on with little extras. GRRRRR-EAT! Or so the Tiger on the cereal box says.

My emotional standings have been off too. I don't know where my sanity is at. Where ever it is, I need it back quick. I tend to do many things out of sudden random whims. It's odd, but heck, I love the hell out of it. But there is something else too, an emotion that has been constantly growing that has made me different to the people of my surroundings. It shouldn't be there, but there it is. Waiting to consume me. Waiting to change me forever. Waiting to make me or break me. It is bad, it needs to go, soon, or I will be facing quite a bit this year.

A lot of my friends have made an impact on me this past year. Some supportive, always there, some not so. Naive to to my emotions and feelings, being much hypocritical. You know who you are, so don't feel ashamed. Some friends, are much like family to me and they mean more than words can ever describe them to be. Some of us have gotten tighter, some of us are falling apart, blending into the mist, soon to be forgotten, but impacted me all the same. Thank you for being there, for making life look like it could be worth fighting for. Thank to you to those who have been shitty, at least I'd know how to choose my friends in the time to come. Wouldn't life be meaningless if all the shitty people weren't around? Tch.....

Finally, what seems to be a productive post.....

Finally, something on that blank screen.....

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