The Mom & Dad Song

Can you imagine all the things your mom would say to you in a William Tell kind of way?
Imagine no more:

Oh, and not forgetting the dads too:

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Treading on Water

Life IS like a stroll in the park,
if you WANT it to be.

I just wish it were that easy.

I undertake life, like treading on water.
Every step I take on the surface, I stumble and fall right through.
I take life easy, but the pain, overwhelming.
A smile on my face everyday, but the hurt takes over in solitary confinement.
Life is just.
Life is fair.
Just take it's course and you will be okay.
Or.... they say.
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Vinod on Valentine

Valentine's was good.

Simple dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in Bangsar Village,

with great company that should last,
dessert at Baskin & Robbins,
with a dash of Alibaba.

P/S: Vinod hearts y'all very much.
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Now, you know how I love em' movies!

I just bought Changeling, Milk, Rock n Rolla, Revolutionary Road and borrowed the Curious Case of Benjamin Button from my cousin. I have not watched Changeling and Revolutionary Road yet, but the other movies were great.

Heroes and Lost is back too!

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I have been thinking a lot today, and I can't help but wonder about the meaning of my existence. What is my purpose here? Do I even have one? Then is this all meaningless? Am I way over my head here? I need help! But from what I hear, who can help a man that can't even help himself?
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Trailers you will Love!

You know me, I'm always ahead when it comes to movies. And I've got to sneaky peaks at three upcoming movies of 2009! You should be holding on to you chair now, you are going to be freak-zilla when you see this! Here are sneak peaks at Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra and Star Trek. I do this for your viewing pleasure.

It isn't brilliant quality, but hey, watchable.
If you want to check the HD version of it or so I think, go to
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NIKE, I Adore Thee

This is what I use when I go out, go to the gym, meet friends or even family.
Pathetic, no?

Well, it's now gone...
bye bye!

And hello hello,

Helloooooooooooo NIKE PLUS!

Finally got a brand new pair of shoes, and it's really good too. Value for money or so to speak. Got it today at One Utama, thanks to mommy dearest.

Now I can have casual outings with me mates without them going....
"EEEEW, aren't those your ugly old NS shoes?"

I can even actually start doing some running too (yeah, like that's ever going to happen)

Okay la, it's a nice shoe and I lurve it, okay? I just couldn't help myself anymore! Dinisha does it, and you give me the eye? (Haha, sorry Dini)

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