I got into my car and drove myself to Manjalara to get me a few DVDs. The shop however was closed for the night and so, I decided to drive around the area for no apparent reason. As I was doing so, a thought came to mind. My aimless drive was the perfect metaphor to my life. I have led myself to many a paths and sometimes I come to an abrupt end. I circle around my decisions but I fail to choose which eventually gets me back home empty handed.

The moral?

Decide on something quick and find a way to get there.
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My Monopoly Set

This is how CRAZY I am over this game.
These are pictures of my brand new Monopoly set I have come to acquire.
...Even saying it gives me the shivers...


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The Monopoly Drug

I played Monopoly again today with my cousins.
Sudah ketagihan dadah Monopoly.

But really, never been addicted to any other board game like this before.


I lost today though.

.......I like the dog token, it's cute.

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My tattoo is peeling!
Is this normal? Is it safe? Is it an infection? Is it killing me?

Wait a minute....
That's supposed to happen.
Awwh, well, it looks gross!
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I watched [REC] today, the original Spanish version to the English one, Quarantine. For the record, it sucked. It wasn't even scary. You'd probably only say, oh yeah, gross. That was all I got out of it. Saw makes more sense than this crap. If you really want to make more hand-held genre movies, watch Cloverfield, for that was one hell of a movie. Dinisha just wasted an hour of my precious life =(
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Ms Bitchy and I finally got it done on Saturday!

I can't say I hate it though....
....that's because I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it!

Before getting a tattoo
Before the tattoo
On the table
Placing of tattoo

Preparation of needle

And the rest was history!

Me looking all perky after the session
Ms Bitchy's tattoo which turned out awesome

The both of us at Wicked Witch's house, working our tats out

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Jin Li's

Jin Li will be leaving for Australia on the 27th of January for three whole years. Her dad works in the Malaysian military and he was transferred to Canberra, so the whole family is moving along. A few friends and I were there the other night, to see her before she would actually leave. We talked and played a couple of fun games. Going to miss her. Here are some pictures:

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