Form Six has finally come to a close. It ended interestingly enough with the hardest objective paper that I have seen in all my school life. Chemistry!!
Yes, it was hell. But it's done and over with. Now, it's just time to enjoy my holidays till my results are out in a few months. So, it's safe to say that I won't be that depressed till that holy time :D
Getting every morning knowing that you have nothing to look forward to is awesome. It allows me to make plans and do things that I have not had the time to do in the last year and a half. Such things being going travelling to some unknown country. My sister just got back yesterday afternoon and already she's planning a trip up north to Thailand, most probably Phuket or Krabi (but a little expensive). So it's going to be a food escapade for the both of us if that works out, and a shopping spree for me. My closet is getting a little bare from the clothes that I wear almost all the time. If you know me long enough, you'll know that my clothing are limited and I that I have a few favourites.
Since school has ended, only seen my classmates only once so far for a barbeque. Not seen them since. Seems to me, that I might not be seeing much of them anymore, since most of them live a pretty far way away. Well, here's hoping that we get to go on a class trip soon.
Off to bed, very tired, and want to see a lot of people soon!
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Encounter of the Same Kind

Okay, update! Haha!

So nothing happened since I last updated..... NOT!

Something happened alright :D

I was at the gym today (yes, laugh all you want), and continued to have my shower after my workout session. I was alone in the bath area, and I came out of the shower, nothing on me save my undies (okay, a little 18SX right about here). So I came out, and soon realised that I wasn't alone. The cleaner had come in. He saw me in my undies and he stared for the longest time. So I ignored him and continued drying myself.

Little did I know....

He began a conversation with me. He was foreign and spoke Malay with some accent which made it hard for me to decipher what he was saying at times.

And so it began....

He began by asking me if I just finished my bath. I told him I that I just did. He then hesitated before speaking further. He asked if I was married and if I had a wife. I didn't understand, one of those undecipherable moments. He repeated, I understood, laughed, and said no. He laughed too. I sort of knew what was about to unravel here. He then asked me if I had hisap or 'sucked' before. I didn't understand, one of those moments again. So I told him I didn't understand, he repeated, still didn't understand. So, he got on his knees and his mouth was inches away from my family jewels. I didn't need further explanations. I was shocked. But I continued entertaining him. I said no, have not done it. Jokingly, I asked him the same thing, and he laughed and said no. He then asked me if I had a big package and patted my back. I hated that accent, couldn't understand a word this guy was saying. So I told him I didn't understand yet again. He then proceeded to touch my package with his finger. So I said, it's okay. By this time, I was slowly unpacking my clothes and putting them on, ignoring the thoughts in my head. He watched me. I dressed, and I said I was leaving, and I patted his back and left :D

It was weird, and the closest encounter of the same kind. The previous times, weren't this close. Remember my KL Sentral story? Hahaha! Well, I was holding back my laugh as I exited the bathroom. I eventually burst out laughing all the way back to my car.

Worthy update, no?
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Haven't been updating. In the middle of my finals. Practically dying. Ending soon enough. Plenty of drama that's been revolving around me as well. 10th of December, 10th of December (my official chant till it's all over). Then it's party time again. And a workout spree, I hope. Argh. Seven more papers to go!!!!!

And I think this blog needs a new layout, need to contact Dinisha soon =)
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Short Notes

Less than a month to go and yet here I am.

Diwali ended a few days ago.
To be frank, one of the least hyped up Diwali ever.
Boring, really.
Thira's and Aarthi's open house was good though, food galore.

Darshanaa's birthday was last week.
Dinner at La Bodega in Pavilion.
With a short sheesha session afterwards.
She's going to kill me for not putting the pictures up on FB.

I collected tickets for the All American Rejects happening on this 31st of October.
Reminder to self: Less than a month to go!

Skipped school today, just didn't feel like going.
Teachers don't teach anymore but stare straight down your eyes as if they're looking down at hell itself.

Oh yes, there was this farewell party AKA prom for the upper 6.
It was okay.
I was dressed the best, although no one wants to admit it.
But really, I was.
At least this thought keeps me going for a while.

Sorry for the note like update, too semi-conscious and groggy to elaborate.

Another note to self: Less than a month la! Go friggin' stuff your face with books you won't touch for the rest of your life!
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Love the music on my blog!
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Played a prank on someone today.
Went terribly wrong.
She ended up crying.
I felt horrible.

It's all okay now.
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Euphoria and the Peas

Finally went clubbing again last Thursday in Euphoria. It was just supposed to be Michelle and I, but Poe Mun messaged me in the morning that she would be there with Reagan, Hin Seng and probably Deepak. When we got there, met a few other people as well. Jing Hui, Yee Min, Chye Peng and some other people whose names for some reason I can't recall. We caught with each other and danced on the floor. Had a few drinks and continued dancing. It was starting to get a little boring, when someone decided to drink half my beer. I demanded for a new bottle and the next thing I knew, someone popped open a Chivas and handed me a glass and another and another.

The scene at the club kept spinning around my head. People were a blur. My guardian left for a breather and the next thing I knew, I was on the dance floor with Yee Min. I didn't remember talking, I didn't remember laughing, I didn't remember having a conversation. All I remember was this. After dancing with Yee Min, I left her hanging on the floor (forgive me Yee Min). Then, memory went blank. Poof. I had my hands around someone's waist. I remember looking at her face. Pretty, mesmerising. She was laughing, probably something I said or did, or laughing with me, enjoying the moment. I remember the smile. I remember my hands on her. Then I think it got a little overboard. My hands were naughty that night. I think she tried to get away, but I think I pulled her back, telling her I would behave probably. I danced for the longest time. Blank. I was walking around on the dance floor. Blank. I felt myself being lifted. Blank. I was outside number 17, Deepak drove me home, and parked at my neighbour's place. I told him. He parked at the right house. Told him I couldn't walk. Splitting head ache. Needed a drink. Hin Seng and Reagan were there. Blank. I was at KSM, having lime juice. Kel Jian was there. Blank. Back in the car in front of my house. Told the guys to leave. I slept off. 8 in the morning, dad woke me up.

After a shower, called Michelle. Got all the dirt from her. Four bouncers carried me out of the club. I probably passed out on the dance floor. Deepak went to get the car. They had trouble getting me into the car. I was being stubborn. I puked. 7 times. Or more. A police came by. I shouted profanities at him. Lucky Michelle explained. They hauled me into the car and got me home.

Had one of the worst hang overs ever.
The worst part?
I didn't get to know the name or contact details of the girl I was dancing with.
What a shame.

On the day of my hang over, I was lucky to get my hands on tickets to Arthur's Day in Sunway Lagoon. And the main event? The Black Eyed Peas! Went with Darshanaa, Michelle and Deepak. The event started off with some local bands as well as some artists from Taiwan. But beside Reshmonu, the rest sucked, big time! By the time the peas came out (which was like 3 hours later), we were all so exhausted, we didn't quite enjoy their performance. They were good no doubt, but their vocals were off. Fergie sounded like a squeaky mouse. It was a bit annoying. The thing I liked though, was that the crowd involvement was great. They sang a lot of their songs, and I was jumping around like crazy! It was fun, but superbly tiring. Probably never going to get to see the Peas that close for free any time soon again.

Last week was indeed awesome!
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Three Century of Posts

At 300 posts, I should be getting more readership than this. Am I ever going to get close to becoming the next Kenny Sia? I don't update as frequent as I used to, but things are a bit chaotic on this side of the computer screen, and this blogger hopes that his readers understands the predicament he is in. Nevertheless, I will be updating as frequent as possible.

My baby girl, Lexie, has grown a tremendous amount since her arrival and she has also getting cuter, week by week. She's such an amazing part of the family and she makes me smile, just looking at that unique little face of hers. She just got her second vaccination, which means that there's another one to go. Waiting for that third jab, then she'd be able to go for walks in open areas and mingle with other dogs. Unfortunately, there are also times when I go berserk with her, such times being pooping/peeing time and the accident time where my hands play the role of a gigantic whacking machine. At the end of the day though, she's always back to cuddling and getting cosy on my lap. Getting a dog, has got to be the smartest and best decision I've made thus far.

I would also like to use me 300th post to thank Nuffnang for all the opportunities they have given me to get special gifts such as premiere screening passes to a whole list of awesome movies. And speaking of movies, I was one of the winners of the Surrogates competition and will be watching the premiere of the movie on the coming Monday at Cathay Cineplexes! I seriously heart Nuffnang! Thanks Nuffnang!
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Found this through 15 Malaysia and YouTube.
Take a moment, listen to OUR VOICES, and remind ourselves, that this is One Malaysia.

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Trials are finally over, which only marks the beginning of what is going to be the most hell-ish 2 months I will ever have to live through.

STPM, be gone soon!



By the way, I discovered something new today.
You know the word, 'mampan' in Malay right?
Well, did you know how it came about?

M - Mahatir
A - Anuar
M - Muhammad (some dude)
PAN - Tampan

So, it's,

Mahatir, Anuar, Muhammad Tampan.

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Slovak Sling

Another short from 15 Malaysia.

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Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls

Pretty good, no?
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15 Malaysia

There is this website I came to know about called 15Malaysia. 15Malaysia is a short film project. It consists of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. These films not only deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia.

Most of the videos have been released and some more are to come. If you want to check the short movies out, you can go to http://15malaysia.com/. Among the released shorts, this one has to be my favourite. It made me cry.

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I won tickets for Final Destination: Rest in Pieces!

Oh mah gawwwwd!

Thank you, Nuffnang!

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Please, dear God.....


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I Don't Want to Rest in Pieces Like Final Destination

Nuffnang is giving out tickets to catch The Final Destination in 2D. Yes, 2D, not 3D. Can't be too fussy, free what :D

So, to stand a chance to win a pair of tickets, all I have to do is to write a post with the above title and take a picture of myself in a horrified state.

This was the best I could do:

This is rather pathetic, but if it helps, I could have SWORN I heard something moving from inside that KOPI & TEH TARIK box I was pointing at.

Maybe it was Destiny waiting to cut me up into pieces.

I don't want to rest in pieces like in Final Destination. Why? Because you would not want to see me resting in pieces. I'm fat, pieces of me all over the wall, floor, ceiling? Lard all over the place is not that appealing, now is it? So please don't leave me lying in pieces, that's just gross.

But, don't you think death to be attractive? To a certain extent, death attracts me to it's alluring properties. Death is an inevitable event in everyone's life. But what is really after death? Could there possibly be another world? Another life? What happens when we close our eyes for the final time or the moment after we take our final breath? What happens? Death is inevitable. No matter how hard you try to evade it, death will be always stalking you, in any way and any form possible. That is the base of the plot in the Final Destination movies. Don't hide from death, for it will find you.

P/S: After reading that rubbish, don't you think I deserve at least one if not two tickets to the movie? I love death and how it spills blood for my viewing pleasure. Will truly appreciate it Nuffnang! Thanks for the opportunity though.
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Suicidal? Not!

I've been having suicidal thoughts lately.
Posted it up on Facebook.
Gave some people a scare.

Good news is that I'm not going anywhere, yet.
I have been having a rough weekend.
Back to my sane self.
Still pretty depressed though.

On a much happier note.
My baby, Lexie, is coming home on Saturday!
Oh, my bundle of joy!

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Yasmin Ahmad

After Michael Jackson's death, I thought I could find no other 'stranger' that I would mourn or cry for. I was wrong.

Upon hearing the news of the death of Yasmin Ahmad, I thought nothing of it. Just another person I guess. After watching many of her ads again, I've come to realise that the nation has lost a great Malaysian woman. Her movies and advertisements are not like any other homegrown productions. She has a flare to unite the many races in Malaysia through a 30 second short or a even a full length movie. She also loves to impart family values into her commercials which make them ever so meaningful. I'm sure many of you have seen most of her Petronas ads before which are groundbreaking acomplishments for a Malaysian production. Even the Pattii (grandma) add made me laugh so hard. Who else would dare tell a love story between a Malay girl and a Chinese boy in Sepet? Yasmin Ahmad was leading Malaysia towards 1 Malaysia through her movies and shorts which captivated thousands. A woman that will be missed. To Yasmin Ahmad!


Gosh, there are so many, wish I could show them all!
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More Puppy Pictures!

Visited my puppy last Saturday with Dinisha, Choon Yoong and Karmen. She's now about 4 weeks old. Will be visiting her tomorrow again, can't wait. Going to take more pictures of her!

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The Merchants of Bollywood

My Tuesday night was filled with Bollywood, and quite literally. I finally got into Malaysia's most prestigious performing arts center, Istana Budaya, to watch the critically aclaimed stage musical from Mumbai, The Merchants of Bollywod. All this made possible by Yeshotha. Her dad works for Astro and got a few complimentary tickets. I attended the event with her, Kalpanaa and Pathu. What can I say? It was pretty amazing. Watching a full-length musical for the first time was truly an enchanting experience, unlike the 5 minute musical of Grease that I did in school once before. Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. There were somethings that I didn't like. The story, was a bit cliched, but then again, I was watching a Bollywood performance.

The story is about a man, who is a famous Bollywood choreographer. He holds religion, tradition and culture very highly, so much so, he incorporates this into his dances. But his ways are threatened as the current generation have more modern view on how things should be done. He leaves the movie industry and focuses on his grand-daughter by teaching her religious dances and dances of the Gods. But she does not want to lead that life, and confronts her grandfather about it. He declines her wishes and obviously upset, she leaves her grand father and every thing he has taught her and heads to Bollywood to pursue her dreams. She makes it big, but after years, she decides to get back to her roots. She returns home to her grand father now sick and withered. He still refuses to speak to her. He then heads to the temple of Shiva, and asks forgiveness for what her grand daughter has done, and proclaims that no one will ever chant His name again after his death. Upon this catastrophe, the grand daughter pleases her grand father by devoting herself to the temple and performing the sacred dance of Gods. Her grand father finds peace at last, and passes the moment the dance is complete. The grand daughter is upset, and realises her wrongs. She returns to Bollywood, and incorporates the teachings of her grand father and becomes a sucess, in all the right ways.

Phew, that was long. But the story was lined with love, drama, comedy and nothing is complete in Bollywood without dance, music and bright colours! We even stood and danced to one of the songs, just the five of us. A bit embarassed that no one else wanted to join us, save for this guy, who got up, and reluctantly sat back down. But at the last number, many of them did stand and dance! It was one hell of a night, and I can't wait for my next event at Istana Budaya!
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My Puppy

This is the puppy that is coming home to me!
My heart's melting just looking at her!

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Negligence for a blog is bad.
People start feeling bored, then they don't come back, and I lose readership(like I have any).
That sucks for me on all levels.

I truly apologise.
It's always either that I have no time to update, or there never seems to be anything interesting to write about.

So what's new you ask?

My dad returned home from Nigeria a few weeks ago. Wait, did I even mention that? Err, I guess I'm mentioning it now. Anyways, he has been away for almost six months, working to maintain the lifestyle of his precious son. I thought it would be good, he coming back. At least I thought my mom would lay off my back, but he too hopped on the mom wagon and starting breathing down my neck! But they've toned down a bit. Which is a good thing I suppose.

I went to Port Dickson last Saturday with Michelle, Darshanaa and Nirusha. We had so much of fun! I wish we could do it more often. I drove in the morning and as soon as we arrived, we headed to Cape Rachado or more commonly known as Tanjung Tuan. We reached the gates of the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve and walked up a slopey road that led to the peak of the cliff side where a white-washed lighthouse stood magnificently under the gloomy sky. We walked around the lighthouse vicinty and headed to the edge of the cliff and camwhored! The view was breathtaking. We were shocked to find such a beautiful place in Port Dickson as it has the reputation of one of the dirtiest beaches in Malaysia. And there it was, this magnificent view. After we finished, had lunch at the local mamak stall and headed to Eagle Ranch for some go karting. That was really fun, the four of us raced around the track trying to overtake one another. I won la, evetually. After that, we headed to Teluk Kemang, the more popular beach stretch in Port Dickson. There, we camwhored and swam to our heart's content. The waves were awesome, big and strong as ever. After what seemed like forever of swimming, we changed, had a light snack and returned home. Now, that's a holiday!

And the BIGGEST news by far has to be......

I'm getting a dog! Muahahahahah! I kept annoying my parents to get me a puppy for so long, that my dad finally sucumbbed to my pleads and agreed, under one, teensy, wincy, condition. I HAVE to actually study, and take care of the puppy really well, or else...... I don't know what else. Who cares? I'm getting a dog. She'll be only coming in August though, the breeder only releases the puppies two months after they are born. I've even already started thinking of names for her. Two names are stuck in my head, inspired by The Revenge of the Fallen. One of it is Skitsy from one of the Autobot Twins, Skids and another is Arcee from the three female bikes. Oooh, I can't wait for her to come home! Pictures of her can be found at, www.linggenekennel.com Even in all this excitement, I can't help to feel a little worried. The puppy is now only two weeks old, and I worry that she might not turn into what I expect her to be when she grows much bigger. And I worry that I won't take care of her. In my life, I had three dogs. One was fierce and demonic like. One was adorable. One was super intelligent and cute. I had pretty bad incidents with them, read my older (really old) post to find out why. I worry too much. Maybe this will finally show me how to be responsible, I hope. Maybe I might take things a little more seriously, now that I might not have any time to do anything at all. Still can't wait for her to come back home all the same!

Another long update, at last!

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Way Back Into Love

Darshanaa just completed her exams on Friday and she wanted to do something totally random with me. She decided that the both of us meet in Desa Park City and do a video of the both us singing a duet. I agreed, and on Friday evening we met in the park, practiced the song, Way Back Into Love. It was from a movie that Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore acted in. We did a few videos, mainly because I messed up the lyrics and even the final video that we made was very flawed. So here it is, Way Back Into Love, by Darshanaa and I:

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Revenge of the Fallen; Feedback


Revenge of the Fallen was friggin' awesome! One of the best CGI crafted movies, evah! With tonnes of new robotic friends and fiends, the show was action packed with metal carnage from start to end. Unfortunately, the cinema hall I was seated in had crappy sound systems, so I am most definitely going to watch this one again. I loved how the actors have improved in their performances and that the CGI is top-notch through out the entire movie. Agent Simmons from the previous Transformers was brought back for comic relief that made the movie all that more enjoyable to watch. The Autobots and the Decepticons are just amazing, with more robots introduced into each scene. This was one of the problems of the movie, we didn't get to see much character development from the robots other than Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. There were these two new robots called Jolt and Sideswipe who I thought were awesome additions to the series, but were never given lines at all. There were also this three girl motorbike gang as well as twin brothers who try to impress the older generation Autobots and of course Jetfire, one of the Prime brothers. The new Decepticons are bigger larger and scarier, with the introduction of The Fallen, one of the Prime brothers who betrayed them, the super huge sand sucking Devastator and Ravage the one-eyed jaguar. The movie is pretty fast paced as it brings you to numerous locations such as Shang Hai, New York, Philadelphia and Egypt. I was still talking about the movie long after the movie ended, and I can rest assured that there WILL be another sequeal to the Revenge of the Fallen. Long live the Transformers franchise!

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, here I come!
Premiere tickets for the movie, TONIGHT!

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These videos are pretty old, but I can't seem to stop laughing at them.
It's from Jimmy Kimmel.

Sarah Silverman's message to ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel:

Jimmy Kimmel's reply:

These videos are just for fun, not reality mind you.

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Found these videos online. Very funny.

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After more than a month of torture, I get my PC back again for the nth time! I love you my darling i-Cute!

So anyways, this is what I've been doing since yesterday.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This series is pretty awesome. If you watch the Terminator movies, you won't be disappointed. The series begins after Terminator 2: Judgment Day and tells the story of Sarah Connor and her son John and how their lives are never safe. Being blamed for the death of a Scientist, Sarah is always on the run and soon encounters more Terminators, set out to kill her son, the future of the Resistance. When all seems lost, a captured and reprogrammed Terminator, Cameron, also a female, is sent back to protect Sarah and John, to prevent Judgment Day from ever occuring.

I think think the first season only comprises of nine episodes as the first season was meant for viewers feedback.

My feedback? Awesome! Can't wait to get my hand on Season 2!

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Putrajaya is an amazing place. I was there last Tuesday and it's weird to see some of the things they have there. The architectural marvels from the buildings to the bridges (one of them oddly resembled the Golden Gates in San Fransisco). The massive size of this place makes it a city of it's own.
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Sunway Lagoon

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Nothing says bliss like free movie tickects!
Ahh, I feel an orgasm coming along!
Sorry, not sharing.
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I ditched Raja Abdullah and came to Maluri today for Teacher's Day. I'm such a ditch. Really glad that I went today, it's been a while since I saw any of the teachers from way back then. Being in the school compound, surrounded by all the other students brought a sense of nostalgia back to me, though I still am in school, nothing can compare to the years that I spent in Maluri, the teachers, the mischief that friends and I would get into, the old-worn-out toilets (which I found the time to appreciate after seeing the fungus infested toilets of Raja Abdullah). But the best memories of all, have to be the friends. Friends I made, friends that screwed me over, the friends I screwed over, the friends. Some of them changed my life, for better and maybe for the worst, but what is life without its shitty people, right? More than half of them, I barely see. Only a handful of them are still sticking around, the handful I love and adore, that I will cherish for ever more. I wish I was back in Form 1, worry free, where I was unbothered (save for that gangster kid who almost beat the shit outa' me), worry free nevertheless. Bah! I misss it. It was actually fun then, coming to school. But of course, I actually failed to see the actual purpose of school. To educate? To make me a fine young man? To make me fineeeeee?? I never thought there was actually more to it. Well now I know.
Being stuck in a different school is actually pretty surreal. Stuck with a bunch of people I didn't know, who I thought were a few thick headed mofos. I just utterly hated it. But I came around, to the people that is. Still don't understand what I'm doing there, my pre-U course is about to end, and I still wonder what the hell I'm doing there. But I actually started studying recently. Hah! It was wonderful to know I could actually sit and read stuff out from a third hand Chemistry book. Hoo-rah to me! Studied, I did, but come exam day, the first question just baffled me. So it was back to the usual shooting game. STPM is hard, no shit. Being a person who loved school so much, I am counting the days I can actually get the hell out of it.
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Angels and Demons

Watched Angels and Demons last night with Yong Seng, and it was awesome! Although the book in my opinion was much better, the movie did justice to it. Parts of the story were removed entirely, but maybe it was for the better, the movie was 2 hours long anyways, anything more and I would be probably be bored to death. Plot was undeniably incredible which centers science and religion. Character development wasn't half bad either. Ewan McGreggor was a superb cast as the Camerlengo, Tom Hanks had better hair and his girl counterpart (don't know who she actually is) played her role well. And they kept the score from the Da Vinci Code, which begun at the opening credits, brought a sense of awe to me it did. Fast paced with plenty of history etched into the plot line that made this movie unforgettable. What I love about this movie is that it makes you think, mainly about the clash between Science and Religion. Good movie with an even better book.

Excerpt from the movie which I thought was brilliant
(don't think this is 100% accurate):

Do you believe in God, sir?

I'm an academic. My head tells me that I am not supposed to understand Him.

But what does your heart tell you?
That I'm not supposed to.
Faith is a gift that I have yet to acquire.

In Other News!

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

Kris Allen won American Idol yesterday!

Not pleased. Doesn't anyone think that Adam Lambert actually deserved it more than Kris? Adam has been spot on every week, wowing audiences all over the world. He is one of the few singers that could actually make the hair on my back stand on end. Have you seen him hitting the high notes? Ohmaguh! Kris has impressed me too, occasionally. But to tell you the truth, Adam is just too good. Eventhough he didn't nab the final spot, he'll go on making awesome records. Kudos to the both of you. I still heart Adam Lambert though.

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