The Morning Sky

I kept tossing and turning in bed after I came back from the night out with Joel, Ashwin and Daniel, so I decided not to sleep and switched on the TV and thought I could bore myself to sleep. It did not work and here I am now, 7.30AM in the morning. As the night began to shed some light, I found total peace as I looked into the sky with the striking colours that it possessed. With a dash of red and orange, a splash of yellow and white and a tinge of purple and blue, and I had the perfect morning sky. I even caught one with a rainbow in it. It's wonderful to see that some things that are created to be in this world are downright magnificent to behold. It just fills me with inspiration. Here are some pictures, not as good as the real thing though.

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Best of Malaysian Ads

Found these on Youtube, and I must say it is absolutely jaw-dropping. Amazing how Malaysian minds work sometimes, don't you think?

The next one is similar, but watch for the ending.

(Bodoh punya perompak! ROFL!)

And how come I've never seen this one around? Mentos! Woooosh!

And Coke ads, who don't love the cokes?

Vanilla Coke? Anyone?

And does anyone remember this Coke ad? Loved it for its Malaysian originality.

Malaysian Tourism Ad, cute.

And the best duck ad ever!


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Fat Inside

A gigantic fatty, I have become.


I am officially 87Kg's, with food in my belly of course. After peeing and crapping, I'd probably weigh in at around say 85Kg's. And this is totally serious, I can pee and crap 2Kg's of food, I've checked. But this still is not my ideal weight though, I feel retarded. Fats, fats, everywhere. This is how fat I am.

Darshanaa thought I was a blady cushion seat.


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Congratulations Vince and Sam!

Although I would have most definitely preferred if Ida and Tania won the Amazing Race Asia, Vince and Sam will just have to do I suppose. Nyeh! At least it is was not Geoff and Tish. Glad, or I would have quit watching Amazing Race. Overall, I think Ida and Tania were the better team. They always started every leg and ended it with a smile on their face and their chemistry together worked really well. They always worked together well and never back-stabbed anyone and were easily the friendliest team on the whole race. But unfortunately, luck was apparently not on their side on the last episode, they had connection problems with their flight from Dubai to Phuket. Awwwh well, happens to the best of them. So until the next Amazing Race then.

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Amazing Race Asia, Season 3

The finale of the Amazing Race Asia, Season 3 is on right now, and there is probably a winner already, but unfortunately I will not be able to watch as my mom is on her Tamil drama spree at the moment. It is like that on weekday nights, a common routine for her, which disables me from watching the programs of my liking. Anyways, three teams remains and who could possibly win this time? I do hope it is not Geoff and Tish, but Ida and Tania instead. Ahhhh! Cannot wait for 12 o' clock! Please don't go telling me who wins before that please. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Ida and Tania

Geoff and Tish

Vince and Sam

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Taken from Lali M's blog.

"My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard,
and they're like,
you wanna trade cards?
Damn right, I want to trade cards,
I'll trade this but not my Charizard!"

(Sing in the tune of Kelis' Milkshake)
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Quantum of Solace

I don't know why I have heard so many bad things about this movie. Joel told me it was plain boring, some told me it was stupid, some said it lacked a substantial plot-line, but I finally watched it yesterday and I have to say, the movie was pretty good. It is probably not as good as it's predecessors but it was well made all the same. If you have not watched Casino Royale, then you might not be able to follow the plot of the story since it is an obvious continuation. Although I do pity his Bond-Mobile which is destroyed in the first five minutes of the movie, and he proceeds on his mission on bikes and boats =O After Vesper suicides in the last movie, this continues with Bond seeking revenge on the people behind his loved one's death. Now, who would not like a vengeance driven movie? Action sequences in the movie were well coordinated such as the car chase and the man chase over and through buildings. Stunning cinematography and a stellar cast as usual with Daniel Craig as the lead (duh!), the new hot Olga Kurylenko as Camille (bond girl) and Judi Dench as M. Awesome show all in all.

Vinod's Rating: 4.5/5
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Reactions to Harry Potter Trailer

I have watched the trailer at least ten times already and it feels brilliant all over again. As I watch it, I freak out and as the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince captions come out at the end with that awesome background music, I can feel my heart go THUMP THUMP THUMP and when the Coming Soon or July (In other trailers) appears, I suddenly acquire a British accent and go "Awh, blady hell". As my readers are no where close in seeing my reactions to the trailer, here are some videos on how some fans reacted:

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New Official Harry Potter Trailer




The new official trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been released at last. The movie is due for a July release and I cannot wait. I am shrieking like a little girl here, as I watched the trailer unfold itself. This trailer is by far the best in the Harry Potter franchise and I do hope it lives up to the remarkable work of J.K. Rowling! Here's the trailer:

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Class Party

Everyone that turned up in school today came for one reason and one reason alone. FOOD! Since it was the official final day of school (for most of us anyways), we had a class party and whoever was involved needed to bring their own food to share among the rest. We brought so much food, we eventually had to distribute it among ourselves in the end and bring the rest back home. We had a blast, eating, playing cards, playing Crazy Taxi 2 on a Sony PSP and just plain talking were the highlights of the day. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

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Spongebob Squarepants

There are probably many cartoons out there that are much better rated and makes more sense than this, but this particular cartoon however is, by a mile, my favourite cartoon series of all time. Spongebob Squarepants. The series stands out from the rest with the unique lineup of characters from an overconfident sponge to a silly starfish, a crab that has a constant craving for money and has a daughter who happens to be a whale, a selfish squid and not forgetting a tough squirrel who lives in a water proof dome. The mere quirkiness the cartoon possess is enough to tickle the funny bone. Who wouldn't fall in love with an adorable sponge anyways? The best source of cartoon comedy out there. So think square, watch square, be square.

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New Layout

So I finally changed my layout after what seems like ages. My totally white layout was apparently getting too boring for people to endure and I guess it was due for a change. So here is my new layout, I don't like those funky patterns that most blogs have these days. I go to more of the simple, chic look, that satisfies my cravings to the fullest. Comments are welcomed.
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It has been a long two weeks and I can actually say that I am mentally worn out. After all the crap that keeps occurring at home and the amount of information that tries to fit into my pea-sized brain, has officially taken its toll on me. Exams ended on Monday and it was entirely dreadful, especially Maths, which I think I most probably snored through. Even as my holidays are coming to a close there are still so many things that are yet to be done. I have Biology practicals to complete which is going to take up my holiday time in November where I have to collect bugs to preserve. There is also a Chemistry practical during my school holidays which we have to complete in school. Doubt that I'm going to have much time for any holiday at all. I am just waiting for my trip to Thailand though, that should be great, and I can't wait for the renovation at home to just go away, it's driving me nuts with all the banging and the drilling and the smell of paint which still continues to linger in the air. All of this has brought a tremendous headache and stomach pains onto myself. Can't wait for things to fall into place or shatter into millions more.
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Pure Photo Post

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, KLCC

Darshanaa's Birthday

Upper Six Farewell Party

McDonald's with Joel and Ron Nard

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