I Love the World

Now this is why I love the Discovery Channel. For their ingenuity and creativeness that is way out of the box. Kudos to the Discovery Channel and bring on more good stuff! (Like the Mythbusters, *hint hint*)

Boom de ah da, boom de ah da......
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Half Blood Prince (Leaked International Teaser Trailer)

Look what I found! Now I'm sure Harry Potter fans are going berserk. I know it says this year and apparently that this is the leaked international teaser trailer for when they supposed to show it in November. Anyways, enjoy.

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Sunday Morning

I was 7.00 o' clock in the morning and I was woken by my phone that kept ringing, groggily I picked it up. It was a private number and thought it was one of my sisters calling from Australia, but to my surprise, it was a Malay man. He asked me if I was Vinod and if I knew anyone by the name of Ruthra. Instincts told me that it was my primary school-mate which only recently I've gotten in contact with. I asked why, and he told me that he was a cop and that this person named Ruthra had passed away and that his body was at the University Hospital Morgue. I was shocked. Apparently my number was on his mobile, and they were calling people for information. They told me to inform his parents if I could contact them. I quickly got of bed and told my mom what had just happened and I called a few friends to see if they had heard anything, but none of them had. I eventually called the morgue, only to find out that there was no such person there. Thinking it was a prank call, I let it slide, but somewhere behind my mind, I knew something was not right. Two hours later, my uncle called. He told me that my cousin was involved in a car accident and had passed away that morning. I was shocked, and it hit me like a rock. My cousin had the same name, but it didn't occur to me at the time that it could have been him.

Death, the end of life. It is not realised by the dead, but it pains the living. It is said that the people close to you will always be there for you, indestructible, immortal. But when the person leaves this realm, we suddenly realise the truth, that death takes not only the bad, but also the best of people, young or old. It is inevitable. A boy of only 18 was taken away, crushing the hearts of many loved ones left behind, a boy of 18 was taken away from a life that could have been so much more. A boy of 18 is now no more to be held, to confide, to console, to love. It is time we realise, that any of us could be next. Maybe today, or even tomorrow. Make life a meaningful one, live it to the fullest with the people who love you, before it is all taken away. My cousin passed away on Deepavali eve, the funeral on Deepavali day. A day of joy was instead a day of sorrow, with the scene of people mourning to a young departed soul.

Monday, Deepavali Day

Woke up late in the afternoon and was still overwhelmed from the events of the day before. The funeral would be in an hour, but it was too late to go, and I was feeling really bad that I didn't. Deepavali still continued, with visiting relative's houses for lunch and dinner. It was awesome. Had plenty to eat throughout the day with me eventually gaining at least 2Kg of food. I had rice with chicken with egg with salad, with rasem, with beans with donuts, with fruitcakes, with sponge cakes, with muruku, with chocolate cookies, with jam tarts with peanut butter cookies and so much more. It was food galore!

Friends had invited me over to their places, but I could not go. My day was packed with eating a whole lot of junk. To those who wished me via SMS and through MSN, thanks a bunch, I'm sorry I could not reply as my phone battery was dead and was also away from my keyboard. I'm sorry I could not attend your open house invites as well! I will make it up to you guys someday okay?

I eventually headed over to my cousin's place in Bangsar and stayed the night since I was too tired to head back home. The best part about Deepavali though, has got to be the money. The whole day, the dollar signs kept flashing in my eyes, $_$ Feels good, but need to chuck it in the bank before I splurge it all on things that I don't need or deserve 0.O"


Came back home in the afternoon with my cousin after having lunch at her friend's place. Had a little rest and decided to head down over to 1 Utama. I needed to check my camera, since there seems to be a problem with it and my cousin sister wanted to get some facial products. My mom came along to get something for my nephew who is going to be turning one this Friday. Got my camera checked, and it's spoilt, the USB part, so need to take it to the service center in Mid Valley. Cousin got her facial products. Mom got the kiddy clothes and I asked my mom to get me a perfume, which she did. Unforgivable for Men by Sean John or more commonly known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy. It is just such an awesome fragrance and I love it! That was the reason why I dragged my mom along, to get me a perfume and it worked. Tehehehehehe! Here's a simple guide to manipulate your mom.

Guide to Manipulate your Mom:
1) Tell her you need to check something out and today is the only day you've got to do so.

2) Bring your cousin along to get some things as well (this makes things more believable)

3) Tell her that she needs to buy gifts for people, in my case, for my baby nephew.

4) Get her to shop around the perfume section or prefered sections.

5) Brag on how much you need a perfume and tell her how nice it smells. Try to get her to smell it as well.

6) Go for the kill. Go all puppy eyes, soften your tone of voice and ask her to get it for you. It may not work at first, but bring your cousin in on it too, and with a little bit of persuasion, you'll get there.

7) Walk out of the mall gleefully, with the item you desired, with your mom regretting that she ever got it for you.

There you go, simple steps to manipulate your mom. Time to get to my books, exam in the morning, not prepared one bit. Thanks for reading!
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I Like to Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2

I love the first movie and it made me laugh so much that I was hurling popcorn at people throughout the movie. So I would really love it if Nuffnang would give me two free tickets! Ahhhhh!

I Like to Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2!!!!

I Like to Moveeeeeeeee It!

I Like to Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2!!!!

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MUET was good save for the discussion section. It was way messy and the others wanted to end it fast. Tried to save it, hope it was good enough for the examiners though. Finals starting in about a weeks time. Not prepared as usual. Trying to inch my way to my textbooks but always seem to digress another way. Aww, well, hard to kick old habits or so they say. Had a long conversation with Darshanaa about my studies and she had a lot to say. Listen, digested and hopefully will take action to her advice. She's good when it comes to lectures, hard not to listen to that mean little voice of hers. It might take time, don't expect me to change overnight or anything like that though. Slow process. Computer still can't read the pictures. So, don't know when the pictures are going to come up. Ahhh. Deepavali just around the corner and waiting to go berserk. Finally a sense of happiness!
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I really want to update my blog, but I don't have any time on my hands right now. For one, my MUET exam is tomorrow, and I am totally not prepared and for another reason, my computer does not seem to want to read my camera. Why? I don't know. So I'm sorry for the empty promises I made from my previous post. I am just overloaded with things to do.
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Back in the Scene

I know I've been missing from the blogging scene lately, but I am trying to make a come back. It's been a really hectic week for me at school with the Form 6 Council. I was rolled in blankets of things to do. Thank God, some of my duties are done and over with. Besides, my computer has been down again, and my baby is finally up and running, but who knows for how long. My next couple of posts are going to be mainly on photos, as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, and I hope the coming pictures do just that. I am seriously too busy right now to even think about blogging, but will try to keep some regular updates. My MUET exam is on Wednesday and I'm freaking out, although there are people who comfort me saying that I will sail through, after all it is just speaking, right? Anyways, I take my humble leave as the night is becoming day and I am lacking of much sleep. The pictures will be up soon, as the battery for my camera is still recharging. Thanks for being patient (To who ever who actually reads this).
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Zipped and Gone

The holidays have ended, and school has begun. Highlights of the week? Found out I'm going to Krabi with Joel and his family during the school break in December, watched Mamma Mia! again, watched Eagle Eye and Shafenah's open house for Hari Raya.

Watching Mamma Mia! again was great. It was just as good as the first time I watched it with my mom. But even so, I regret watching it with PRASAD! Geez, this guy really was restless in the cinema. I bought the movie tickets without informing him that Mamma Mia! was actually a musical and he went almost berserk when I told him that it was. At every word that turned into a song, he kept groaning, moving around in his seat and looking at the back rows where another friend of mine, Roobini, was seated. Hmm? I wonder why? Wan Ying and Venga also came along for the movie and we had our lunch at Uncle Johnny's beforehand. After the movie, we had a go at sand art and window art/sun catcher. It was kiddish, but it was fun after not doing them for such a long period of time.

Right after my outing with them, I headed to Cineleisure to catch yet anther movie, Eagle Eye. Picked up Michelle and Daniel on the way and met Melissa and Joel at the venue. Played a game of pool with Daniel before getting to our movie. Eagle Eye was great where the story revolves around two people who receives a mysterious call framing them as terrorists. The only way for them to be safe is to comply to all the demands or risk death. The caller seems to be able to send messages through mobile phones, GPS established vehicles, electronic billboard and pretty much anything that can be connected to a socket. Who is this mysterious caller and how is it that they are able to pinpoint their victim's every move? The movie was good although I don't think I can watch it for a second time, I could be bored out of my wits. After the movie, headed to the mamak and chatted for a while where Thira joined us. Sent Michelle home soon after and headed to the cyber cafe for my weekly dose of DOTA and Counter Strike.

Shafenah's place.

Shafenah, Bib and her friend.

Alien, the idiot.

Yong Seng.

Nyiak Tao placing rubbish all over.

Smelly feet.

Smelly feet.

Feet of friends.

Yong Seng trying to shoot Alien!

Pui Yee and Joo Ann.

Wan Ying and Jia Pei.

Group picture.

Saturday evening was fun too. I headed over to Shafenah's place for her open house. It was fun. Half my classmates made it and it was just bizzarely fun to see these people just having fun, talking to one another. In school on the otherhand is a different mood altogether. In school it is a more serious environment, so it was nice for a change just to see them as who they are. The food too was great. There was this chicken dish that Shafenah's mom had made which was uber nice but at the same time pain stakingly spicy which made me sweat and snort all the time. There was nasi beriyani, lemang, mutton kurma and some cookies as well. It was a great meal! We also played some silly games to pass the time. Ever wonder why silly games are so much fun? I have no idea myself, but what I've realised, the sillier the game, the better it is. So yeah, that was my holiday pretty much. Not as fun as I thought it would be, but it was still good.

School began today and I found out that I have exams in exactly two weeks time. I've promised myself that I would not go out anywhere till my exams are over, and I don't know if my will power is strong enough. My MUET exam is also coming up, starting with the speaking test on the 22nd of October. That should be fun. So the next few weeks are going to be hell for me, and I hope I can handle myself the best I can. Bring on the exam stress!
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