Just a random question:

How many of you wipe your ass with tissue paper?

Because I sure don't!
I wash between the crack.

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Strike 5

My modem was struck by lightning on Sunday (this being the fifth time) and I could not get back to the online world until today. Got a new modem, reformatted and upgraded my computer and I finally changed one of my DVD drives. So yes, my baby is back with a little slight extras on board. I've been wanting to blog since Sunday, but never did get the chance to do so. So yes, this might be a long one.

Went for a school trip on Sunday to the Putra World Trade Center in town. There was an event happening in conjunction with the National Peace Day and my school was invited to the event. Wasn't that great, but I'm supposed to get a certificate for attending. So yes, good. Here are some pictures.

School compound.



Yeshota and Kalai.

Me, Ash, Kalpana and Sandra.

From top: Lai Yee, Chai Yee, Me, Ash, Kalpana, Sandra, Yeshota and Kalai.

Yeshota and Kalai.

Yeshota and Kalai.

Mr. Chandra.


Me, Kalpana and Sandra.

Group picture with me missing.

Returned from the conference at around 2 in the afternoon and got a call from Dinisha asking me to come over to Desa Park City for a farewell party for Kong Yew who would be leaving to Russia the following day to continue his studies in the medical line. So I got over there and met with some of my classmates from my previous school. It was nice seeing them again, miss them all dearly and all the fun times we had. They are all in college of course and I was the only one who turned up with my super white form 6 uniform. As I entered the restaurant, I was sure I heard some giggles. Malu la. Here are some pictures from the party. And Kong Yew, if you're reading this, good luck mate, hope to see you become a fine doctor someday. Godspeed.

Jin Li.

Fan Wai.

Lee Yee, Kelly, Fan Wai, Kong Yew, Zhe Rei, Dinisha, Choon Yoong and Hock Soon.

Kui San.


Kelly, Kui San, Karmen, Zhe Rei and Dinisha.

Lee Yee.

Hock Soon.

Me, Zhe Rei and Dinisha.

Choon Yoong.



Kong Yew.


Lee Yee.


Random picture.

The following day, a Monday, my mom and I headed to GSC 1 Utama for the premiere of Mamma Mia! The Movie. We got there around 8 and the Nuffnang booth was not set up yet, so we got a quick dinner at Waffle World. Then, I went to collect the tickets, and people were starting to arrive. It was a full house in the cinema, full of bloggers, with people talking about their blogs. One girl actually said out loud, HEY CAM-GIGOLO, TAKE A PICTURE OF ME! I WANT TO CAMWHORE! Yeah.... So..... Back to the movie. It was everything I thought it would be. With over 20 ABBA songs that were some rephrased suited the plot of the movie remarkably well. Pierce Brosnan's voice wasn't that bad too, although some say he lacked singing talent. The movie was fun and I was constantly fighting the urge to stand on my seat and start singing to the lyrics. Story was sweet, sexy, funny, sad and pretty perfect. This movie comes in second best for me this year right after the Dark Knight. Trust me, even my mom enjoyed it, and so did the bloggers who gave a round of applause as the credits started rolling. The Broadway version is hitting Malaysian shores in the coming months and I can't hardly wait.

The premiere tickets to Mamma Mia! The Movie.

Dinner at Waffle World.

Mom and I.


The bloggers waiting to get in.
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And I quote from my cousin, "Why have you become a lazy blogger?" I have to admit that I have turned into one. This is mainly because there has been nothing that seems significantly interesting to mention about, until yesterday I suppose. I don't get much fun being in form 6.

I was out with three of my friends (Darshanaa, Michelle and Nirusha) last night. The reason? Nirusha would be leaving to Russia soon to continue studying in the field of medicine and we wanted to catch up with her in case we do not get a chance to meet her before she leaves. So I picked up the three girls, and headed to the Food Court next to Carrefour (pronounced as Car-fuu) for our dinner where my car was showered with bird droppings at the spot where I parked my car. We then decided on a whim, to just cruise around KL town after dinner and fisrt headed to Tranny-Ville to check out the night scene which turned out to be quite funny. Men-turn-women were literally every where showing off their bursting bosoms to passers-by and we were all bewildered on how the could acquire those looks? One actually threatened us with a chair when Darshanaa tried to get a picture. And apparently there was a topless man/women walking around and I somehow missed it. I looked but to no avail. We then left Tranny-Ville and headed to the clubbing scene to check out the people. But we were there a tad bit early, and the fun was yet to begin. Michelle needed to head back home so we ditched the rest of our plans and headed home. We got lost a bit, going in all sorts of directions which almost put us in Sungai Besi/Bangsar. How, I do not know. It was a fun night all in all.

Today, was good too. I finally went over to my cousin's place in Cheras in what feels like ages. Miss having fun and talking to them. Had awesome fun with her kids, the triplets. Cute as ever and they only make me laugh all the time there. Had doughnuts from Big Apple which was awesome and had some noodles for dinner.

On A-So-Much-Of-A-Better-Note, I had a sruprise waiting for me when I got home. I was checking my e-mail on Google and I saw a message from Nuffnang which made my heart do backflips. I opened up the message to find that I had secured myself 2 tickets for Mamma Mia! The Movie, this Monday night. I really wanted to invite on of my friends to come along, but I decided, it's time I did something for my mom and since she used to breathe ABBA music in the days, it was only natural for me to ask her to join me for the movie. Honestly, I'm really excited, as I've been craving to watch this movie since I watched it's trailer! No idea why though, excited all the same.

Yes, so I guess that was interesting enough to blog about, no?
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It's funny,
when friends tend to fade away,
you think that they are always there for you,
but when our imaginations proves us wrong,
we are left feeling pushed away,
as it were our own doing,
that things are not the same again,
but life goes on,
with or without you.
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Came back home from tuition today and was just having a rest on the couch talking to my mom when my dad came down the stairs which led to a somewhat funny conversation.

Dad: Eh, go study la. Do maths or something. Do five sums a day good enough already.
Me: Cannot la, don't know how to do.
Dad: How can you say that?!?! Very easy only what, just use the formula la.
Me: It's not just the formula la. What's the use if you know the formula and you don't know how to apply?
Dad: Practice la. Do some work.
Me: How to do when I don't know how to? Maths is like, if you don't know means, you don't know la.
Dad: Ask your teachers la.
Me: Teachers finished the chapter when I decided to join them.
Dad: Ask your friends la. Dei, Maths very easy only la.

Enraged, I grabbed my Maths book, opened it up to the chapter on Trigonometry and shoved the book with a page of an example open.

Me: Tell me you understand this la, I fall on your legs right now.
Dad: Dei, don't tell me you don't know what is tan la? Sin and sec also don't know arr?
Me: Nope.
Dad: Come on la! I could do this when I was in school.
Me: You can do or not? Teach me la.
Dad: Can la. All this very easy la. Just accept the formula and apply.
Me: Teach me la, I don't know how to do right.
Dad: Go take my glasses.

Gets his glasses and passes it to him.

Dad: (Reads the example) This one very easy la. You must know what is tan then do.
Me: Teach me la, I said I don't know right.
Dad: No need to teach also can do la.
Me: Then teach me la, since it's so easy!
Dad: I must look at the formula first.
Me: I thought you said you can do?
Dad: Can, this one easy only what.
Me: Okay, then teach me la then, so easy.
Dad: (Changes mind) Difficult la, cannot teach.
Dad: Easy, use the formula and apply.
Dad: No, no, difficult to teach.
Me: Blady hypocrite!
Dad: You should be able to know all this, very easy.
Me: I don't know la. I cannot do!
Dad: How can man? You should be studying, then you know how.
Me: (Outraged) You know what, you take this book, study this formula and just do ONE question and show me la. If you can do means, anyone can. Then I'll study.
Dad: This one easy.....
Me: You prove to me you can do, the I study and I will do it okay?
Dad: (Gives in) Okay la, for your sake I will.
Me: For my sake you better.

So if my dad can do this, trust me when I say, I will study.
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Where will I be 10 years from now?
Where will any of us be 10 years from now?

I want to see myself as a sucessful man,
with money to spend,
a soul,
with a hot car,
with a hot chick complimentary,
with a house the size of McD's,
and a life,
full of awesome, inspiring,
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When come the day I have wizened,
Realisation will hit me hard on my skull,
saying that,
made me despise my life even more.

(As fun as the game may be)
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Mamma Mia! The Movie


Mamma Mia! The Movie hits the big screen this September.

I know what you're thinking. I am a boy, who just turned 18 and I want to watch a musical that is based around songs by ABBA from the 70-ties? I wasn't around when their songs were hitting the charts, but I grew up with a sister who loved songs from the Golden Oldies, and I have found a certain liking towards such songs. To be frank, songs nowadays tend to be too loud and sometimes meaningless (although there are some that just rocks my world) unlike the songs from the days. But ABBA? Ask most people, and I'm sure they've heard at least one of their songs before. Songs by ABBA are catchy, enchanting, heart-warming and so much more, and that is what anyone should expect from the movie. I have not watched the musical, but I have heard so much about it, that I do hope that the movie lives up to it. I think the cast of the show is stellar, and the plot simply amusing. After her performance from The Devil Wears Prada, who can't help but to love Meryl Streep singing and dancing and just enjoying herself to her heart's content? The ex-James Bond also stars in this movie, and hearing him sing, would just tickle my stomach even more, after watching him play the cool, sophisticated, British spy. Thank you for the Music, ABBA, for it has truly played a part in my life growing up. Let's go Head Over Heels for the movie.
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