The Truth

I didn't get into the Science stream, and I smashed both of my back lights, and I'm in deep shit. I need to be in the Science stream, yet I am still stuck with the douche bags in the Arts class. Not saying it's bad, but it's not the place for me. Now, I have to fix all the lights on my car, and I have to be hush-hush about it. If you are my relative, shutting your gap would be appropriate.

I have all this problems, and I complain, wanting to perfect the flaws that seem to cripple my life, yet, I complain about the most petite things that don't even carry a miniscule amount of significance in my life, but yet life seems unfair that it hurts us in almost any way possible like what the header of my blog suggests, No One Dies a Virgin, Life Screws us All. But what my friend, Joel, says and I quote "Lifes screws us all, but the only difference is, how hard it screws each person". Don't you think that is actually a real thought to be ponder upon. I've come to realise, that people just can't keep stop asking for more, when in reality, they've had enough, and that we could never possibly think about those who are not as lucky as how we are. Take this picture for example.

This picture was taken in Africa (can't be sure what country) of a child that was crawling towards a refuge camp for shelter, food, clothing and even medication. If you have noticed, in the photograph, there is a bird, which appears to be a vulture, waiting for the child to die of exhaustion so that it can devour it's defenceless victim. The photographer did not help the child, but instead he fled from the place. But he wasn't to be blamed entirely, he was told not to come into contact of any of the people there, as a safety percaution from any contagious or deadly disease. He fled, because he could not do anything to help, but he could have. A few weeks after this photograph was taken, the photographer committed suicide, leaving a note saying that he had seen too much of horrors while he was assigned in Africa which eventually led to his suicide. The fate of the African child is unknown.

The truth? The next time you have a complaint or even a desire for something that may seem important but it's turns out to be quite the opposite, take a long hard look at the picture and imagine your life in the eye of that child. If you're reading this blog post, consider yourself blessed, to have shelter, food, clothing and people who love you, when you really could be living the life of that child. In the end, no matter how much our lives sucks, it can never compare, to what the fate of that poor child could have been. Count your blessings. Don't judge them. When the day seems to be dark and it's only getting darker, pray for a brighter one ahead. Life does screws us all, but it all comes down to how hard, and how we face them. Have an optimistic day.
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Tragedy Strikes!

The picture of a blade hovers over my wrists,

the veins calling out for me,

to cut them,

to cut them deep,

so severe,

that there's no turning back,

the blade still hovers,

as I look on,

waiting for my command,

that could come at any moment,

life flashes by,

all the things good and wrong are etched onto a screen,

the memories,

most good,

some bad,

made me live in some way,

the blade still hovers,

nothing changes my mind,

the command is given,

the blade strikes,

the fat veins burst out in blood,

consiousness is lost,

the memories are played,

the loved ones are there,

but I am not,

they call for me,

there is no respond,

I knew that was why I lived,

to love,

and to be loved,

something obscured my mind,

to forget the things I needed the most,

but it is too late,

the blade has struck,

blood has been lost,

I am slipping away,

leaving the love in the world I once knew,

it is too late to turn back,

the memories fade,

I try to see,

but they are mere smudges on a canvas,

it is too late,

the screen becomes black,

I do not feel,

I do not see,

I do not hear,

I do not smell,

I cannot taste,

the world is left behind,

and so is everything else I once knew,

was taking my life,

the solution to my problems?

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Have become a total addict to Coldplay. Here are two of my favourites.

Viva La Vida


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Sunway Pyramid

I was out on Monday with a couple of friends to Sunway Pyramid, mainly because I wanted to treat Dinisha for her birthday and also Wan Ying whom I promised I would treat years ago but never did the chance come around. So I finally made it up to them. Dinisha, Wan Ying, Karmen, Thira and I headed to Sunway Pyramid at around 12, I drove of course, their official bank and chauffeur for the day. At Sunway, the girls went ice skating, but Thira and I didn't mainly because he pulled a muscle the day before while playing footy. So we walked around, ate at Aunty Anne's, played a couple of games of Daytona, and watched a movie (The Bank Job) which oddly sounds like The Blow Job, which also sucked by the way. Then we caught up with the girls for lunch. We had a great meal at the Manhattan Fish Market, where we all cam-whored like mad.

Me apparently acting vain. o.O"

Darth Vader attacks!

No, wait, he's just trying to cut his fish.


Vader and Karmen.

Wan Ying.

Dini and Wan Ying.

Ter-looked into the camera la. Not vain one bit.

Wan Ying going, shit!

Wan Ying and I.

Dini and Wan Ying.

Thira, snapping a photo.

Wan Ying and I again.

I look like some Hindu God. -.-"

Was really hungry.

Me taking a picture of Karmen taking a picture of me.

Group picture after brilliant lunch.

So after lunch, we did a bit of shopping and headed to the pool place. Was good. Thira, Dini and I played. Damn funny man, Thira and I killed Dini first, bullied. Played a couple of rounds of Killers and played one on ones. Was fun, but obviously, I won la. Hahahahaha! After hilarious rounds of pool, we decided to head back. Sent the kiddos home, and returned home with a hole in my wallet, but nevertheless, my heart was content.
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Not Your Average Super Hero

Okay, so we all know that all super heroes or heroins are the good guys. They come donned in tight suites and parade around in their weird masks which oddly resembles to animals (most of them anyway) just to save those whose lives are in peril. They come, they save, they leave without a trace and their the good guys. But really, when you think about it, super heroes or heroins aren't really all that. Yes, they may save some lives, but the mess they leave behind is unimaginable, yet people never look at the set backs of this.

Take Wonder Woman as an example:

Yes, she saves lives. She helps the people in dire need. She brings down the crime rates in the city. BUT WAIT! Think about it here. She parades into the city in her costume, obviously to protect her identity, creates havoc (destroying property, vehicles, buildings, water hydrants, killing dogs by accident), but yet, the public pays for the damages done. This isn't at all fair, albeit she saved a couple of lives. Imagine if there were people in the building and the vehicles? How many more would have really died? But they always fail to mention this. Do they miraculously get themselves to safety? The probability of that happening is rather slim don't you think?

Aside from that, has anyone actually cared about what she's wearing? It looks like she took a one piece bathing suite and spent hours on it just to make it look sexy. Why does it have to look sexy? Why does she crave for the attention. This goes to her friend as well, Cat Woman. They only seek attention with their hot-bods and bursting bosoms. They even carry whips, just to show that they can be naughty too. Are the criminals going to be distracted by her gigantic bosoms which may I add, seems like it's going to burst out of her suite if she just added that little extra weight on. So criminals distracted by hot woman in a swim suite? Don't think so. Do you think they're going to see how hot you are? Criminals don't second guess things, they will kill you. =( Even I don't find this one bit appealing. Another thing. What implications does this bring to the younger generation? Especially the boys? Wonder Woman is pretty much a sex symbol nowadays, which makes boys do naughty things. Ahem. o.O" So what do you expect these kids to be like when they're grown men? And I can bet that there are some woman who aspire to be just like her, in short, a sex symbol. Super heroes like Wonder Woman may seem to be helping us in the begining, but really, she's only bringing us much damage which the people have to pay for, wear tight decorated swim suits to attract attention, be a sex symbol and corrode the pure minds of the younger generation. Wonder Woman is so definitely Not Your Average Super Hero.

Another Super Hero I would like to codemn, The Incredible Hulk:

And why would anyone call him a super hero or even incredible? I mean come on. He's more of a super destroyer and the depressing hulk. Is he even classified as a super hero? I mean, he turns into this huge green thing which really looks like he sneezed booger all over himself and crashes and destroys things in his path just because he is angry. Come on hulk, we all have those days, its not only you man-bulk-hulk-thingy. You need therapy. If you're angry deal with it, don't turn green and vent your anger on anything and everything. Don't you like have Betty to talk to? Does he even help people? All I see him do is get angry (aww boo-hoo!) and go on a rampage just to try to save his green hairy butt. Isn't he a bit, what do you call, self-centered? And if anyone really noticed, whenever Bruce becomes the Hulk, his trousers (which is always either black or brown) turns into super tight purple boxers, and when he changes back, it becomes the ripped trousers from before. Weird, but cool don't you think? All in all, he's no super hero, he just destroys things. Maybe they should really think aboout renaming The Incredible Hulk, into The Depressed, Destroying Doofus! =) He too is definitely Not Your Average Super Hero!

(P/S: This was done for a competition! And I lied, Wonder Woman is HOT! *DROOLS*)

Link for competition.

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Items Ahoy!

Hey guys!

Just a little heads up. I've created a new blog (but I won't be moving away from this one) for me to sell items. I will be uploading pictures to the blog site, so you guys can go monitor shopping for clothes and necklaces (I am going to start with that) and I hope it will soon progress to much more. There is nothing that is for sale currently, but I hope that will change in a couple of days. So please do inform your friends about this new blog (especially the girls, since most of the items I have are meant for them).

The blog's URL is as follows:
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Chuck Norris

While watching the movie, Get Smart, I couldn't help but to wonder who Chuck Norris was. My friends seemed to know who he was, but I was rather bewildered. So I decided to check out this guy on the net, and I came across this cute website containing facts about Chuck Norris. Here are some pretty cool facts about him:

Most Popular Chuck Norris Facts:

1) If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

2) There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris's computer. He is always in CONTROL.

3) Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.

4) Chuck Norris is suing MySpace for taking the name of what he calls everything around us.

5) Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because the only element he recognises is the element of surprise.

6) Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

Chuck Norris is the Man!

(I still don't know who he is! o.O")
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Get Smart!

Watched this movie with Thira, Joel and Michelle. Thumbs up (and toes if that's even possible) for this movie. Totally hilarious. Way better than What Happens in Vegas. Must watch. 4/5! Too lazy to elaborate, too tired.
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Joel Killed a Cat with Thira's Sinful Car!

Tra-tak! Tra-tak! TRA-TAK!
(Sounds of breaking bones)

R.I.P Kitty!

For more info, visit
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Cekap Goes High Tech!

It's really funny actually. After ages of living in the stone age, Cekap, the tuition center, is finally going high tech. They're actually making student cards for the those who attend tuition classes there. And today they even took pictures of the students for the database using a little webcam that was mounted on the wall. It took them so long to follow the trend that other tuition centers are following such as the great Perfection Academy. I suppose it makes things easier for them to handle the students attendence in class. By swiping a card through a card reader, the attendence for a student is taken note. Cool, but it is still old school.
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Subha the Celery Stick!

You owe me pool!

Losers crawl.

BTW, Subha is pretty hot.

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Fast Weekend

Staying alone does have its advantages. Relatives are sweeping in from all directions to check up on me, to see how I'm doing and to also check if I have begun studying, which I obviously am not doing. Had a massive dinner with my uncle, aunt and cousin from my mom's side. Had a platter of butter prawns just for muah! Got back with a bloated stomach, couldn't sleep till five in the morning, and how else to kill time but to play the old forgotten game called Pokemon.

Ash found a PIKAC....! Hey! That's a rat!

Yeah, a bit old, and kiddish, but it's a nostalgic game which I have not played since a few years ago. But hey, you know what I found out NOT to do while playing with a pokemon? This:

Poor Pikachu. Well, my cousin accompanied me last night. She's real fun to have around. She took me for the Coffee Bean breakfast today in the morning in Desa Park City and also to the McDonalds in Kepong for lunch after tuition. Also, my aunts and cousin from my dad's side were here also today morning. They came to lecture me on things to do while parents are away. Study, clean the house, study, go for tuition, study, eat properly, study, do well and prove people wrong, study, etc. They're really caring and all, but yeah, too much of pressure could kill a guy. Later that evening, sent my cousin back to Bangsar and got Big Apple Donuts on the way as well. Then went to PJ SS10 to see another cousin who brought me tuition hunting in KL. She brought me to this place near Petaling Street for Pengajian Am tuition and to SS2 for Chemistry. The Chem. teacher is uber nice, and she gave me some notes and this uber thick Chem. reference book for free. *MOUTH HANGS OPEN* After that sent my cousin to the bus stop and headed back home.

The weekend has come to a very fast end and just like that, I'm back to school in the morning and I have yet to complete my MUET assignments. So I guess I better be doing them, should be easy as they are only MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions). So yeah, great day, stomach uneasy, head spinning and assignments to complete. This concludes the post for the day. Adios then amigos.

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Ripped Off


Want to know why? I wasted cash and time to get my butt to Pavilion for a blood drive only to find out that I'm blady underaged! That's why! What's the big deal anyways? I am going to be eighteen in two months time aren't I? Is my blood going to be any different by then? Is someone going to die with underaged blood? Oh, pooh hoo! The world is filled with downright BS! I was kinda pissed with Nirusha, because she told me I could donate! *SMACKS FORHEAD* Well, I did get to see Pavilion at last! Yes I know, NOW ONLY GO ARR? What kind of Malaysian would I be if I never visted Pavilion? It was big! Real big! With a capital B Big! Everything was too high classed and posh, I didn't have the balls to even check out the stores. Well, actually, I did have balls and I did enter the Giordano Concepts I do believe. Oh Gawd! Everything there was worth grabbing, but the price smacked me back to my real senses and persuaded me to put the precious piece of clothing back onto the display. I scurried away from the place soon after before a hole could appear in my wallet. So I walked, and decided to watch a movie.

The Happening, directed by M. Night Shyamalan who has done well acclaimed movies such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. This movie is based upon a natural disaster that is sweeping across America. The 'plague' causes humans to stop in their tracks, have disorientated speech and begin killing themselves in whatever way seems convinient. Falling of buildings, eaten alive, etc. The lead, played by Mark Wahlberg named Elliot, is a science teacher fleeing the state from the plague. He played his role well, brewing up theories on what is causing the phenomenon, which always turns out right. The entire movie feel was like War of the Worlds, them fleeing the vicious attacks. Along the way, Elliot trys to mend his marriage with his wife Alma and is forced to protect the daughter of his friend, who goes to find his wife that is left behind. Guess what? He dies. Everyone in this movie is killed at such a pace, all you can say is, what the hell? The explanation to the attacks are a bit vague throughout the movie, but all they say is that it's caused by plants that releases chemicals in the air. There was plenty of space for much better improvements for a movie with a good theme. The effects for this movie were brilliant by the way. Like people falling of buildings with the complimetary loud cracking of bones and eaten alive by lions. The movie on whole, was pretty okay. But as sources say, you may leave the cinema with the, What just happened?, expression. 2/5. This movie is just not that HAPPENING.
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Staying at home alone isn't that difficult.......NOT! There are still cups to wash, clothes to send to the dry cleaners, mounds of clothes and briefs to wash and no foooooooooood! Aww well. Mom and Dad called in the morning, just arrived today after 24hrs++ of travelling. They sound like they're having fun. Mom actually went shopping in Narita airport, looking for the camera I wanted. Gawd, I'm excited. But it might probably cost a bomb, but yeah, it could probably be worth it.

Saturday's are meant to be spent at home, to sleep and relax and what not. But not today. I spent my morning at school, helping to paint my classroom. And the best part? There were only 3 of us. The others were too lazy to actually show up. Nyah! So we were painted our room a sort of orange, swept the floor, wiped the windows and arranged the desks. Wish I had a camera (and this is why I need one). But it was fun I guess, Meng Choo and I were laughing pretty much the whole day. Haziq belanja-ed us to tuna sandwiches which were awesome and I made a new friend, Bip! Hahaha! What a name, but she's a cute Malay girl, nice too. Right then, I've got to shoot off, got a blood drive to attend.
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Independent Loner

Suddenly I feel that my parents shouldn't go on this holiday. At first, I thought they going to Canada would be good for me, to have my own space, without interference from voices that never seem to cease. But when I think about it now, it's kind of scary. I've got to be all independent now, which really sucks by the way, but what can I do? I have to be independent someday haven't I? Shouldn't it be sooner than never? Well, to tell you the truth, the only thing that worries the hell outa me is that I can't wake up on time to get my butt to school. I'm like what they say, 'tidur mati', but hell, if I could get up at 5 in the morning during my National Service training, who's to say that I can't do it now again? It's going to be weird, staying in the house all by my lonley self, but hell, it could be fun.
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House going to be empty from Thursday onwards for a month! Muahahahhahahah!
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Summer Splash!

Summer Splash last Saturday just rocked my socks off (the event itself was bad though). I drove a bunch of us up to Sunway Lagoon namely Ashwin, Karmen, Zhe Rei, Michelle and Darshanaa. We were supposed to reach uber early as doors open at 12.00PM, so we decided to be there at about 11.00AM. But we were late of course, due to the fact that the parking bays in Sunway Pyramid were packed like tin cans. We eventually found a parking spot and we headed to the entrance to the Surf Beach of Sunway Lagoon only to receive a major shocker. There were hundreds of people already there. Some of them came at 9.30AM only to be half way up the line. Thank God we saw a couple of our friends there, so we just sorta cut the line. Still, we waited two hours just to get in. There were bag checks for outside food, and they even confiscated my water bottle for reasons that are beyond me. We finally got in and tried to get ourselves some lockers for our bags, but everything was full. It was too packed, really. We eventually decided to leave our bags on the bench in plain view of everyone else. We left everything from wallets to handphones and cameras on the bench. We then straight headed for the water and had a blast. With loud music blasting in the background with people jumping around in the surf beach it was a great experience. Someone's shorts were even stripped off and was being flung around from one end of the pool to the other. I even did the slingshot thingy called G-Force X, will show you the video in a bit. After a long day, we all headed back to Asia Cafe for a wonderful dinner and headed back home.

The building crowd.

More of the crowd.

Carrying Michelle.

Me, Michelle, Darsh and Kelly trying to cut me.

Zhe Rei, Karmen, Michelle, Darshanaa & Me.

Michelle, Darshanaa & Mei San.

Zhe Rei, Darshanaa, Ashwin & Michelle.

Ashwin, Michelle, Darshanaa & Me.

Zhe Rei, Karmen, Michelle & Darshanaa.

Ashwin, Darshanaa, Michelle & Me.

Michelle, Darshanaa & Ashwin.

Ashwin and I flexing!

Hehehehe! Blow me, blow me!

As promised, here is the video of the G Force X thing I did. It isn't me and Ashwin, but it's some people who did it as well:

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Yesterday was history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is a gift,

That is why it's called the present.
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Kung Fu Panda!

It's PANDA-monium! I just came back from the cinema and I watched the awesome-est panda to hit the silver screen! Kung Fu Panda was an out-of-this-world movie experience! First off, the graphics were incredible for an animation flick. The panda, which was well played by Jack Black, looked so life like and really cuddly! The other characters did justice to the movie, except for Jackie Chan. He was the monkey and he only had 3 lines if I'm not mistaken. Jackie Chan is a friggin kung fu monkey and he only says 3 lines? What's with Jackie and the low profile? The whole movie was really really funny thanks to the cuddly-fat-funny-panda, with awesome one-liners and sequences that makes my stomach hurt, A LOT! The action was also incredible. With stunt scenes that make you go, "What the hell? Did you see what that Panda did with that monkey?" It was all very well coordinated with slow-motion scenes just to sweeten the movie even more. Jack Black was the star no doubt and he did well bringing the lazy slob of a panda to life. The others, err, well, that was the only problem in the movie I would say, they didn't have much lines, to be even remembered. Sigh, but it was still awesome. A solid 4/5!

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Kid: Mom! I want to eat at Mackers!

Woman: Nonsense! Why would you want to eat food that is cooked and served by a clown?
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is set to be released in the month of November and yet, there are no teaser trailers released for the movie yet, which is rather irritating. But here are some pictures from the Half Blood Prince movie to put those cravings at ease. Thanks to MuggleNet for the pictures.

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Blood Drive!!!

Interested in a joining a blood drive? Well, if you are, you can do so. If you're scared of a hell-of-a-giant-needle being pushed down into your skin, don't worry, I'm the biggest pussy alive, and you'll have the chance to see me squirm like a little girly. Although needles scare the crap out of me, the thought of my blood saving someone's life is rather cool. If you're interested in donating some blood, here are the details:

Venue: Pavillion (7th Floor)
Date: 14th June 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 9.00AM - 9.00PM

Help to save lives!
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It's near and I see it,

My hands are outstretched,

Grasping in mid-air,

For the thing I want most,

I tip my toes,

Willing to inch closer,

To reach it,

To put my heart to rest,

Closer, closer,

I am still too far,

My balance falters,

And I find myself falling face first to the cold earth below,

I've tried to reach,

I've tried to grasp,

The only thing that I yearn to have,


I fall to the ground,

Leaving it further behind,

It's too far to reach,

Too far to climb,

The thing that my heart desires,

Remains to be desired,

A picture,

That makes me sane,

The picture of a perfect life!

Who knew there was a poet in me? I'm amazed myself.
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Random Facts

Facts to know about me:

No.1: Manly talk only makes me realise how close I am to NOTHING!

No.2: Large Coke Lights make me pee all day =(

No.3: My life seems to be just behind the life of Lim Li Jin's.

No.4: I have no girlfriend, but have friends who are girls?

No.5: Not determined, but trying hard to be.

No.6: I'm not smart, yet I'm busting my ass in form 6 in a whacked school!

No.7: A towel just fell from the upstairs railing, and I freaked like a girl.

No.8: My life is a total mess, to those who really know.
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Totally Random Updates

After a-very-long-period-of-waiting which consisted of 6 months, I've finally eaten Maluri's No. 1, world renowned, Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken! Gawd! Awesome flavours in my mouth, absolutely loved it. Scrumptious, wonderfully delightful! Wish I had a picture to show you the mouth watering cuisine =) And yes, no breakfast is complete without my mom's awesome tea! Thanks amma! (really, what's gotten into me lately?)

It's been one week into my two week holiday and amazingly, time seems to be passing at a really slow rate. My days have been rather occupied though. I did spend a few days at my cousin's place in Klang, where we discussed our social lives, comparing which was more dead than the other, went to the tailors, for reasons that I can't seem to comprehend, the jewellers (uh??), chauffeuring my cousin back and forth from her tuition centre and hanging out at the biggest Jusco in South East Asia where I watched Narnia for the second time with much reluctance, which I still enjoyed anyways. That was a mouthful now wasn't it?

Besides that, as you know, also spent some time with my friends at Starbucks, which blew a large hole the size of America in my wallet. But yes, time spent with friends is also time spent with money, but hey, no complaints. Time spent with friends is also time we cherish with them too isn't it?

It was my cousin's 21st yesterday, so was out at their place, celebrating. Mom's side family were all there and so were the triplets. My, they've grown, in all senses. They can actually form proper sentences now, which is very adorable, and they can even sing some songs like "Bangun Pagi". Cute stuff they are. Wonder if I were ever that cute when I was a child? Nah, probably not. I was quite the devil, at least that's what I hear from people. I used to call cake, cake-u and 7-Eleven, 7-Lion. Cute much? I was once a kid, believe it or not, still am in many ways. Wishing again, that I had a picture to show.

I've had this sudden craving, which I have to purely blame on Dinisha, because my new craving is upon this uber awesome camera I saw in the Sony Style Magazine lately. Uber sleek and fulfills my needs as a blogger! Woo hoo! Trying to coax my parents to get me one of them. The camera from the Album-T series is just calling out to me:

Even the Premium T model screams for my attention! The DSC-T300! *DROOLS* :

Care to get me one of them?

Well, that's all for my totally random updates. I'll try to focus on something more specific the next time around.
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