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1) When in the world is my hair going to grow?
2) When the hell am I getting my pay?
3) When the hell am I going to be officially legal?
4) When the hell am I going to step my foot into college?

So far:
Well, still working my butt off. Michelle quit though, kind of upset. My car buddy is no more. She's the lively one at work, but now it's awfully quiet. But I still have my customers to talk to which I love. I love my job because of all the awesome people I meet. Someone actually came up to me today, and offered me a job at the Swiss Garden Hotel. I was so shocked, I was speechless. The dude said he would come back, but he never did, but it's okay. Don't think I would have taken the job anyways.

My movie spree has begun again. I have watched so far, five movies. Street Kings, Definitely Maybe, The Forbidden Kingdom, Lars and the Real Girl, and Over Her Dead Body. All the movies were great, but I have to say, the best would be Street Kings, Definitely Maybe and Lars and the Real Girl (which I watched in advance, teheheheh). But other than that, been doing nothing much. Been earting McD's almost everyday now. I know it's like unhealthy, but I think it's the nearest food outlet which happens to be one of the cheapest. I'm going to be buying Apple and Banana pies from tomorrow onwards, to save money. And I'm going to Klang this weekend to stay over at my cousin's place. She invited me for her school's canteen day thingy, and I promised her I would go, and I am. I'm actually waiting for that actually, it has been a long time since I saw her. Would be fun to catch up again. Starting school soon as well, probably end of next or the begining of June, have no idea when actually. Eventhough I hate school, a part of me is wanting to go back there.

Missing friends like crazy. Need to see em' soon. But swamped with work, and need to sort out my complaints.
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Reply to Peace to All

Peace To All! You are like totally my ultimate hero! Thanks for your kind thoughts. Yes, this is where I share, with most of my friends, and to anyone who takes the time to read this blog. This is my venting zone, where I spill almost everything about my life, and what has come my way. You are also a total inspiration to me, for you share the same dream that I do, of finding a cure for AIDS. What it's doing to the people of the world is really devastating and the worst part of it all, is that most children in Africa also suffer from them. Children are meant to be happy, carefree, but this is not the case in certain parts of the world, where these little children are suffering from something uncurable. It is one of my goals in life, if I ever suceed in the medical line, to go over to Africa and try help them as much as I can. I hope God helps you find that cure, and I wish you all the best. Keep reading my blog, and it would be cool to get to know you better. Cheers. Godspeed!
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Forbidden Kingdom

Okay! I'm here to shed some light on what people think is the "BIGGEST" blockbuster in cinemas nationwide. People are sweeping into Cathay cinemas in Cineleisure Damansara to watch, the one, and the only, The Forbidden Kingdom. As the cashier at the box office at the cinemas, people are buzzing with excitement to watch it, due to the fact the great masters of kungfu have finally teamed up to create what is said to be the best kungfu/martial arts movie there is. I watched the first show on Friday and I have to say, my reviews on the movie are going to make people hurl boulders on me. Jackie Chan and Jet Li, the masters of kungfu, creating a movie, to blow peoples minds away, have failed, but not quite miserably. The movie, when I watched it, was pretty much amusing at first, then it just seemed like any other kungfu movie out there. Basicly, a white kid, learning kungfu from a kungfu master. Sounds familiar? How about karate kid? The story, although set in ancient China, is pretty predictable. A white kid, travels back in time to ancient China to return a stick to the Monkey King, learns kungfu, beats the bad guys, frees the Monkey King, bla-di-blad-di-bla, the usual sha-bang. Sounds like Lord of the Rings a little doesn't it? A ring, taken by Frodo, to be destroyed into a volcano. Luckily this isn't a trilogy. The cast may be stellar, but their performances, pretty weak, bleak, emotionless, expresionless, or any other words that can resemble the words I have typed. The cinematography (don't think I spelt that right) is good, but at certain parts, looks, well, like a TV sitcom. The action on the other hand was pretty good, with a four minute showdown between Jackie and Jet. Although the kungfu may not be as good as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, it serves it purpose for the movie, and pretty much satisfies the fight cravings of the audience. The humour however, was at a minimal, and usually Jackie movies are packed with hilarious moments, but in this movie, not as often. Overall, I give this movie an overated 5/10. I would not recommend watching in a cineplex for I think this is so watchable on a DVD, 99.99%.

P/S: The only reason I'm doing this review, because everyone is watching it. There are like 10-15 sessions for this movie in Cathay today, and they were all full. I just don't get it.
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Most people I know are proud owners of dogs, or they are planning to get on in the not so distant future. I've never had good luck with my previous dogs, and I dearly miss them all, and highly regret losing them, except for one though. So these are a few stories of the unlucky dogs I used to own.

Dog 1 (Rekha): This dog was the earliest dog that I could ever recall owning. This MUTT however was never my favourite. After, I don't know for how long, of being neglected, it just became vicious and wanted to rip of the heads of pretty much anything that could move. It bit my ear when I was a baby of a few months of age, and apparently, my ear almost came off. It bit my hand, which bled profusely, and I needed rabies shot. It became pregnant (don't ask me how) and it was becoming really mental. So my dad decided to put it to sleep. But getting the dog from the backyard into the car and to the vet, was almost near to impossible. My dad dragged the dog down the stairs, while it being pregnant mind you, and stuffed it into the car to get it to the vet. We put it to sleep, and the puppies never made it. Sad, but I hated that dog.

Dog 2 (Benzai - from one of the hyenas from the Lion King): This I remembered getting. My dad actually traded a certain amount of SUGAR for this dog. I don't remember it that much, but all I do know, I loved it. It was black and white, and obedient, unlike the previous dog. Unfortunately, my dad decided to chain the dog in the backyard, and pad-lock the chain. As cruel as it may sound, my dad did it to ensure the chain did not slip off the dog's neck. Fate blew its cruel wind over my house again and took Benzai's life away. It choked on the pad-locked chain, and my mom couldn't find the key. It died, strangling. I was at school, and I was devastated when I found out.

Dog 3 (Brandy): My sister and her friend were good friends when they were in Form 6. So he's god-aunt was giving away puppies, toy poodles to be exact, and asked my sis if she wanted it. She agreed and went to collect the dog from her. Little did I know that she was my secondary school class teacher. She gave us this cute puppy, which was a toy poodle. A black and white one, and we named it Brandy. She was adorable. Playful, crazy, loving. We loved it as though she was a family member. She made the house hold cheerful, and she was the center of attention with guests. She never bit anyone, always played, and even my mom learned to love her, eventhough she hates dogs. Brandy however, ran away, due to the fact that my dad let the door open and never closed it after returning from the market one morning. She ran and never came back. She was a house pet, always pampered, rarely brought outside. Even if she ran out, she never knew how to come back. By the time we realised, it was too late, she was long gone. We looked high and low for her, but to no avail. She was the best dog I ever had, and I miss her dearly.

Dog 4 (Brandy the 2nd): After losing Brandy, we decided to get another dog. A shih-tzu. My sisters shared their savings and bought a snow white one which we also named Brandy. But after a mere two weeks, we had to give her away, because my maid couldn't handle dogs. We gave to a family friend, and we know they will take good care of her. I've seen her many times before, and she is really pampered like a queen. She walks with "ticks" on her steps as though she's wearing high heels and walking along a wooden platform. The queen of the house.

So in a nutshell, I love dogs but seem ill-fated with them. Anyways, Michelle's cousin is giving away a dog and it looks a little like a Siberian Husky, something like this:

It isn't exact, but it's a mix breed. So I'm contemplating whether I should take it or not. It's damn cute, and it's free, and the only catch is that I need to take of it's health. But my parents are giving me the face etched with a clear NO across it. My dad said, he needs to see it first, then he'll decide. I want a dog, but I seem to be not getting everything I want right now.
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"Crawling" with Friends

Today was an interesting day, I think. Joel called me in the morning, when obviously I was still asleep, and told my dad to wake me up and to tell me that he wanted to talk to me, an emergency to be exact. I got up reluctantly from the sofa, dragged my tree trunk legs to the phone and answered in the most groggy voice I could muster, "What's the emergency?". And his answer was, "I missed my bus, can give me a lift to college?". It was partially my fault though too, because he was with me at the mamak till 1 in the morning. Being a good friend as I always am, I agreed, got him and drove him to Taylor's which is like in Subang Jaya and what made my morning was the pretty congested LDP and Federal Highway. But JJ and Rudy helped ease the pain a little with their callers answering to Optimus Prime from Transformers and of course the Rose Test, too lazy to elaborate. Got back home, slept a while, went to Sri Damansara to see my cousin, came home and slept again.

In the evening a few of my friends gathered at Hide. We talked, played Black Jack, which I was winning until jolly old Thira came along and literally stole like a lot of my money. We played pool and foosball as well. Sometimes pool can really embarass a person. I challenged Joel to pool today, which was one of the most smartest thing I could have ever done. Being so cocky and thinking that I would win the game, I challenged him and we had a deal, a deal so deadly, it nearly ripped my brains out. The deal was, that losers crawl. Literally, crawl, under the pool table, and thank God not the length, but the width. I lost, twice. And I crawled twice. And the first crawling episode was all recorded on his mobile, so the humiliation can last forever. Check out me crawling under a pool table, only at a Youtube near you *COMING SOON*.

Then the guys (Joel, Thira, Prasad, Me) went to McD's to hang. And then to Coffee Bean in Desa Park City. Went there mainly to irritate Deepak, who is like working there, and I wanted free drinks. I waited so long, but no drinks came, pity Deepak though, he works real hard. And he was busy with the customers. So I bought a muffin, for his sake, or we would have been sitting on the couches for free. I drove Thira's car, which is like super awesome, damn smooth to drive, suites a Smooth Criminal like me. But I'm not used to Auto, the pedals are like superly sensitive, and I felt as though I was placing pressure on nothing at all. After that, we went our seperate ways, and I dropped Joel back home. I'm glad that I was off from work today, but unfortunately, I'm going back tomorrow. Was fun, just to hang with friends today.
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I am becoming a really boring person. All I do nowadays is go to work, bust my jaw, and come back home and feeling all really down in the dumps. I've pretty much lost a lot of contact with all my old friends, except maybe for Joel (who calls me out to the mamak all the time) and Michelle (who I work with, and I'm her personal chauffeur). I work at a cinema and I hardly have the time to actually watch a movie at all. A part of me inside hungers for anything fun and wild, but my brain just refuses, and sometimes my heart does too. Am I becoming matured a few years too early? Maybe not. But it's really frustrating not having most of your friends around anymore. It's really not the same anymore, the usual fun I used to have with everyone else. It's like losing a vital part of your organ or even a family member. It's just down right depressing. Well, at least Dinisha is like still there, she called me out for drinks and you know what I have to say to that Dini.........?


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Fridays at Cathay

Working on a Friday was really tiring. Because mainly after six, the flow of people are like non-stop. They come, they go, more people come, more people go. So I my mouth was basicly moving throughout the day today. My jaw is a bit tired, and hurts a little, and my throat could do with some water. What made my day was when I saw my friends there though. First, I met Ron Nard who was there with his boyfriend, Raven. They just made my day. They chose their movie, and I purposely gave them back their change slowly. I counted out the money three times in an uber slow motion, trying to irritate them, and finally saying "I hope you don't enjoy your show!". Then I saw Jane with her brother and dad, they were not at my counter, but we said our hellos anyways. They were there watching Death Note 3: L Change the World. After her, at Michelle's counter was Cikgu Nik, don't know what movie she watched, but I waved at her and she waved back. It was nice. Hahaha. All those people, seeing me hard at work. LOL! Wroking is fun, but is really tiring, especially today, soooooooooo many people man. No time to breathe. Tomorrow also I'm working, and I doubt I'm going to live.

Good picks this week: Death Note 3: L Change the World, 3 Kingdoms, 27 Dresses, KL Drift, The Water Horse
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Gracie's Choice

I just watched one of the best movies for a really long time. And although it's pretty unknown, it was wonderful to watch, and very heart breaking and inspiring at the same time. Gracie's Choice is about a girl (Gracie, played by the gorgeous Kristen Bell) and how she fights for custody rights over her three brothers and her sister from their mother, who well, pretty much does drugs, changes boyfriends like she's changing her clothes and is always in and out of jail. Seeing a girl of mere 17 coping with the responsibilities that come hurtling her way, is just really, like, wow. She has a job, goes to school, feeds the children, dress them, put a roof over their heads, and battles her own drug abused mom. With her on-going determination and with the support of the people around her, she makes the impossible possible. She wins the custody rights and becomes the official guardian of the kids. An awe inspiring movie that is sure to capture anyones heart. Catch Gracie's Choice on the Hallmark Channel on Astro.
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100th Post!


The face,

Is like an amazingly beautiful work of art!

From the messy black hair,

To the brown eyes that pierces the heart,

The complimentary eyebrows,

To the nose that is, oh, so sharp,

And also the ears, that can hear a silent fart,

The last, but surely not the least,

The mouth,

A carving etched that no one else can compete,

In short,

The face is perfect,

Almost flawless,

A poem I created for thee,

my beloved.

This poem is meant for the one and only



Wait for it.




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April Fools Day

April Fools Day wasn't at all memorable this year. No one tried to trick me, no one tried to tell me that a friend just died in a freak accident, no one put spinach in my drinks and no one even tried to confess their fake love to me? Is it really Aprils Fool? All I did was lie to Michelle about not picking her up for work on Wednesday, and all she said, "We'll talk about it tomorrow, I'm going to bed". Isn't anyone in the mood? All I did today was go to the hospital, have dinner and played Taboo with friends. Wish I could be in Form 1 again, I did the stupidest trick ever.

I took Colgate and put them in between two cheese crackers and brought it to school. I told people that the paste was a special paste that my mom had come up with and that she wanted my friends to try them out. I was giving them out to my friends, and I have to tell you, I was about to blow on the inside. It was totally ridiculous, seeing people eating my mom's special cookies. They were gagging on the toothpaste, and some just didn't seem to realise what they had eaten, until of course I told them and fled down the corridor yelling April's Fool at the top of my voice. Those were the days. Wish I was in school again, plenty of carefree fun we had. Wish I could turn back time.

Everyone's too busy this year to care about April Fools Day, what with college and jobs some people have taken up. Well, I suppose there's always a time where we all need to grow up some how, and now is probably that time.
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