Goodbye Blogger

Goodbye Blogger! I'm gone. Well, not entirely, just for three months. Leaving for NS tomorrow in Sabah and I hope all goes well, I didn't open a bank account which is required, so I don't know what is that all going to be about. So, don't be sad my readers, I'll be back in due time. Goodbye friends, going to miss you guys loads, have fun and take care these coming months. If a chance arises that I can use the Internet while I'm away, trust me I will, not putting my hopes up too high though. Well, till March, goodbye.

P/S: Try not to miss me too much.
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1 Utama-ing

The Warlords is a "comedy"!

Was out with Joel, Jane and her cousin, Kelly at 1 Utama yesterday. Quite fun. Jane and her cousin did not want to come along at first because they didn't want to take a cab, too expensive it seems. For someone staying in Tropicana, she needs a slap. Well, after much coaxing from Joel and I, they did decide to come, because they asked their driver to pick them up, couldn't they have done that from the start? So we met up at 5 o' clock and I got the tickets for The Warlords starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Take-a-dump-on-me (can't remember the his name). Before the movie, we went to the batting cages on the roof-top. That was hilarious, for RM30, we get half an hour of play. Out of the so many balls, I hit only one, they never made me forget my lame-ness at baseball. Joel and Jane were good, the double J, JJ (not Radiance's boyfriend). Then we had lunch/tea/dinner (lun-ea-ner) at Kluang Station. Food was alright. Then at the cinema, while watching The Warlords, Joel started doing shit in the cinema. The movie was good, but draggy. So during the movie, Joel laughed at all the wrong times, like when a head was chopped off and was being swung around. He laughed at a sad part and Jane whacked him with her bag because "spoilt the mood". Then he sat on the floor, he really despised the movie "I think". But overall, it was a good show, that is if you can appreciate movies like these. I'm going to miss you guys loads.

P/S: Jane, if I don't remember to give you a ring on your birthday, a very Happy Birthday to you in advance. And Kelly, you damn funny, look like Poe Mun! Bimbo Kelly.
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Eh, U-Ree! I know it's you la! I'm adding you on my links.

Hard to believe that I am going to be leaving soon. Three long months of either pure unavoidable torture or three long months of jolly good fun and I'm hoping it's the latter. Went out today with Joel, Fua, PK and Daniel to this cafe in Manjalara called Station 1 Cafe or something like that. Good food at reasonble prices is what the place promotes, and every cafe I step into these days are similiar to the Hide concept where they provide games to play (minus the pool table and foosball). Nice place, that. Sad that I won't be having lamb/chicken chops in a long long time.

Most probably getting my license tomorrow, which is going to be so cool. And I'm going to be the last among my lepak gang (excluding Daniel, he's still a kid) to get it, so I'm rather excited. Ahh, how pleasurable.

Countdown: 3 more day *TSK TSK*
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Cat Levitation

I found this on the net and I thought it was hilarious, even if there is a cat in the video (I totally and utterly hate cats). This cat seems cute though.
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X'Mas Eve

Karmen thinks I'm handsome! I love you Karmen!

It's Christmas eve. In about a couple of hours, it's going to be Christmas. To all Christians out there, Merry Christmas to you and happy holidays to the rest. Hope you get all you'll Christmas wishes. Going for lunch at my cousin's place tomorrow, a yearly ritual, so that's going to be fun. She making me a turkey! Wooo hooo! Turkey. Turkey! Gobble gobble! (Reminds me of Radiance).

My maid's gone back, and I'm sad. I teared in the car, not going to be the same without her around. She's been with us for about 5 years now and she feels like a part of the family. I tell her everything, she's a good listener. Kak Ani, I'm going to miss you loads. Try to come back yeah? Sad, sad day.

Countdown: 6 more days
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Take that bitches! I passed my driving!


The examiner was God-sent. She was such a nice person, much better than the lady I got last week. I didn't even feel nervous with her in the car. I did a couple of mistakes without realising it, and she told me what I did wrong. If I ever meet her again, I would probably say thank you to her like a ga-zillion times. Although I passed, I'll officially get my license sometime this week, before my NS, so I don't have the driving pleasure of others. Aww well, at least I don't have to go through that hell again. Thank God it's all over.

P/S: I saw Michelle Leong there. Still the same old girl I used to remember in primary school. Good luck for your test girl!
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I just used my last RM20 and I'm officially broke. Anyone know any one-day jobs that are available right now? Maybe ushers for events or something? Or anything else? I can't take full time jobs cause I'm leaving next Sunday to Sabah, so some money would really help me out right now. You can contact me at:

03-62743871 / 016-3693477
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I'm leaving for NS in about 11 days from today, so if anyone has anything to tell me, now would be good. So yeah, going to miss all of you guys loads. Dinisha, Michelle, Joel, Ron Nard, Thira, and everyone else (I'm too lazy to mention names, sorry, but you know who you guys are la), I'm going to miss the crap out of you people. Three months in Sabah is going to change me physically and probably mentally, so prepare for some changes if there are any. Try not to have too much fun without me, right?
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NFS: Pro Street?

Does anyone know where to download the virus-free-full-version of Need for Speed: Pro Street? I need games bad, life as I know it is getting really boring, and well, please tell me where I can get this game on the net?

Me is desperate!
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Well, it happened. I failed on the road test. My track test went really well, but I failed the on the road thanks to the damn lady and thanks to the stop sign. I stopped after the stop sign, and that means that I am not following the road rules which then leads me to being a wreckless driver which then leads me to failing my test. And the lady was not friendly at all, near the school area, she asked me to drive fast, I want to check my mirror, she says "biarlah". What the hell man. So I failed, boo hoo. Resitting next week. Wish me luck, again.
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Stop dissing HINDRAF people! Don't you realise that what they're doing is so good? Don't you think it's time that the non-bumis stood up to earn their share of equal rights so that we are not treated like outsiders in our own country? What HINDRAF is trying to show is that the government better stop fucking with us or we'll do shit like the HINDRAF rally. Africa had the apertheid thing and it has been abolished, and our country is so "kolot" minded that the bumiputeras get all the benefits that is supposed to be shared among us all. They have more rights to everything compared to us, you name it, they got it. Education, politics, real estate, etc. We are treated like dog's poo, and it is about time that we make our move, like the HINDRAF rally. This peaceful march, was showered with tear gases and blasted with water cannons that contained chemicals and the participants did not retalliate untill the cops started hurling tear gas towards the crowd. If our country is such a democratic one, why should demonstrations like this be stopped? Shouldn't we have our say in what our country should be really like? I hope more demonstrations like this takes place, then I can join =). With the HINDRAF rally, the whole world knows how this country is being run. We need a change, and quick, for the betterment of the country and the people. It's a matter of time before a racial war erupts in our society and brings the country to shambles.
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Driving Test

Oh God, I have never been so nervous in my life. My practical examination for driving is tomorrow and I'm dead scared. Even SPM didn't scare me as much as this is now. My heart is racing at the thought of it. And I have strong feeling that I'm not going to do well, probably fail the test. And if I do, I think I will cry. So wish me luck, and hope I don't crash into some aunty that's trying to cross the road. *Smiles weakly*
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Mid Valley

Went to Mid Valley (MV) today (13th December) with Mich, Darsh and Kugs and we had a total blast having non-stop fun. I was at the station at 11 in the morning and the girls and Kugs came half an hour late, while I sat on the plastic chair looking at four trains go by. So once they got there, we talked and headed to MV. Once we got there, it was still pretty early and the movie was not until 2.50PM. So, the girls went shopping for clothes, and the Kugs and I followed. We went into MNG and there was a sale, and there were just heaps and heaps of girls in all corners of the store picking out their favourite clothes. I have never seen so many girls in one place before, there were lines to the fitting room and three lines to the cashiers. It was like a war, but a war which only girls participated in. All competing for the best outfit in the store. It took ages for Mich and Darsh to get into the fitting room, so Kugs and I went walking around, to the bank and then to Carrefour. After the girls were done not buying anything, we went to the Indian vegetarian restaurant, Annalakshmi for lunch. The food was awesome, but Darsh wasn't a big fan. It was really good, and at the end, we can pay for what we think the whole thing was worth and the money then all goes to the Temple of Fine Arts. Good food that, good food.

So after lunch, we went for our movie, I Am Legend. All I have to say, is that it was a bore fest. I was really upset with the movie, and I was expecting something really great from it. It's a Will Smith movie for crying out loud. Don't get me wrong, but I thought the storyline was awesome, but they did in a way that it was so boring. The movie was darn slow, action limited, mostly one character and a dog. I loved that dog by the way. The sad parts were sad, the action was all right. But they could had done so many things to it, but they didn't. If you like really slow moving movies, then knock yourself out with this one.

So after the movie, we went to the arcade and had some fun with Daytona USA. Haha, I sucked at it first because it was my first time using manual, and then I got a hang of it and I started rocking! I beat some strangers. Ahahahahaha! I'm good. The four of us had loads of fun, racing against each other. Never knew Daytona could be so fun. Then before we left, we had Baskin and Robins. I had Rum and Raisin and shared mine with Mich, and Darsh had Chocolate which she shared with Kugs. And I think after that ice cream, Mich was a bit high on the rum, she started talking crap, but then again doesn't she always. Then we headed home and the train was packed as ever. And when we got back to Kepong, Kugs walked back home, and my sister dropped Darsh and Mich back home. Fun day, with the people that make my life happening. Haha, well, maybe not happening, but my friends complete me. Thanks guys for the great day.

Here are some pictures Darsh took:

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Life Lessons

Always I thought my life to be far worse than others, always comparing myself to the so called better lifestyle of the people around me. But in the course of my life, no matter how short it may be, I have learnt that the lives of others hurt more than mine. So if you think life sucks, you have to stop, take a breath and look closely around and realise the fates of others. Why, you are luckier than most people if you're reading this. Don't compare your life to others', you have no idea what their journey is all about. It is the nature of humans to be jealous, to want more to make their lives more "complete". But don't complain, life isn't fair but it's still good. Think of all the good things that have come our way and embrace them instead of thinking long upon the horrible events that scars our lives. Don't bother being envious of others and then start to hate them because life is too short to waste time hating anyone. When a crisis comes your way, don't mope, frame every so-called disaster with these words, "In five years, will this matter?". Time heals almost everything, give time time. Don't let others take over your life. Lead your life as if you were a leading character in a movie and never bother about what people think about you for what other people think about you is none of your business. Know that all these are true, and all you need for your part is to follow these simple life lessons.

Thanks to Regina Brett from Cleveland, Ohio for these life lessons.
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If you are looking for movies to watch these holidays, I have the two right picks for you. Trust me, they are good movies. Firstly, The Kingdom, starring Jamie Foxx, Jen. Garner and a few other actors (Don't know their names -.-"). The plot of the story was awesome, it just blew me away. It was mainly about an investigation on a bombing crisis in Saudi Arabia, when things begin to go amok. Bloody, gruesome, touching, and packed with really good jokes and punch lines which makes you laugh hysterically. A must watch politcal/war/thriller/drama.

Another great movie I've watched recently has got to be Stardust. An fantasy action adventure movie that no one should miss. Although it may seem to be more for the kiddies compared to the adults, believe me, adults will have a different experiance with this one. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I love the books, but the movies always fails to impress me, and Stardust beats the Harry Potter movies flat. The story revolves around a fallen star, which happens to be a lady, and how the different parties of kings, witches and humans are looking for her only to find that their worlds are all about to collide. With air-pirates, swift sword battling and spells hit at all directions, this movie pleases the crowd to a whole new experiance.

These two movies are a must watch. And to Hindi movie lovers, Saawariya is also playing on big screen as well. Not a big fan of the movie. For one, the set was ridiculous and didn't bring out the feel of the movie and was too much singing (for a bollywood movie, there was a lot of singing than the usual). The story however was good, but the movie should have been done in a better way. Try it out though, different people have different opinions and do share them with me.
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Sunway Pyramid

It has been a while since I've written a decent, interesting post, so an update is obviously necessary. Since it's almost a week since SPM ended for me, a bunch of us decided to go wild on Friday (30th November). Initially, I had plans with a few people to check out this vegetarian place in Mid Valley called Annalakshmi, but thanks to a certain someone at the eleventh hour, we diverted to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with another big bunch of people which turned out to be pretty fun although there were times where it was just plain exasperating. I started my morning with a visit to the nearby Cyber Cafe and then headed down to the train station. On the way to Subang, a lot of shit happened, like for instance, Michelle suddenly decided that she was not going to talk to anyone through out the journey, so we ended up making her laugh like a sicko. When we got to Subang, we got on the Mini Bus which would then take us to Sunway Pyramid. The Mini Bus, to me, brought back nostalgic memories of the pink Mini Busses in KL, with the reckless drivers and the people who I remembered would be holding on for dear life as the bus would swerve in and out of traffic. Joy, I used to love riding the Mini Bus, I did. So, for 70 cents, we got a ride from the station to Sunway Pyramid.

When we arrived, Michelle had a sudden craving for waffles, so Michelle, Joel, Deepak, Ashwin and I headed to House of Waffles (or was it Waffle World? Can't remember -.-"). I had the chicken pasta but they ran out of spaghetti and replaced it with something else which was rather good. Joel got the Mamak Style Fried Spaghetti which made roadside food look more appealing. Having noodles in a Mamak shop would be much worth the money. Ashwin had Cabonara, which was too cheesy (literally), Deepak had the Pineapple Fried Rice and Michelle had a Blueberry Belgian Waffle. Joel's food came late and while waiting he was singing, "fry my mee, fry my mee" or something along that line. Going out with this group of people always makes me real happy inside. We have different points of views, but we all get along real well. I'm real glad, I have them as my friends.

After lunch, went Ice Skating and met up with the rest of the group. RM19, friggin' expensive, but we still went for it anyways. We had loads of fun, skating in circles and falling everywhere. I fell once in this puddle of water and there was a large wet patch on my butt. Damn cold the water some more. We were there for so long, a blister started to form on my leg, Joel's leg starting bleeding, Choon Yoong's started hurting, and then we eventually left the rink. After that, Choon Yoong wanted to go shopping for bra for someone. Five guys, a girl and a ladies lingerie department store in Jusco. So you can pretty much imagine what we were doing. Choosing the right bra at the right price, with all the other lady-undergarment-shoppers glancing at us with laser stares can be painful. After a long search and consideration, we decided not to get the bra at all. What a waste. All that for nothing. So after our failure of a bra hunt, we went bowling. 10 of us played, split into 2 groups and 2 lanes. Our team won of course, since we all quite pro (Sniggers with joy). Deepak sucked, always throwing the bowling balls into the gutter, Hock Soon had a big mouth but he sucked but proved himself in the final bowl. Ashwin also was in the same boat as Deepak and the rest of us were pretty good at playing. After defeating the oh-so-easy competition, we all decided to go home.

The train back home was horrible. We left at around 7 in the evening from Subang. The train from Subang to KL Sentral was alright and wasn't that crowded. But we soon realised that we were about to step into the hot gates of Hell as we had to change trains at KL Sentral. Peak hours are not the right time to travel with public transportation. The platform was so crowded, we could hardly breathe, there were so many people waiting for the train, and people were pushing against each other a lot. As the train came to a halt at the platform, everyone rushed into the train carriage without mercy (Malaysians, understand please). I don't think I had such a bad experiance on a train as what I had that day. It was so crowded and it felt like a compact can of tuna. I could have sworn someone was fondling my booty-licious butt. I was sweating profusely and it felt worse than a sauna. The train was a hot house, and what's more, they decided to shut down the air-conditioning. Thank God for the lady next to me, God-sent. She was carrying flowers and it smelt so good, I didn't have to smell the natural odours of the other human beings cramped around me. As the train taxied to the platform at the Kepong station, and as the doors slide open, a gust of cold wind came hit my face, like a bucket of cold water, and it was the best feeling ever. I really appreciated Malaysian wheather at that particular moment. I was so relieved I got out of that hell hole. So after that, a couple of us headed to the Mamak restaurant for dinner and we went back home.

My legs hurts so bad now, I think I could amputate em'. My sister just returned from Australia a couple of hours ago, and I'm so happy that she got me the stuff I requested. I love her, =).

P/S: Never ever take public transportation in Malaysia during peak hours, unless you want a free bath.
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