Class T-Shirt

My class T-Shirt has finally arrived. Visioned by me, and designed by my good friend Chan Jia Myn. I love you girl for helping me! Made her go through hell with the design, with constant changes till at last I was happy. I sent it in and it's finally here! Wooo hoo! Here are a few pictures of the T-Shirt on my favourite model and friend, Darshanaa!

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The Beginning

Well, with an end this early in life, there has to be a new beginning somewhere. I can't tell you what it is just yet, but I'm so excited, I feel like I'm having an orgasm. Haha. This is great, but there is still the answer. It could either bring a start of something new (I've had one too many High School Musical movies watched) or it could bring another bitter end.
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The End Pt 2

I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to stop blogging about my examinations. I see a bleak future ahead of me, and I doubt I can do anything to change that awful fact. What I have done not only brings my hopes and dreams further away from me, but it also upsets the people around me like family and also friends. I try not to be the person I am, but the harder I try to become a changed person, the worse I become, and I just don't understand it. I care for the things that brings less joy to my life, but I couldn't care less about things that would decide my future. And I can't help but wonder, why? Is it because of my upbringing? Have my parents not been too strict in "handling" me? But I have to say, I'm lucky that I have the two people I call my parents, better than any other, but I sometimes don't appreciate them enough, I tend to be rude, demanding, rebellious and the things I do could make them upset. I don't want to be that person, although I am. I know my SPM results are not going to be great, and I'm probably going to upset plenty of people, but I can't do anything to change that fact, not now at least. As I will be attending form 6 after this, I plan to start my life fresh, leaving the devil's whispers behind and not be tempted to do things that I shouldn't be doing. If all goes well, everything will change and I hope it will be for the better reasons and not the worse.

P/S: Emo-ed day. Biology tomorrow, and I am dubious about the results.
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It's coming to an end. One more day of examinations, and I swear I will never blog about my exams ever again. I have finished my Chemistry, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Moral and I have to say, out of the four, I could most probably fail my additional mathematics and my chemistry. For one reason, I never touched a book, and for another, these are the two worst subjects I really despise. So, you really can't blame me. And after Monday, I'm going to go mad, not that I'm not mad as it is, but I'm just going to go berserk with friends, probably watch a movie, and stuff. And I start driving on Wednesday, and I really hope that I get to finish it all by the end of this month before I leave for National Service. Monday is going to be a fun day.
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Tough Week

The week of five hells are going to begin (Four actually, Moral isn't hell) and after that it's all going to be over, no more exams, no more nothing. It will be just me, my friends and everything else that matters. It's hard to imagine, that five years of my highschool life is coming to an end in exactly a weeks time. This overwhelming feeling of joy and sorrow showers me, that I sometimes wonder, what is my life going to be like after all of this? Am I going to make it? Am I going to be the person I yearn to be? And the only answers are held with God. So, I guess, it's just about taking the oppurtunites that will come our way, may it bring good or bad. I know I have wasted these pass two years of my life, but I sometimes wonder, would it be worth it all if I studied? It might have been. I chose to lead this life by making mistakes, and when I'm blown to the ground the hard way, I learn not to do the same things better. Remember that no one is perfect, that no one has led their lives making the right decisions all the time. Even the richest person in the world wouldn't be where he/she was today if not for all the mistakes he/she had done in his past. I'm only human, and even if my mistakes may look like a sin to others, it was my decision that I wanted to do, for if I didn't would I have learnt?

P/S: My cousins and sister said that I was going to be sodomized in Sabah and that I would come home "kangkang-ing" =)
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National Service

As you all very well know, I have been the few that were chosen to join the National Service of the 2008 year, and I have finally found out which camp they're placing me in. They're placing me in Sabah! Yeah baby! It has been one of the places that I wanted to go to, and I got it. So yeah, I'm leaving on the 30th of December for 3 whole months. I hope I have a real blast! Muahhaha! Sabah! The Orang Utans! The aboriginals! I'm going to experience it all in Sabah!

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What we do During SPM Week.

So what do you do when you're having SPM, and you have so much of stress in you? Go to the park of course. Go to the park at 1 in the morning. Here's a couple of videos.

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Well, my maths exams were not as easy as it was supposed to be. Did a number of careless mistakes in first paper due to the lack of concentration and also because I was sort of rushing through the paper. For instance, I counted out 6 numbers but in my answer I wrote 5. Sometimes the things that goes through my oblivious and shallow head really make me wonder. My paper two was okay I suppose, but I messed up the description of the transformations and also the probability question. I put my hopes up too high for Maths, and it nearly almost came crashing to the ground. Awh, well...

Having a break tomorrow before Friday's paper, EST. Hope to get some good rest and some studying done for my Additional Maths paper, Moral as well as the sciences. May God be with me in the times of my dire need.

Joel: Al Barkath (ROFL)
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Gone Baby Gone

I think I just failed God-Damned Sejarah! Awh, well....
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30 Hours to Go

In about 30 hours from the time I'm writing this post, I will be sitting for my SPM examinations and as always, not prepared at all. So the subjects that I'm weak at, it's up to God to decide my faith right now, and a little luck goes a long way, so I need all the luck in world to help me get through the next 14 days of hell. To any fifth former reading this, good luck to you in your SPM, and God bless.
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Time to Part

Monday will be officially the last day of school for the fifth formers (not including the examination days), so I have a mixed feeling of extreme happiness and a little bit of sorrow. For one thing, I will not have to wake up early in the morning anymore to get to school (unless I take STPM), won't have to wear the lame ass uniform, and won't have to put up with all the crap that the teachers give us. But the sad part will definitely be not seeing my friends anymore, although we will definitely meet up after our exams, it won't be quite the same anymore. 5 years in high school is going to be over soon and it feel like I just stepped into my teen-hood. But all good things have to come to an end at some point. So in rememberence of my classmates, below is our final picture from the school yearbook.

And I think this is the best picture of me so far, in all my class pictures I mean.
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My Friendster profile. You've got to love it.

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