Indian Thriller

So I was blog surfing and I found a link to a video in youtube. It was a Tamil song but they provided English subtitles to what the were singing, like what it would have sounded like in English, without changing anything. The video is below, watch it if you don't get me.

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Friendster or Facebook?

So I'm in a bit of a dilemma right now, which is better, Friendster or Facebook? Any comments about both the "friend search engines"? I've just created a Facebook account, and I think it's all right, but I'm more into Friendster, so I suppose I'll just keep both.
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Random Once More

When you care/think about something so much, you just end up not bothering about it, because thinking about it will only make it harder to handle, but without thinking about it, won't it make me unprepared to face it?

So what should a person really do?
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Different Sexual Orientation

Gays and lesbians (let's add bisexuals & transvestites in here as well). Are they born to be what they are? Or do they choose their sexual orientation? Or are they just plain influenced? I believe that all of these things are an important factor in a persons sexual orientation. And why is that half the community do not accept these kind of people? Are they really any different than any of us? Just because they like the people of the same sex, we alienate them? Me, personally, I don't judge people by their sexual orientation, instead I look for what's important on the inside. My best friend(Ron Nard) told me he was gay last year, and I never discouraged him, always supported him. I do make fun of him sometimes, but I don't discriminate. He's a hell of a character and a really good guy, although he can be a real jack at some points. Some people didn't talk to him for a while, just because he was gay, but they got over it. So, back to the main topic. Why are they the way they are?

Mainly, I think it is because they choose to be what they are. There are people who just decided to be gay, because they like the lifestyle, etc. But some, they had always known they were different from a young age, and this develops through out. There are also influences from others, trying to "convert" people into becoming gay. But being gay does not make them different at all. They are still humans, who have different likings, and which I think is not wrong. No offence, but Christianity and all religions that state that being gay is wrong sounds rather silly. God made people to be who they are, if he was against the gay community, why did he have to create them in such a way? Why not just make them straight? Do you think the transvestites choose to be that way? They were born that way? Why? In Science, yes, we can explain it through the studies of chromosomes and genetics, but in the religious context, why did God make a person to be in such a way? He loves all doesn't He? Then why make people that are different? Doesn't it sound silly? So did God make the gays for the fun of it? To all the gays reading this, be strong in your religion, but stick to who you are, God will still love you, even if you're gay/lesbian/straight/etc.

The bi people on the other hand, I think they're just confused. They love women and men at the same time, and do not no how to control their feelings. In America, research shows, that (I can't remember the statistics) some men who are married are usually bi and lead a secret life. I pity the bisexuals, because they themselves do not know who they are. They want to be cleat about themselves but they really don't know how. Some of them, are probably gay, and choose to marry a woman just to be accepted in the eyes of others.

Well, the point is, no one should discriminate anyone else who are of different sexual orientation. Try to understand them, and the things they are going through in life. I know for a fact, from my friend, that being accepted is quite difficult. Why should we alienate them? They are no different than us, they just like different things.

P/S: I'm not gay.
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I finally finished the damn 6 hours of that stupid practical thing for driving. So this pretty much means that I'm getting my L license in another 2 days or so. Unfortunately, only taking my P in december. So, yeah, so I'm studying for SPM. 14 days to go. Aih.

Well, I uploaded another roller coaster into youtube. A Stormrunner roller coaster called the Mountain Racer. Check it out below.

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Random-Ness, Stuff about Football, SPM, School, Cats, Kites and Steamboat

My posts have always been about me and my "problems". Sorry to people who think that all I care about in this world is solely about me when it really isn't. It's just that I have so many things I want to express, and really think this is the best place to do so. So bare with me till I get some topics of interest.

Well, okay, so as usual, in many posts before this, I can be seen as a person who just complains about the "imperfections" of his life, when in truth, there should be nothing he should really be complaining about. This is normal I think? Most of my friends that I know are very fortunate for what they get, etc, etc, but there is no one out there that is perfect is there? What I'm trying to say is, no matter how a person may think about his current situation, given bad or good, wants to have the extra something in his/her life? Correct me if I'm wrong here. So, basicly, I'm very fortunate for what I have been given by God, but there is always something that I want or something that I'm complaning about. So is this a good thing? I have no idea what the point of this paragraph is, so, yeah, uh, hmm. Next.

On Friday, we had PJ in class, and the guys played football. They wanted me to play and I declined. To those who don't know, I hate playing football. Is it because I can't play? Well, yeah, and also, I ain't that interested in the game. So yes, I am "the" guy that hates to play football. And this doesn't make me a sissy, etc. I just don't play football. What is there to understand. I can't play the game, and I don't want to play the game. So why force am I right? Was rather annoyed, so I sat in the corner watching the game. Here's another thing, playing and watching football are two different things altogether. I like watching football on the tele, but not often. Why is that when guys talk, somehow or another, football will be one of the topics under heated discussion? In my class for instance, all of them love football and talk about football all the time, well, except for me. Just never had the interest I guess. So don't bug me with football.

Hmm, SPM is coming soon, and as I have said numerous times before, I'm dead. I've started picking up playing the guitar at the wrong time and I've been doing more playing than ever. Studying never seems to be on my list. Well, I know I'm not going to do that well and I told my cousin this, and she told me it doesn't matter if I don't do well, as long I've tried my best. But is this the best I can do? I do agree with her and I'm going to do as much as I can. Praying for another miracle, like what happened in PMR, I might get the measles this time (last time I had the chicken pox).

So let's talk about today. Got up at 7.20AM and realised that I had school in another 5 minutes. A schooling day on a Saturday, how boring. A replacement for some Hari Raya holiday. Went to school late and saw a group of students sitting in the assembly ground and realised that was all the people that turned up that day. There was so little people. 5A to 5E shared one class, so you can imagine. 7 people from 40 turned up from my class. Such a boring day. Pn Teh gave me and Singh her laptop. I had to give her songs from High School Muscial 2 for her son. Then we used her laptop to watch American Pie 4: Band Camp. Overall my day sucked. Left school early a bit, went to the cyber cafe to see what Joel was up to, and then came home. So here's the thing, something happened at home. Like a week ago, a cat had given birth to 3 kittens in my backyard. So, the mother cat had not been around for 2 days and I think it wasn't going to return. So my sister, her friend and I, tried giving the kittens milk. But it didn't want to drink, and we decided to send it to SPCA. When we got there, we were told some terrible news. They told us that the kittens had chances of less than 10% to survive and that the best thing to do was to put the kittens to sleep instead of making it suffer before dying. I know I killed a cat a long time ago, but this was different. I'm not that person anymore I think. And these were just new born kittens and I was kind of upset. The lady at SPCA told us that what we did was a good thing, and we shouldn't regret it. She said, it would be difficult to care for the kittens, for it would need to be fed every 4 hours or so and some other things that they couldn't do without a mother. It was kind of sad, leaving that place, leaving the kittens to die. They couldn't even see yet and they would be leaving this world. Believe me, I'm tearing writing this. My sister told me it would repay the karma I did to the cat I killed. But what is the point? These small things are dead too in the end. Life can be really cruel in really unexpected ways, don't you think?

So after that, we came home, and decided to have a little fun. So we got a kite, went to Manjalara Park and tried flying it, only getting it stuck in all the trees around the park. People all were looking and laughing at us, but who the hell cares? So we went to the park in front of school, and we tried and tried and tried, but the damn kite didn't want to stay in the air. It was fun. After that went for vegetarian steamboat, which was rather delicious. And now, I'm really full and writing this blog telling you random things, stuff about football, SPM, school, cats, kites and steamboat. So wait till the next blog.
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Blargh! Things are just so complicated. 20 something more days to SPM. Saw Dinisha's blog a moment ago, and she seems in love with SPM, drawing pictures of "heart SPM". Well, I don't know if everyone is going through this or not, but I am going through the phase of being so scared of SPM that I don't really care anymore. Make sense? I want good grades for SPM, but with 20++ days, ummm, with divine intervention, that could probably happen (unlikely). I haven't done anything productful this Raya break, been pretty much sleeping, eating with friends at night, etc, etc. Did a bit of studying, a great achievement coming from me, but it wasn't great, I don't think anything went into my head. I went to Joel's house the other day and helped him out in tuning his guitar. He played You and Me by Lifehouse, and somehow after that, I just wanted to start playing the guitar again. So when I went home, I took my guitar down (2 strings have snapped), and started playing Yankee Doodle (the only song I could remember from my classes 2 years ago). Then I went online and learnt how to play Animal Instinct by The Cranberries. Could play the song, but I can't change to the D chord, it is rather annoying. So when I asked my mom yesterday, can I get the 2 strings for my guitar? She said no, because SPM too near. What the hell? Yeah it's true la, SPM is getting nearer. My mom just woke up(like 10 seconds ago) and said what are you doing? I said I was blogging, and she asked me to stop and go study. What's wrong with me la? Why can't I just sit and study? The only thing I hate about my life is the part of how DUMB I am. Couldn't I been born smart or something? SPM is damn troublesome. But it's something I have to do and can't avoid. And what's more, I think I'm headed for STPM. Some people have got scholarships and why can't I get them? It's because I'm too lazy. I know I have this lame ass quality in me, nonetheless, I don't seem to be doing anything about it. I have to face my fears at last, SPM, the final battle (not really, there's still STPM which I don't want to do). I'm starting to sound corny and I need to do some studying if I can.

P/S: The new display picture was really taken a while ago. I think it was like when I was 14/15. I got the wig for a themed event and I use it for all themed events now. It was something I just had to get, once in a lifetime kind of thing. And it's fun. LOL!
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Funny Advertisements

I was on youtube checking out some videos and I decided to look up Petronas television ads. I have to say among all the ads they make for festive seasons, the best ads are the Deepavali ones. So as I was watching all the videos, I found the two most hilarious Deepavali ads by Petronas. Salute Petronas for their creativity! And this is why I love being an Indian! Hope they continue making great ads always.

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In the words of Joel:

"i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed!"

So okay. It was just the undang exam and I tell you, I was nervous as hell in the morning. I got up around 7-ish and started doing the practice on my computer. Semangat gila. Then after like a few times of doing some of the questions, had my bath and my mom drove me to the drving school. Then they arranged trasnport to send and pick me up from the examination center somewhere along Jalan Ipoh. Got there around 10-ish, registered. Quite a number of people, since it is a Sunday morning. Some people came out sad, because they failed, and this made my head go berserk. What if I fail? Die la, mom going to kill me, and I don't think I will ever get to see my license ever again! Argh! Then I took my picture and after that they sent me into the room with all the computers and I was placed at terminal 5. And so I began doing the test. I told myself, Please dumbass, take your time when doing this. This is not like the practice at home. If wrong cannot do over! So I slowly (actually it was fast la, but slower than usual) did the questions, and made sure I checked the colour blind answers properly. Then I proceeded to the 50 questions and answered them as best as I could. I thought gone la, sure like five mistakes or something. After doing the test, had to collect the results from the counter. My results were like soooooo awesome. 50/50! Hahahahahah! I really love myself! The guy at the counter also said, "Damn good la you". Naturally talented aren't I? The fellow that took me to that place also got a shock. He said he had never seen anyone with full marks before. Damn happy man, I passed my undang, then I have to go for my bengkel amali also, maybe this week, or the week after. So yes, one step closer to my license!
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Shit la! Damn scared, my Undang-undang Jalan Raya test is later this morning! Scared like shit! Wish me luck! Pffffftttt!
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Smart Asses

In an examination, what do people do if somehow, they just can't seem to get a question right? What would desperation lead too? Would they just omitt the question and proceed to the next or in dire need of an answer, write something no matter how silly? Take me for instance, during my physics exam:

Question: What is the meaning of half-life?
Answer: It is a computer game.

Okay, so I didn't know the answer to that question, call me dumb. I was just too desperate for an answer so I wrote the first thing that came into my mind. I knew my teacher wouldn't mind, he's a dumbass. Would probably take him years to realise it was meant to be a joke. Well, at least I'm not as bad as these people, or am I?

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Beyonce! Noooo!

Beyonce is coming to town, Beyonce is coming to town! We're gonna party! NOT ANYMORE WE'RE NOT! Beyonce cancelled her concert in Malaysia because this country is just too fucked up! Here is the reason:

An up-coming Beyonce concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been cancelled amidst protests by local Muslim groups Billboard reports.

The groups are said to be upset that Beyonce has refused to obey the country's strict dress code for performers.

The promoter of the November 1st concert, Pineapple Concert, did not give a reason for the cancellation in a statement issued Friday (September 28).

Female performers are not allowed to show skin from the tops of their chests to their knees.

An August Gwen Stefani concert was preceded by protests for the same reason. Stefani reluctantly abided by the guidelines, saying in a press conference before the show that she had made a "major sacrifice."

And this is why I won't be able to see Beyonce! I really hate this country sometimes! Arghhhh!
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'L' License

So I signed up for driving in a school somewhere near Taman Sri Sinar on Monday. I don't know if I should have done it or not, since exams are soooooooooooooo awfully near. Anyways, I did. Had my 5 hour long kursus yesterday, which was totally dumb, I have to say. The guy was so long-winded and he really didn't know when to stop. He didn't even finish teaching the whole thing. I want my 5 hours back, can actually use it for sleeping. Well, now I'm deciding when to take my test. Most probably Sunday, and then after that if I pass, do the 6 hours of the bengkel amali and the I'll have my 'L' license! Yeah. Undang exam, bengkel amali, SPM, 'P'! I love my life.
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Darling Kui San!

Today is Kui San and Jeaneatte's birthday! Have a great one you guys. By the way, have a look at this conversation with Kui San and I. ROFL!

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