OK la. My last post for the day. I thought of this before I went to bed, and it struck me how idiotic people are becoming in the online world. Since the birth of messaging systems like MSN and Yahoo, internet users have formed abbreviations for a lot of words to make typing easier and faster. For example:

u = you
wtf = what the fuck
lol = laugh out loud
wht/wad = what
omg = oh my god
d = already
2 = to/too/two

And so on........

There is only one that has made me go pretty much bonkers recently. The human race has come to it's ultimate low with this abbreviation.

The word, chillax. The meaning, chill + relax.

What the hell is chillax? Chill with a climax? What the fuck man? Apperently it's chill and relax. Is the fucking human race getting more idiotic as we speak? Do the people who use this word really know how to use it? Do they know that when you ask someone to chill, you're asking them to relax and vice versa? Do you people know English? You guys are worse than the Japanese, man! You guys make the aboriginals look smart. You people are an insult to the human race and an insult to the English speaking world. Those of you who use chillax should be crucified! We're fucking Malaysians, not some blady fools and "lalas". Learn English please. I can teach, for free, just to make you people shut up. Stop using chillax! It is not right, because it's utterly stupid!
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Friends that Last.

It's 4 in the morning, and I can't stop blogging now. Damn! Thanks a lot Dinisha!

So I decided to write a list of my close friends that I have, and maybe a bit of something about em' as well. Please don't judge my friends. Don't say their wierd, only I have the right to say that about them, do all you want behind my back. So here goes:

Ron Nard - He's gay, so what? He was my good friend before I found out and there is no reason for me to stop being his good friend. Till the end, Ronnie! *looks at the not-so-distant-future*

Dinisha - Haha, Dini. My poser friend. As vain as she may be, she's a good girl. Always there in times of need, my shoulder to lean on. Stop touching me though, it's getting rather disturbing. Thanks for being there for me Dini, it means a lot.

Joel - This guy, aiyo. Speechless. Funny and loves to pluck my nerves. Jovial and oh so vain. I should throw him off his apartment building sometime. Funny guy to hang around with.

Darshanaa - Another part of my life. We have our ups and downs, which only brings us closer, no matter how annoying she or I can be. She's one crazy biatch, who does a lot of crazy things! Will always be there, Darsh, I hope.

Michelle - Hmm. My first sweetheart, which I have to say I blew considerably well, what a regret I have. Now, we're just best of friends. You are also always there for me Michi and I mean always. You call to check up on me which I think is really sweet of you. You always make my day! Thanks for brightening up my life.

Wan Ying - I've spoken to you less this year, but nonetheless, you also play an important part of my life as my friend. I can always talk to her and I know she can keep secrets. My trusted friend. You need to loosen up a bit though, you're always in books.

Thira - Haha. I know I can talk to you, even if you do talk a lot of crap. You're one funny person with a really spontaneous mind. I like the way you quickly think and your jokes almost gets me all the time. One of my fellow backbenchers! You need a life though, hahaha!

Ashwin - The blur one. Had a lot of fond moments with you. You're one funny guy, but the things you say tend to sound rude. Not to me of course, to other people, I know that you're just kidding around. We should really hang out more after this, and really get mischevious.

Jia Myn - The graphic designer freak. Helps me out always when I need some graphics done. She too can be talked to. She's fun, but I feel she lacks the confidence to reach people. She's unique though, someone I might not meet ever again. Don't lose touch with me, ya?

Nirusha - She helps me out emotionally. She talks to me, always cheers me up and is one ball of fun. You're a great dancer.

Aarthi - *Refer to older sister, Nirusha* I'll slap you if you don't talk to me after I leave school.

Livishanti - She also one crazy girl. Loves to dance with Niru and the gang. Fun to talk to and very lovable.

Venga - You remember your dance promise to me, Venga? She's one big fun person, literally. Always love to irritate her because it's fun to see her angry. Hahaha. Venga, classic! Love you darling!

Fua - Sorry for all the shit things I did to you in primary school man. I was a HUGE pain. Still am I think =) Always fun hanging with you and the gang. Funny guy!

PK (Puk Kok Mun) - Haha. Mr. Blur. Always us guys in the mamak. Part of my funny crew. He thought E was enough and F was Finish for the petrol meter in the car! ROFL!

Jane - Jane, you're wonderful person. Bubbly and cheerful. You are a HOT dancer, I love the way you move.

Radiance - Radiance, always smiling, always optimistic. Fun to hang with you cause you're always happy!

Choi Mun - Choi Mun, my shorty girl! I want you to take care of your health and I think you are a wonderful person.

Samantha - Samantha, you were my form 1 friend. I always thought you were nice and fun! Don't ever change please!

Kui San - Another shorty whom I love a lot. Always bubbly and always talks crap. Really, crap. You're just fun to hang and talk to.

Karmen - Haha. Teddy bear girl. Loved you more when you said I had abs! Hahaha! You are one heck of a character.

Fan Wai - My smart wife! Love you darling. You're damn smart. You're fun and nice to chat with. Always talk crap also la you. =)

Paik Fang - My pinchy girl! I love pinching your cheeks! You also damn fun to talk to la, we always talk crap together. I'm gonna miss you Pyak!

Ravind - Your arrogance makes the real you unshine. Other than that, you're a fun person. I wonder where the standard 6 boy has gone?

So these are the people that have played a significant role in making my life a much happier one, a much more meaningful one. How long can these people be a part of my life? Till after school? College? Till death? What then? What will I have? You'll always be in my heart guys!

A little poem to my friends:

GOD knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.

He knew they need someone kind
To lend a helping hand.
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand.

GOD knew that we all need someone
To share each happy day,
To be a source of courage
When troubles come our way.

Someone to be true to us,
Whether near or far apart.
Someone whose love we'll always
Hold and treasure in our hearts.

That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends!
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Need Help!

Fine. I will blog again. Just once more can't really hurt can it? Trust me, I am not happy about this. The only reason I wanted to stop blogging was because I thought if I could spend so much time on a post for my blog, why can't I just use that time to actually study something. Argh. Annoying. Well, anyways, I'm blogging!

I have run out of ideas on what to write. So here goes nothing. Well, lets start of with the fact that I've been constantly falling ill for the past month. High temperature fevers, cough, blah-di-blah-di-blah. Then the other day had migrain (probably from studying a chapter of sejarah *groans with anguish*) which pretty much lasted for 12 hours and I puked in school twice. Oh, joy for the sick kid!

So, exams are going to start in a little over a month or so and I dread the day I enter the hall for my examinations. Totally not prepared, as always. I think I have less than 10 days of exams and two years of shit that I have to cram into my little hollolw head which is really filled with nothing but the air of stupidity. If there were a way to get to those examination papers, trust me I would, and I would probably burn it all up till they turn to ash. I wanted to study just now, but I ended up reading 5 issues of Galaxie magazines instead. What the hell man? I'm probably never going to get good results, so....... And I've just realised something, I have a lot of posts about SPM. Wow, this is my biggest problem. Argh.

Oh, yes. I've realised my English capabilities are not that great anymore. Many people have improved and it's kind of scary. So I think it's time to step it up a notch. I need ENGLISH!

I need professional help. =)
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So I finally cracked. Had a terrible night on Tuesday. Made my dad angry and he went berserk. Plate of fried maggi mee went flying down the stairs. A mug shattered, my computer screen nearly broke, his spectacles went whizzing in the air and he pretty much said some hurting stuff. Haven't spoken to him since. Then in school today (Wednesday), he decided to show up and complained to my class teacher, which I thought was rather pathetic. If a father can't control his own son, what can other people do? Then I think he gave Ms. Tang (my class teacher) my sister's number and she gave my sister a ring. So when my sister came back from work, she sort of gave me a pep talk and made up this ridiculous time table which starts today and which I have to follow. This is something good I suppose, since I suck in my studies. And the bad news, dear readers, I don't think there is going to be another blog post from me till after SPM, which is rather depressing. I think my sister is planning to unplug the modem tomorrow morning, so no more internet for me. I am supposed to be studying now actually, but I decided a blog post would be the appropriate thing to do. Loop holes are always nice aren't they? Oh yeah, I also decided to puasa today, just for fun, a one day thing. I "tutup" puasa at 8 o' clock, 3 hours later than the right time and "buka" puasa at 10 o' clock in the night. The feeling in school was terrible, everyone eating, and you standing there and looking at them eat. Then after school, I accidentally drank water from my tumbler without me realising, and I am being totally serious. It was an accident, so I took that as saliva. Lol.

So I guess that pretty much wraps up the last blog from me till the month of November, I might update again, you never know, if I have the chance that is, so make sure to always come back to have a peak. Toodles till November to all my sweet readers.
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Crazy Britney Fan

Was watching E! News today on Astro and I just saw the weirdest thing ever. They were talking about a Britney Spears fan. It was a guy (His name is Chris Crocker), and he was crying his eyes out on youtube shouting "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE". So I went to check it out and I thought it was really retarded and sort of disturbing. There was also a video of him dancing and singing to Britney's new song, Give Me More. Nothing can get more bizzare than this. Below are the 2 videos of Chris Crocker:


Get a life retard!

He is just one weird person. He's probably gay and loves Britney. Who really likes Britney anyway? My mom wouldn't listen to Britney, she might disown me. Britney sucks, Chris Crocker sucks too. Someone should burn Chris Crocker at the stake for liking Britney. Britney's a bitch! Muahahahah!
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The Man in the Big Red Bird Suit

I found this video of me in my big red bird suit for Hari Sukan 2007 in my sister's camera. This was someting I wanted to do since I was in form 2 I think, and I finally had the chance to fulfill my dreams at last this year, no matter how embarassing it may seem. The marching was like crap, but I made them win for their march because of my costume! Muahahahhah! And my sister called me an idiot, T_T. Here I am in a big red bird suit.

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Music: The Inspirational Joy

In the years of my life, I have acquired different likings toward music. From rock to RnB, to funk and jazz. But the stuff I like isn't nesessary the stuff anyone else would like. I have the sudden interest for new age music, music that makes me relax and just take things easy. For instance, Laliya. They play the most awesome new age music that I've heard in a very long time. Their music is really very uplifting and touches the soul (if and only if you can appreciate these kind of music). Now I've come across Mika. I've been really addicted to one of his songs, Love Today, which they keep playing on Star World on Astro. The beat to the song, the lyrics and just about everything about it has that joyous tune to it, that just makes you happy all the time. That's what his songs are all about.

I've also discovered Jamiroquai recently, an artist from the 90's. He's songs are really nice, with the jazz and funk influence in it. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

Music: The Inspirational Joy to my life.
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Did anyone realise what date it was yesterday? September the 11th. 9/11? Ring any bells. It's been 6 years since the attack on the World Trade Centers in America. It feels like it was only just yesterday that I heard the news of two planes hitting skyscrapers in New York city. Being only 11 years old, I didn't think much of it. But as time went on, I came to realise that so many innocent people had perished in those attacks. Not only the people in the towers, but also in the airplanes. Could any possibly know what those people were feeling seconds before death? So many people lost their loved ones in the attack. Why are these religious fanatics so stupid? They are doing everything that is against what they believe in. Will anyone get closer to God by killing people? This act of terrorism is ridiculous. I would be devastated if any of my family members or even friends had died in the attack. If you are reading this, please take a moment or two to pray for those who lost their lives in those attacks. Below is a video, in rememberance of the day that America would never be the same again.

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Blah! I decided to be random for once. The other day, while I was eating KFC, a thought popped into my head. It was something like this : Damn! People eat chicken almost everyday in every part of the world. Is the chicken population higher than that of the population of humans? If so, where do all these God Damn chickens come from? I am totally serious. How many chickens are out there? Are they in hiding or something? Are there Brazilian chickens? Which came first anyways? The chicken or the egg? Can't be the chicken, it has to come from the egg right? Can't be the egg too, who laid the damn egg? Oh a dilemma!

And this is me being random.

Mood: What the?
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A friend told me that my last entry came out to be emo. But that's the truth. I thought some of the people I knew had really good lives, until they tried to take their own lives. It just comes to show how much you truly know about a person. I don't want this post to turn out emo too, so I think I'll divert to another topic.

I was over at Ron Nard's house on Saturday night with Joel and his brother, Daniel. We were so bored, we decided to play Monopoly. Not just any Monopoly. The new and improved version of it where instead of using paper money notes, you use a credit card. Yes, you heard right, a credit card. So each time you play, you get your own card with 15 Million already in it. So there is a machine thing that comes with the game where you just slide your card and key in the appropriate numbers to either subtract or add to your total. It was fun, until I was the first person to get bankrupt. Joy!

Then after Monopoly we played Taboo, the game of unspeakable fun. This is game of teams where a person has to try to make his team mate to guess as many words on little cards without saying the word out loud or certain words that could be related to it. Tough game, but hilarious. How would you explain "Mascara" to your friend without saying the actual word and words related to it like "eyes", "colour" and etc. I told Joel, my team mate for that round, The thing that makes girls look like sluts. Hahahaha, sorry girls, I just didn't know what to say. It was like the first thing that came to my head.

After that we went mamak and had a quick game of fusball and pool and Hide before returning home. Fun night, can't wait to do it more often.
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I asked a friend of mine about what she thought about my life out of curiousity the other day and she said my life seemed to her to be almost perfect. Always happy, never having any problem, etc, etc. Why? You may be my best friend, but what makes you think that my life is better than yours? Do you really now what it's like to be living my life? I may seem happy go lucky all the time, but could it have occured to anyone that that could just be a mask covering up what I really feel inside? Don't think my life is full of daisies all the time. It could be just the opposite. I know my life is way better than a lot of people out there, but yeah, I have my own problems to handle, problems I am not willing to share with people. There are many things going on in my little head that I want to fix, but I don't have a clue to know where to begin. I have problems, but I have a great life to hide them. My point: Don't you ever think for one second that I have a better life than you.

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Rough Week

I pretty much had a rough week going on for me this time around. I had my Moral paper on Monday which I really wasn't in the mood for. In the midst of doing my paper, I had stomach ache, head ache and a nauseating feeling. I even managed to nap for about 15 minutes or so. I'm pretty much toast for my Moral exam. That night at home I had fever and began to burn up throughout the night. Try feeling extremely cold and hot at the same time, it wasn't nice. I ended up not going to school for a 2 days, which turned out okay because my mom NEVER lets me skip school, not even once. Then on Wednesday, I was sitting in front of my computer, just surfing the net, the phone rang. I picked it up on the first ring and I heard my class teacher's voice on the other end. What would she have thought? Me, picking up the phone (on the first ring) when I'm sick. She was really concerned about me though, she thought I had dengue or something. Then today when I went back to school, people were like "what happened to you" and stuff like that. Got back a few of my results. I nearly failed my add maths and got 3A's for English, EST and Maths. It's okay I guess, but I really need to fight tooth and nail to get better results than this. It's only another 3 months, that's it, unless you put NS into consideration. T_T
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Merdeka Weekend

So, I haven't updated my blog the past couple of days. That's because I've been on vacation in Port Dickson (PD) during the Merdeka weekend. I just came back today (Sunday) and I've decided to update my blog with a couple of pictures I took. Correction, my sister took.

Day 1
I left on Thursday afternoon and was able to skip Ms Lee's tuition. Oh, joy! So we left around 3-ish and got there around 5.30PM. The hotel we stayed in, Goaman, was indeed nice. The rooms and everything else was really cool. The rest of my relatives then started pouring in through out the day. It's fun to get to hang out with family, "mengeratkan hubungan antara ahli keluarga"(I have a Moral test tomorrow okay?). We headed down to the bar(Poison Rose, it was called) in the night, to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Had loads of fun, sitting by the beach, listening to the live band playing and having drinks. Sadly, no alcohol for me. Was sick and couldn't take anything cold. So I was pretty much looking at everyone drinking. But no worries, life goes on without the booz. Here are some pics from that night.

My sister and I (the one with the big head)

Both my cousins and my aunt

Cousin(Can't see his face) and nephew

Day 2
The second day was rather dull, but we still managed to have some fun. After having Maggi in a cup for a wonderful breakfast, we pretty much did nothing for a while. We were thinking of what to do and we decided to play ping pong near the pool. One thing I found really stupid was the fact that we had to pay to use the facilities there. Shouldn't it be free or something since we're paying so much for the rooms and etc etc? Well, we payed RM5 per hour and I think we played for 5 hours altogether. It was fun playing against cousins who were pretty much noobs. We also played pool. I played like 4-5 games with my cousin and I did a lot of stupid shit mistakes. Always scratching. Then got times I accidentally hit the black ball in. Depressing. Then we had lunch at an Indian restaurant somewhere in PD. The food was good, then again, all food is good to me. I can't live without food. Glorious food. After that we came back and went for a dip in the pool. It was so cute to see the triplets (cousin's children) wobbling around the pool in their hand and body floats. I think it was their first experiance in water and I think they enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I don't think I have any pictures of them in the pool, and I will probably upload those pics later on once I get my hands on them. After the pool, went to the beach. The beautiful Port Dickson beach with all it's popular filth. But thank God, Goaman's beach was surprisingly clean. But we did feel itchy when we came out of the water though. We also hired a Kayak for 1 hour and paddled the thing as far as wee could. Damn tiring man that thing. Then in the night, went out for Chinese food and then came back and went to Poison Rose for a drink. Again, no alcohol for me. My sister and my cousins ordered a drink called "Killer Margarita" for four. Supposedly it was a good drink at that bar, but it really wasn't. Good for them who were drinking in front of me. The glass the drink was in was huge, probably why they called it killer. Here's the pic of it. Looks small, but it's really huge.

The Killer Margarita for four =)

My cousin brother hated it so much, he forced it down my sister's throat. After that, we all again headed back to our rooms for a good sleep.

Day 3
Got up in the morning, this time a bit late. It was nearly lunch so we went down to a diffrent Indian restaurant for lunch. This shop was bad. It was full of flies, buzzing here, buzzing there. It was so annoying. But we still ate there with those pesky little flies. After lunch, again to the pool for a dip and then again to the beach. This time we had planned to go for the Banana Boat ride. Those of you who don't know, the Banana Boat ride is well, a boat ride. A maximum of 7 people get to ride on an inflated boat in the shape of a banana or sometimes even a pencil(depending). And this inflated boat is then pulled by a motor boat. So the motor boat carries the riders into deep sea for a fast ride, but that's not all. They brinf you far out to sea, and drop you on purpose into the sea, with life jackets of course. So the 7 of us went, my sister, my cousin's, one of their husband and me. So we got on our life jackets and got on the boat and were brought speeding along. The drop is funny. Everyone pretty much landed on each other. Legs hit heads, people were dragged underwater, etc. The funniest part is getting back on the boat. Everyone struggled to get back up because the boat was high and slippery. My cousin sister kept falling off because she couldn't stop gigling. I helped pull my sister up. And once we were up, we were off again. In total, they dropped us off 4 times. The last time we were dropped off, my cousin's husband managed to stay on the boat only to find that everyone behind him had fallen off. After the Banana Boat, my cousin, sister and I rented a jet ski for half an hour. My sister and cousin went first. When my sister came back, she told me that my cousin purposely dropped her off. According to her, she flew about 5 meters away from the jet ski and had to swim to it to get on again. When I went, I held on tight to my cousin brother. He's one sick dude. We jumped all the waves. Our butts left our seats on the jumps. And some of the jumps were pretty high. He told me he wanted to drop me off too, but I told him "If I live to tell the tale, I will murder you". But other than that it was really cool, the jumps and the speed was pretty much awesome. After that, we took some pictures on the beach against the setting sun.

Going mad on the beach

The Egyption dance

My cousin (Sashi), my sister (Yaso) and me (looking fat, trying to be macho)

My cousin (Dinesh), Sashi, cousin sister(Vino), me and my sister peaking from below =)

So we pretty much had loads of fun. And I have to say, I've been a very important role model to the triplets. They have followed my footsteps to becoming a great poser. Here are some pics.

Aiden the Heart Breaker

Ancelina the Thug (POSER)

Abrianna the Fatty

My three Angels

So after a hard day of having fun and posing, we all went for Chinese food in the night and came back to Poison Rose again. And this time I got my drink! 1 and a half glasses of Long Island Iced Tea. Sounds like just any other Iced Tea, but it has alcohol in it. And I think I was tipsy after that. I wass feeling all happy and stuff. But I don't think I was totally drunk. Another glass would have made me drunk I suppose, but there was no time for more. Had to get back to the room for we were leaving the next day.

Day 4
So in the morning after I got up, I felt groggy and stuff, but I got better. We then headed to the mamak for breakfast and returned to pack our stuff for the check-out. I and my sister had our baths and packed our stuff and came down late. My uncle wasn't happy and he scolded us a bit. But he was okay in the end. So after 4 fast days, my vacation, our vacation came to an end. We left the hotel with many memories to share with friends and family. I have to agree, it was a great holiday and it was just what everybody needed. Now that I'm back home blogging, I feel depressed for there is a Moral exam I am sitting for in the morning. So it's time for me to end this blog entry and either hit the hay or start studying. Hope you guys had fun reading my blog.
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