As you can see, I've changed the title of my blog. And I can say whole heartedly, that I agree with the title 100%. And I've decided to post a life quote in my C-Box everytime I make a new entry in my blog. Read it, understand it, embrace it.
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Leo the Lion

I was just wondering about my astrological sign(I'm a Leo) and I decided to look it up. Most of the things I read about Leos were very much related to my life and made me rather shocked. So here is what the Internet had to say about my sign, Leo:

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and is popularly associated with the keywords magnanimous, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active and open. Leos are typically pictured as very dignified and regal. They are hard-working, ambitious and enthusiastic, however they are prone to laziness and can often take "the easy way out." They are known to be exuberant, extroverted, generous with a natural dramatic flair and very creative. They are typically very self-assured, and love taking center-stage in whatever arena they are in. Fiery determination and the desire to be important often rule their life. They usually pursue their goals doggedly and use their charisma to sway others to their cause. Open and honest, Leos tend towards the philosophical and tend to hold great idealisms about how things should be. Under a Fixed Sign, Leos are usually determined, stubborn, loyal and traditional. They are often resistant to imposed changes, and tend to hold onto people and situations for a long time. Leos, like the Lion they are named after, are thought to be born leaders, with charisma, enthusiasm and determination. They do well under pressure and are good at defusing crisis situations. They are often lovers of the finer things in life. They are associated with gold, jewelry, fashion, luxury items and adornment. Because of their creative nature, they tend to not stick with the boring and mundane, and look for excitement in life. The downside to a Leo is usually their pride. Due to this, they are sometimes prone to being conceited, jealous, snobbish, boastful, overbearing with a disdain for those under them. Due to their positive nature, they can be gullible and tend to believe the best will happen. When it doesn't, they are prone to depression, may react badly to affronts and could be deeply hurt by malice and hostility. If faced with negative situations Leos are also known to react with extreme confidence, which can get them into even more trouble. In astrology Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Indian equivalent of Leo is Simha, the Chinese equivalent is the Monkey.

In love the Leo person has powerful and sincere feelings, is wholehearted and generous and endeavours to bring sunshine into the loved one's life. Typical Leos truly enjoy the game of romance. Their avoidance of the mundane may prone the Lion to a "wandering eye" and their love of beauty can drive their movements from one lover to another. They are typically very sexual creatures and highly attracted to the partners of their choosing. However, some Leos are only loyal to themselves or only to the extent that the relationship benefits them.

Leos tend to have a fondness for competition, dance, gambling, risky endeavors, parks, recreational activities, nature, the outdoors, and work with animals. Leo's ruler, the Sun, is the giver of life, and some born under this sign gravitate toward the healing and helping professions as physicians, dental hygienists, counselors, psychiatrists, cardiologists, politicians and in public relations. Arts and crafts, theatre groups, philanthropic societies and religious organizations often attract their interest and participation. Actors born under the sign of the lion are seen as polished performers who love the limelight. Leos often enjoy working with children, and many become teachers whose students serve as their captive audience. There is often a talent for investing, finance, and money management that can lead to success in banking, the stock market, or big business.

In medical astrology , and in terms of anatomy Leo governs the upper back, forearms, wrist, spine and heart. Its natives are usually thought to be subject to a number of ailments: pain in the back and lungs, spinal complaints, diseases of the heart and blood, sickness in ribs and sides, convulsions, pleasantries, violent burning fevers including, in former days, when they were prevalent, plague, pestilence, jaundice, and some afflictions of the eyes. Leo rules the back and heart, so people with Leo active in their charts are associated with over-exertion, general problems with stress in the back and ailments of the heart. They are usually believed to have a strong constitution and may usually be seen to overcome their problems, many of which may be of their own making, due to overindulgence.

This is what my sign means, so you be the judge of it.
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Music of my Life

If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (itunes, winamp, windows media player, ipod, etc.).
2. Turn on the shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening credits:
Shaggy - It Wasn't Me

Waking up:
Sean Paul ft. Keisha Cole - Give it up to me

First day of school:
Eminem - Without Me

Falling in love:
Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder (interesting)

Fight song:
Ciara ft. Missy Elliott - 1, 2 Step

Breaking up:
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back

Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong (this is ridiculous)

Life is okay:
Beyonce - Irreplacable

Mental breakdown:
Outkast - Ms Jackson (ROFL)

The Pussycat Dolls ft. Busta Rhymes - Don't Cha

Laliya - Cerulean Blue (So true, remembering my days in Australia)

Getting back together:
Kelly Clarkson - Since You've Been Gone (wow)

Ryan Cabrera - True

Birth of first child:
Venga Boys - We Like to Party (Ahahahahahahahah)

Final battle:
Lifehouse - You and Me (The title suits the question)

Death scene:
The Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop Dog - Buttons (uh?)

Funeral song:
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Hahahaha. Sing this at a funeral, I dare you!)

Ending credits:
Keane - Somewhere Only We Know (Love the ending)

This is the soundtrack to my life. As weird as it sounds, some of it really fits in. Give it a try and let me know the soundtrack to your life.
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Yesterday, the 25th, I went out to yum cha with my family. My mom, cousins, uncle and me. So we were just eating and talking until the started speaking about me. I am about to reveal 2 things that I am very embarassed about, and rest assured I have not told anyone about this. And now, I'm revealing it to the public for them to read and judge me. Well, one was a bit recent, like on the day I went to Australia last year. This is a rather pathetic story of me, and I don't know what had happened. So, I had packed all my clothes to leave. My jeans, T-shirts, shorts, etc. I had packed my baggy jeans(Most of you guys have seen me wearing it). I had such an attachment to that pair of jeans, for what reason I don't know. So when we were at the airport(mom, cousin and me), while eating delicious KFC, my mom told me this; "I took out the pants you like from the bag. Not nice, ugly." Ohmaguh. In a weird way, her words triggered some emotion I didn't know I had until that faithful day. So I sort of shouted at her and I was so angry, I cried. I cried over pants. A pair of baggy black pants. So my mom was trying to console me and all, and I just cried. I sniffed and I sobbed. Well, I stopped after that, okay? My cousin witnessed the drama between my mom and I. Until today, she never fails to bring the story up. She tells the rest of my family, "You guys missed the Academy Award winning performance in the airport the other day." I really love cousins, they embarass the crap out of you. So anyways, I got on the plane to Australia without my pants and when I got to my sister's place and unpacked, the pants were there. She didn't remove them after all. She removed the other pair of jeans. Then I thought to myself, all that drama for a pair of baggy jeans for nothing. Hmph. Hahahaha!

So I did say I was going to tell you 2 things. But I change my mind. It's too weird to reveal them here. You guys might think I'm weird. Maybe some other time, when I feel more comfortable in revealing this particular moment in my life. Hehehe. So think about my Academy Award winning performance, and tell me what you think about it in the C-Box on the right hand side of this page.
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What a Day

It was a weird day yesterday, interesting and also depressing. How can a combo like this happen you ask? Well, that's why this blog is still alive and running. Me and a couple of friends had planned just to chill out and maybe even have a couple of drinks while playing some board games and stuff. But plans didn't work out. The booz was cancelled out and so was our third member. She couldn't make it. So, Ron Nard and I called out our substitute. Jia Myn the stick. We had to call her, no choice, no one else to call. So she came over to Ron Nard's house and we just went mad pretty much. We played Twister. The game where there are 20 coloured dots and you have to pretty much place hands and legs on different colours without losing balance or even sitting down. So anyways, the 3 of us played, and it was sooooooooooo funny. There was one time, I was on top of Jia Myn, and it looked like a friggin sex pose. Ron Nard laugh like mad. I laugh like mad, ending up with my knee hitting Jia Myn's head. Ahahahaahahahah! Then while we were having fun, Ron Nard had this really sudden idea of going to Times Square. I was so against it, and I didn't want to go out anywhere and spend a lot of money, so I told him I didn't want to go. But he begged and he begged and he begged! And YES, he begged some more. So I finally gave in and said okay. Wanted to call people to go with us, but due to the last minute thing, many people couldn't go. So after mamak with Ron Nard and Jia Myn, we dropped her off back home, as she had tuition to attend, and we headed to the train station. It was really depressing going to Times Square, the both of us. No one else. What more, I was just wearing a T-Shirt, shorts and slippers. I felt like I was wearing underwear out or something. So we went to the amusement park, and rode the rides, where I nearly vomitted. I felt so sick I thought I was going to die. Ron Nard tahan lasak, again and again he went. About 9 o' clock decided to come back. Something funny happened to me when we were coming back. Some may even call it weird or some might just say it was my imagination. After we got of the monorail, we had to switch trains to KTM. So as we were heading towards the KTM station, these two Indian guys, I think, were walking in our direction. And I also think they were gay due to the clothes they were wearing and also how they were walking. So anyways, while I was walking I accidentally brushed my arm against his. And he said, "MMMMMMMMMMMMM". I was so shocked I froze. Did someone just think I was gay and was trying to seduce me or something? Ron Nard didn't see this and I told him later. So this guy that said that oh so gross moan in my ear stopped not very far away and talked to his friend. Then they both turned and looked at me. The guy that hit me couldn't stop looking at me. The only thing that was running through my head was, what the fuck?!?! what the fuck?!?!?! So until I passed the ticket barrier, this guy was still looking at me. Cheh wah, I feel hot and handsome, in a very, uh, weird kind of way. Let me make something clear and simple. I AM NOT GAY. And those two guys were ugly anyways, like just came out from some kampung like that. Ahahahahahaha! Ron Nard sort of laughed. So, after we came back from Times Square, we decided to go mamak with Joel. So we went to Manjalara and had some dinner and then we had the idea to play Twister with Joel in his house with his brother. So we went back to Ron's house, took the Twister and went back to Manjalara to Joel's house. I tell you, this time even funnier. Four of us together on the mat playing Twister and were tangled like shit. Then there was one part I had to bend down to reach a colour. I got down so fast, my big butt hit Daniel in the face and he flew back. Ahahaha! Big booty I have. Then Ron Nard kicked my balls pulak. On purpose some more, cause Joel told him too. Or was it Daniel? Can't remember. Then after that wanted to watch Die Hard 4.0 on DVD. Not even a quarter through the movie, Ron Nard constipated and he didn't want to shit in Joel's house. So we had to leave. But I knew it was more than that. I can't go into details here about that unless Ron gives me the Green Light about it. So I went back to his house, and took my bicycle and went back home. Today morning, followed me mom to the Hospital to get her eye checked up. And now I am in the college where she is tutoring, UCSI, in Cheras. So, that's all from me today and I will update as soon as I can.
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Wow! This is my 16th post for the month of August. Didn't know I had so much of things to write about. Well, I went shopping today in the evening at Metro Prima. I know, I know, who goes shopping at Metro Prima right? Well, there were some pretty interesting things there, eventhough the place is crawling with the Jinjang's and what not. Went there for some groceries actually, but then it turned to a shopping spree. I went with my mom, and for once, I actually like her for company. She didn't irritate me as much and we sort of had fun. First we went to Jusco, then she got an electric flask/kettle, thermal pot or something like that. Then after that she bought her stuff. Then went downstairs and went to Levi's! Hahahha! I am now a proud owner of a pair of Levi's jeans. RM200++. Gosh I feel bad spending my mom's money like that. I supposed to pay, but I didn't have enough, so she got it for me. Hahahaha! Money saved. So I was deciding between 2 pants, one with a zipper and the other were buttons. Then I decided on the zipper one. Then was the size, either 34 or 36. So I was there deciding. The salesgirl sort of laughed at me, cause I couldn't decide. Then my mom said get the 34, but I felt like the 36. Then finally I went with the 34, but I think I might change it, cause I scared if I get bigger, then cannot fit. I need someone's opinion, do jeans shrink or expand after frequent use and wash? Need to know, have only one week to change the jeans. 0_0" So anyways, I went to Ti:Zed to get a top, got a T-Shirt with a collar, which is nice, even if it is plain. So happy got a new outfit now. Will wear it soon, maybe to Perfection this Friday. Then after that, went grocery shopping and got lots of crap for the house. So, I had a pretty good day today. A pretty good day with my mom. Hope can do it more often, then maybe I can get more stuff. =)
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Roller Coasters!! XD

If you guys didn't know, I'm a major roller coaster freak. I really really really really LOVE roller coasters. Ever since I rode one, I loved them. The exhilarating rush that courses through your body when you ride roller coasters are just amazing. I love everything abour roller coasters, from the drops, to the loops to the underground tunnel things and pretty much every nook and cranny of it. I'm also in love with the roller coaster game, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, where you manage your own theme park, build your own coasters and much much more. And today, I would just like to share videos of some of my roller coaster designs that I have done. Have a look and comment me about them.

The Wild Extension:

Blue Storm:

The Termite:

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A Boring Saturday

This has to be one of the most boring-est day in my life. Wait..... Is there such a word as boring-est? Uh... Hmmm... Eh.... Huh? What? Oh yeah, the blog. Forget the boring-est day thing. Today was so boring, I decided to write up a blog on what a boring day I had. As usual, I woke up in the morning. I was lying in bed and I was thinking about Rush Hour 3, the movie I watched yesterday. It was so funny, I began laughing on my bed as if being tickled by someone invisible. Well, I do that sometimes. Laugh about a movie to myself only to be smacked in the head by a friend or something. Got out of bed already, had breakfast. Speaking about breakfast, do you guys brush your teeths' before or after breakfast? I always do it after I have mine, so I don't know if I'm the only who does it or if I'm just weird. Well, anyways, after breakfast went for Add Maths tuition. After that came back and pretty much did nothing until now. This sounds pretty depressing, I know. But I did find something interesting while surfing the net. I saw a new movie trailer. It had Troy-ish, medieval kind of movie. And as I was watching the trailer, I saw one of the characters face and it made me laugh. It was Aishwarya Rai! Oh my God! The divine beauty in a movie of action. She's a warrior in the movie! Oh gosh, h***! She does action people! SHE DOES ACTION! AISHWARYA RAI DOES ACTION! GOD! I really need to watch the show, looks really cool and she's hot. OooooooOOooooooOOO! *Drools* If you love her, I think this movie is a must watch soon.

You guys can check out the trailer at

I promise, I will put up something interesting up today or tomorrow and for some reason, I just started thinking about durians. I hate durians! Eeeeeew!
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Exams are Infuriating

Ohmaguh! The first two weeks of exams just ended about an hour ago and I'm sort of relieved really. I've only got 3 more subjects to sit for after my holidays which begins tomorrow. Today was Physics paper 3 and before that, before recess, there was the farewell to Cik Zaleha. So many performances for her retirement. I represented the class to give her our gift and when I walked up the stage and gave her the present, I opened my arms wide waiting for a hug. She stunned, I think no guys hug her before XD. Then I just hugged her and she said "thank you". Then people laugh. Then there were the performances. Kugkan and Brian dressed as girls! WTF! They're the prettiest guy girls I've seen in ages. Hahahah! You guys rock! Weeeeee Weeeeeeeeeeeet! Hahahha! Then after all that, I had to sit for my Physics paper 3! What the hell man, a bad end to a bad day. But I have to admit, paper 3 was easier than I thought. Haha. Finished all, but wrote crap for 3 questions. Now I'm back thinking what I'm going to do for my holidays. Probably going to hang out with Lali and Ronnie! Wooo! Fireworks display. Going to KLCC also I think now, too bored, don't know what to do. Got Biology, Chemistry and Moral after holidays, one day off isn't going to kill me, but then again, I always feel like I'm having off days. Study/KLCC? KLCC la of course. Ra-ta-too-ee! Weee!
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Uplifting Music

If you want uplifting music, then I've got the perfect sounds for your ears, if you can appreciate music like this. Below is a video of Laliya, musicians who play in Perth, Australia. Laliya is an instrumental hybrid of new acoustic and subtle world fusion, creating an atmospheric soundscape using instruments of old in a modern and exciting way. This has been enhanced through the use of a technique known as 'two handed tapping' on the Dulcimer combined with rhythmic and percussive beats of the Djembe and the wonderful sounds of the didgeridoo. A truly unique and transcendent auditory experiance.

For more info on Laliya, you can visit or

I've also been very fortunate to meet them while on holiday in Perth in 2006. Whenever I came around to see them, they would play one of my favourite songs, Cerulean Blue. Miss them loads.

P/S: The above extract is not of my own creation
(the 1st Paragraph was taken from their website).
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Celebrity Look Alike

I found this celebrity generator thing on the web and decided to share my celebrity look alike. This is going to be a joke.

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How can Friends be Annoying?

How can friends be annoying? That's what this post is all about. Friends. I've got the couple of best friends a guy could ever have. But honestly, there are some of them who won't give a guy a break and there are some of them that can never seem to stop annoying me. This is where my story of annoying best friends unfold. Take today for instance, in school. Darshanaa, one of my best friends demonstrated her pathetic-ness towards me today. Well, it was sort of my fault, I agree, but she needs some screws tightened in her head. It started with me teasing her in school today, the she teased back. I 'tak puas', so I whacked her with my hips, gave her a hip thrust more like. That triggered it man, she 'marah' like the devil himself. It's so fucking annoying man, can't a sorry suffice? I just fucking hit her with my hip and she retorted back with her fucking load mouth and her fucking emo-ed face. Her voice carried all over the school, I think. I 'buat' dunno only. That explains the stories I've heard of her, not saying anything about that here. Back to my story. Well, she can be a fucking pain and she does this on a very frequent basis which is rather annoying. After teasing her sometimes she can turn fucking emo, and I'm all like what the fuck man? I really wonder how people tolerate her, I wonder how I tolerate her? I've always wondered why. Darshanna, you have to sometimes need not give a shit about somethings. Eventhough it was I who triggered the fucking emo you today, you need to shut that trap hole. She warned me before about 'terkena-ing' her or in her words hitting(sounds harsh, like abuse like that) her. A dude forgets sometimes, don't tell me you don't forget somethings sometimes, like whacking my head maybe? So in conclusion, if sorry helps, yeah I'm sorry. No matter what, you are still my best friend cause you care for me and I, you. Shut the trap hole please, painful to my darling ears.

So this concludes this post and the damn challenge I call life that I survived again today which brings me closer to my boring death. =(
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Stewie on Family Guy

There has not been any other mini cartoon series, other than Spongebob and the Simpsons, that made me laugh like crap. Family Guy has to be one of the most funniest cartoons out there today. If you have not heard of Family Guy, here is a video of Stewie, one of the characters from the cartoon. Enjoy.

If you liked this video, you can check out more of Stewie and Family Guy on Youtube.
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SPM Trials 07'

It has been a week since my trials started and I am starting to feel what my SPM is going to be like. I'm taking the 10 subjects for SPM which are as follows:

1. Malay Language - 2 papers
2. English Language - 2 papers
3. Mathematics - 2 papers
4. Additional Mathematics - 2 papers
5. Biology - 3 papers
6. Physics - 3 papers
7. Chemistry - 3 papers
8. English for Science and Technology(EST) - 2 papers
9. History - 2 papers
10. Moral studies - 1 paper

These are the "few" papers I'm taking for my SPM examinations which are due to start in the beginning of November, and I am entirely unprepared for it. I had the 2 History papers today and shit was it hard. I've never sat for a History exam which was quite as bad as this. I never studied at all for the exam and I had to end getting some help from my friends. If my teacher knew, I would have probably just died. There was a question in paper 1 about the meaning of an Arabic word. The word was 'al-taalah' or something like that. And when I saw the question, the first thought that ran through my head was, Who the hell cares about al-taalah mala kala aloha lima llama shit!?!? I don't care about history and it won't last long in my life. History is just another lame ass subject which has nothing to do with my future. History is just a waste of my time. Everyone around we was writing away, and I felt like an idiotic person taking an idiotic exam. I've got EST tomorrow and the 3 Physics papers on Thursday and Friday and I hope I don't feel as lost as I was in the History exams today. ^_^
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I was just thinking about going to bed, when I saw my opened blog page on my computer. I saw the picture of myself I had put up at the top and I suddenly became intrigued about the topic of posers. I needed the proper definition so I headed to to check it out. And this was what I got that was related to my topic.

1. A person who habitually pretends to be something he is not(in short, a wannabe)
2. A person who poses

Well, I know my picture may seem like I'm a poser. Yes, I have to agree, I did pose and I did take the picture of me by myself. But does it really classify me as a poser? I don't pretend to be something I'm not, most of the times at least. I don't pose a thousand times over and post my pictures with different angles all over the net for people to see. It just shows how vain a person can be about themselves, even if they are ugly. If you do not do it very often, then sure, what ever. But come on la, I've seen people who pose and pose and pose and they don't seem bored of it. I've seen pictures of people at every different angles and it's annoying to see the same face over and over again in different outfits. Do people do that all the time? It's crazy. It's like some kind of crazy hobby. I'm not saying that people who pose are annoying brats. I know people who are posers that happen to be my really close friends. I don't hate the people behind the posers, I just hate the mentality behind posing. I really hope I did not offend anyone with this, it's just one of those things that tend to get on your nerves.

So, stop posing and make this world a better place. =p

P/S: No, Dinisha. I am not attacking you with this blog, don't worry.
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I keyed in the 12-digit number into the space provided and hit Search. I waited anxiously and then it appeared, "Tahniah, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 5/2008". My heart nearly dropped. I was one of the few "lucky" ones among my school friends that got chosen to attend National Service either in the end of this year or the beginning of next. I saw the word "tahniah", congratulations in Malay, and I wondered, Which fool would be happy to get selected for National Service? Can congratulate some more.

I thought about what had happened and came up with the conclusion that I was looking forward to going. I love camping and I do enjoy the kind of activities they do while we're there. The only thing that makes me hate NS is the fact that it's 3 months long. 3 long months. I could do plenty in 3 months. I could learn how to drive, I could even get a part time job or something. I could even sleep man, sleep! But since I've got chosen, I've got no choice but to go or might face getting imprisoned. A lot of people I know who have gone for NS before didn't want to go in the beginning, but after they returned, they all said that it was nothing like they imagined. It was fun and gave them plenty of experience. They even made many new friends during their 3 months stay. So based on their experiences, I'm sure NS will be a blast. Many of my friends who got chosen for NS are sad, angry, depressed, etc, etc. They think NS is going to ruin their lives. Well, honestly, it's going to be the exact opposite of that. So stop yapping about it. Think about SPM or something first, then worry about NS. No offense guys.

So, in short. NS is going to be fun and it's not going to ruin your lives, so please don't worry about fucking small things like this. Just go and have fun. Look on the bright side, we get to handle guns, and well, if people annoy us. Well, miahahahahahhhahah!!
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English Essay

Hey guys! I've re-written my English essay for people to read online. This is the modified version(better version, in other words). Feel free to comment about it, from vocab to grammar to anything really. Here it is:

It was half-past six in the morning and I was feeling extremely cold. I pulled the blanket over my head to protect myself from the piercing cold. It was still dark outside, I knew, and there wouldn’t be light for another hour or so. There would be no point for me to go back to sleep after I’ve woken up. I got up and stared out the dark window. It was only a few days since I moved in the house. The place and its community were like total strangers to me. I remembered the house I used to stay in. I shook my head, I knew I had to adapt to the changes around me. I got up from my bed and draped the blanket around myself. I headed downstairs into the kitchen to get a big mug of coffee. As I walked into the kitchen, a sudden burst of fire outside the window made me freeze in my steps. I was shocked and almost gave out a scream. I opened the kitchen door and peered outside but there was no one there. I stared blankly into the large trees which were the woods. Another burst of fire in the distance. I hesitated for a moment and decided to investigate the source of the noise. I walked into the woods, making crunching sounds as my feet stepped on twigs and leaves. The wind blew the leaves around making a sort of evil rustling sound. A few moments later, I found myself in a large clearing. Nothing was there. The moonlight shone from above, lighting the ground. I walked into the clearing. I stopped, watched and listened for any sign of movement or even the slightest sound. Suddenly, the ground began to tremble and it felt like an earth quake. The ground gave way and I found myself falling through a deep dark hole.

I opened my eyes. It was dark. I felt a slight trickle of blood sliding down the back of my head. Was I dreaming, I wondered. I got up as fast as I could. I was in a chamber with giant rocks for its walls. The walls were damp and certain parts of it were covered with algae. I felt around for anything that resembled a door and searched for any sign of light. As I searched, another burst of flames appeared out of nowhere behind me, larger than the ones I had seen before. The flames flew around the room, lighting the torches that were on brackets on the wall. Then only did I see the source of the flames. My jaw dropped. I had never seen anything like it before, but I definitely knew what it was. It looked like it had just appeared out of a fairytale I had just read. Staring down at me with enormous electric blue eyes was a dragon the size of ten elephants. Its body was a deep shade of red. The flames from the torches sent dancing shadows onto the dragon’s body. Its long tail was as thick as a giant hose with thorns poking out of it from every angle. Its wings were large and were tucked to the dragon’s side. Its gaze did not leave mine. How is this possible? I wondered. This….This can’t be real, it just can’t be. There are no such things as dragons. And though I thought this, there it was, sitting majestically in front of me, looking me straight in the eye. I needed to get away as fast as I could. I had no idea what this thing was capable of. As I turned to make my escape, a loud voice could be heard behind me.

“Do not try to run away. I mean no harm,” said the dragon.

I turned around. There was nothing else in there except, except the dragon. It spoke. No way! It spoke! Dragons don’t speak! I must be going mad. Yeah, that’s it. Mental I am, mental.

“I mean no harm,” said the dragon again, this time in a softer tone.

There was no mistaking it this time. The dragon spoke, and I was there to bare witness to it. It was the most bizarre situation I have ever been in all my life. I had fallen into a hole and was listening to a dragon speaking to me. Should I talk to the dragon? Apparently it was waiting for me to speak. I was terrified and at the same time curious. I picked up the courage to speak to it.

“You spoke,” my voice quavered as I said this. “How can this be? I thought dragons can’t talk? And if there were such things as dragons, how come humans have not seen them before?

“You ask too many questions, Alvin,” the dragon said to me, its eyes unblinking, still staring at me.

“How do you know my name?” I asked bewildered. “What…. or who are you?”

The dragon stared at me apparently amused. Smoke seemed to be emitting from its large nostrils.

“My name is Ramian,” said the dragon with a roar. “And I know many things, Alvin. I have brought you here to seek you’re help, for you are the only one who can stop the ill fate of thousands in the Underworld. You are the last surviving Dragon Rider in the world, and I am yours.”

The dragon stopped and was waiting for my reply. I didn’t know what was going on. And what was a Dragon Rider? And what did Ramian mean by “I am yours”?

“Dragon Riders are warriors who have sworn to protect the Underworld from any threats,” said Ramian as if reading my mind. Maybe he was, I didn’t know. “You are one of them, the last of them and I am your dragon.”

“How can I be a… a….. a Dragon Rider?” I asked wondering what all this could be about. “I’ve never ridden a dragon in my life and I’ve never recalled owning a dragon. If I had, wouldn’t I have remembered?”

“No, you would not have remembered. Let me explain. You were a Dragon Rider in your past life. The greatest one there could have ever been. You died in the hands of the enemy. I had time to kill him before my powers left me for a dragon is powerless without its rider,” explained Ramian. “And you are now reborn! A new man, a new warrior. You were destined to ride me again, and now your time has come,” said Ramian, a sense of pride in his voice. “There is a war brewing in the Underworld,” said Ramian, now in a much serious voice. “A new enemy has risen, and is gathering his allies as we speak. Thousands of innocent lives are at stake. Our allies have also gathered and are waiting for your return. Without the help of a dragon and its Rider, they will fail. You must ride me to victory.”

It took me a while to fully understand what Ramian had said to me and when I finally did, I was in total shock. It couldn’t be possible. How could I be a Dragon Rider in my past life? And now, now I was reborn to ride Ramian to victory? Was I just supposed to believe all he had said to me?

“No. No. You….You must be mistaken. I can’t possibly be a Dragon Rider,” I replied. “You’ve found the wrong person. I’m sorry. I can’t help you.” And with that, I turned around to leave before I had to hear anything else Ramian had to say.

“MISTAKEN!” roared Ramian. I froze. “Are you not Alvin? The Alvin that stays beyond these woods? How can a dragon be wrong about his Rider?! From the moment you were brought forward into this Earth again, I knew my Rider had returned! A dragon has a connection with its Rider and the connection I have felt so many times before is at its strongest right now! You are my Rider!”

Feeling embarrassed and foolish, I apologised. “I’m….I’m sorry,” I said. “If it’s true that I am indeed a Dragon Rider, I know nothing of it. I do not even know what a Dragon Rider does. How am I supposed to help you, Ramian, if I don’t know what I have to do?”

“Do not worry,” came Ramian’s reply and he raised his giant wing and with its tip, he touched my head. There was magic in his touch. My eyes began to blur and I felt the colour of my surroundings vanish. As fast as it happened, my eyes came back to focus again and I found myself on the back of Ramian looking down at a valley from a high cliff. I had a strange feeling I had seen this place before. I looked at my clothes and found that I was wearing a magnificent suit of armour. In my right hand was a large golden sword and in my left, was a giant silver shield. Then, it all came rushing back into me. I remembered my past life. I remembered myself as a Dragon Rider. Ramian was telling the truth after all. My eyes became blur again and moments later it came back to focus. I was back in the flame lit chamber. Ramian removed the tip of his wing of my head. I was a Dragon Rider and I had returned to help the people of the Underworld. The flashback made me believe and gave me inner strength.

“Let’s finish this war,” I said to Ramian and his mouth curled into a smile.

Ramian had brought my armour, sword and shield. I put on the heavy armour and picked up the sword. As I touched the hilt of the sword, a sense of warmth and strength ran throughout my body. I felt much stronger than before, and I knew that the sword had provided me with the strength. I then placed the sword into its sheath. I then hung the shield over my back and climbed onto Ramian’s back. As I touched Ramian’s body, a bright blue glow emitted from the palm of my hand to the rest of my body and vanished.

“It’s magic,” Ramian explained. “You have the ability to cast spells.”

“Cool,” I said. I raised my hand and uttered a spell I somehow knew and a blast of jet blue light emerged from my palms and hit the wall across the room causing it to shatter into many pieces. WOW! A dragon and magic powers too, I could get used to this, I thought.

“And now, we ride,” said Ramian. He took off from the ground so fast, I nearly lost my balance. I had to hold on to his thick neck to prevent myself from falling. Ramian spread his wings and flapped them as hard as he could as he flew. We were flying high and fast, the wind blowing through my face. I was used to the feeling of flying on a dragon’s back, then again, I was a Dragon Rider. The cold morning air had made my face numb, but we never stopped. Minutes later, I looked down. In the distance, I saw a crowd shouting and jeering as they saw us approaching. It was our allies, and they were pleased to see that I had come to bring them victory. I recognized the place Ramian landed. It was the place he had brought me in the flashback earlier. And down in the far end of the valley, the enemy was preparing themselves for battle. I looked behind me, and found myself facing thousands of odd creatures I had never seen before. And in each of their faces were etched the sense of bravery and fear. I turned forward, and prepared myself mentally for what was about to happen.

“You ready, Ramian?” I asked.

“As always,” he replied.

I looked at my allies, removed my sword from the sheath, raised it in the air and yelled, “Now, we fight! To victory!” There were screams of enthusiasm. And so it began.

Ramian leapt of the cliff and the rest of the company swarmed down it. The enemies were also on the move. They were moving in from the north and we from the south. The valley was about to become a battlefield. We were getting closer to them. Screams and yells could be heard from both sides. The enemies looked like mutilated monsters. Big, hairy and ugly were they. Swords and shields were in the air. Minutes later, both worlds collided. The battle had begun. The sound of metal on metal filled the air as swords hit swords. Ramian threw blast after blast of fire at the enemy, causing them to be licked by hot flames. I uttered spells and cast my magic upon the enemies, causing them to be thrown into the air and falling to their deaths. One of my spells had even sliced of parts of the enemy. Down below, the sound of swords piercing the body could be heard. Body parts were scattered everywhere. Up in the air, Ramian and I faced a challenge. A giant snake like creature with wings was flying straight at us. And riding it was a hooded figure, one hand on reins and the other, brandishing a sword. I cast as many spells as I could on them but they were not working against the hooded figure. We were both flying at each other and collided in mid-air. Ramian and the snake like creature were trying to bite each other’s head off. Ramian threw as much flames as he could towards them. He used his tail and giant claws to cause as much damage as he could. The hooded figure and I were dueling with swords. He swung the sword so fast that if I did not evade the attack, I was sure I was to be beheaded. Ramian threw yet another blast of fire towards the snake and caught the fire in its face. Ramian took this opportunity and bit the wings of the creature. Without its wings, the snake like creature was doomed. It stumbled in the air and caused its rider to be imbalanced. Seeking this final chance, I pushed my sword through the chest of the hooded figure and pierced his heart. I removed the sword and the hooded rider with the snake like creature crashed to the ground. They were dead. We returned to the ground to finish of the battle below. Ramian grabbed a few of the enemies with his claws, flew to a great height and released them causing them to fall to their dooms. I began casting magic spells in all directions, hitting the beasts squarely in the chest. Soon after, the battle was over. We had won. My sword was covered with the blood of the enemy. I was reborn to win this battle and I had. I never left the Underworld after that. I felt at home again. I had returned to the home of my forefathers. I was then crowned the king of the Underworld for bringing peace back again to the land. Together with Ramian, we guarded the Underworld from further attacks until today. I was a Dragon Rider and I was born again to ride once more.

“Did all of that really happen, dad?” asked a sandy haired boy.

“Yes, son, it did,” replied Alvin.

“So, the dragon,” he said as he looked up. “You rode him to victory?”

“Yes, Zacharia, I did. And someday you’ll be a Dragon Rider just like me. Zacharia smiled and he ran of into the garden.

King Alvin watched his son disappear behind the metal doors. He looked up towards the sky and saw a red dragon circling the castle, watching over the land from any threats.

“Thank you, Ramian. Thank you for everything,” said King Alvin. He knew the dragon could hear him even from such a height.

“You’re welcome, your Highness, my rider,” replied Ramian as he sent a blast of fire into the air.

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Seventeen in the Year 2007

Today in History. On the 6th of August, 1945, Hiroshima was bombed. In 1996, American scientists found evidence of ancient life on Mars. In 1962, Jamaica proclaims its independence. And in the year of 1990, I was brought forward into this world.

*FLASHBACK - 5th of August 2007*
Well, another ordinary day. Got up in the morning, realised I was late for tuition, ran to shower and got to class. Circular measures. That was what the class was about. I didn't realise I was going to turn a year older until a friend of mine, Dinisha, reminded me. I forgot that I was going to turn 17 soon. After my tuition classes, returned home, and didn't do much until the night when my cousin and my uncle showed up. We went for dinner at the nearby Chinese restaurant and that's where I met another friend, Darshanaa, and her family, having dinner in the same place. My sister made fun of her. =D I was really happy that my cousin and my uncle had come, I really appreciate their company. We talked and had fun and joked. Was really nice to be with them.

*12.00AM - 6th of August 2007*
When we returned home from dinner, calls and messages started pouring in. My family sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Then my friends(Thira & Darshanaa) called and wished me, and some of them even messaged me. My cousin called from Penang. Joel, Fua, PK and Kui San wished me online and some of them wished me on my Friendster. I was really happy that my friends called me to wish me, thinking that they may forget my birthday. Dinisha was really sweet, she wrote a blog post about me, which I thought was really nice. Love you Dini!( Michelle even wrote me a nice birthday message on Friendster and also MSN. Thanks Michi! Thank you to everyone who wished me on my birthday so far. Know that I cherish my friendship with each and everyone of you and may I bring it along with me to my grave. Thanks to all that have been a part of my life, that will continue being a part of my life, and to those who changed my life. Thank you all very much.

Turning 17. I never expected it to be this fast. It felt like it was just yesterday that I stepped into the ground of my Primary School, but in reality, that was nearly 10-11 years ago. And now after a decade, here I am, writing about myself. When I was in primary, I remember being a pain in the ass. I used to give people a really hard time in school. I used to make fun of everyone and I don't think I had true friends at that time, for not many people used to hang around me. I remember making people cry, I remember hurting someone. I must have thought it was cool. My best friends now used to hate me, ask Dinisha, she'll tell you. I'm sorry to everyone I hurt in primary, I was a jack-ass kid who didn't know shit. So please forgive me. I don't know what happened after that. When I started secondary, my life changed, I became better natured(saying "good" natured would have been a lie). I was better than before, but I still had the part of me which was rather annoying till today. Those who despised me in those days now stood beside me. My friends. To my true friends, I've always(I think) been loyal and supportive. Never stabbing them in the back. We had fights, yes, but we always made up after that. Now I have this wonderful group of friends I don't want to ever lose.

Turning 17 also means that I'm causing more havoc at home amongst my family. Always fighting with parents and siblings. But that's the life of a teenager, no? Always trying to be rebellious, always trying to be right. Maybe it's just a phase of some sort. Year by year it seems, I've been getting lazier. Not studying as well as before. And the only thing my parents ask from me is that I do well in my coming examinations. But like I said in so many previous blogs before, I can never sit more than a minute in front of a textbook to study. I want to make them proud, I really do, but why can't I? I'll have to try, if I'm to do really well. Time is moving at such a pace, I'm worried that I won't be able to catch up any longer. Sigh.

There is also a plus side of being 17. I can finally apply for my driving license, now that I am of age. But what with my trials beginning in another few days, I doubt it. My examinations will be going for about a month, and I don't think I'll have enough time to do my Theory and Practical exam for driving. And even after my trials, I don't know if I'll have enough time to get it done for SPM will be in the month of November *shudder*. So, I think I'll be getting my license next year if not this year. I want to drive so bad! So, should I get my license this year or next? Decisions, decisions.

Being 17 is a great thing. It's like another adventure I'm yet to embark on. It's almost like the gateway to the world, after Form 5 I mean. There's going to be plenty to do after school, clubbing, vacationing with friends and maybe even signing myself up do voluntary stuff with Lalitha, who is by the way one cool chick! Lalitha if you're reading this, know that I salute you! I'm actually kind of relieved I'm 17, knowing that there are plenty of things out there that I can do soon. So watch out world, this dude's coming.
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A Love Survey

A Love Survey I got on Friendster. Too bored. Here goes:

[01] Have you ever cried for a
` Uh, dun judge, but yeah.

[02] Have you ever been given roses?
` No, who would =(

[03] What is your all-time favorite
romance movie?
` Hmm, my best friend's wedding I think

[04] How many times have you honestly
been in love?
` Twice

[05] Do you believe that everyone has
a soulmate?
` Yeah, sure, but Lim, uh, not sure.

[06] Do you think that you should
put your friends first?
` Yeah I should, equal attention I
think is the best

[07] Have you ever had your heart
` YES! =(

[8] Your thoughts on online
` I think it's cool, but really not

[9] Have you ever seen a friend as
more than a friend?
` Yeah of coz.

[10] Do you believe the
statement, "Once
a cheater always a cheater."?
` Depends really.

[11] How many kids do you want to have?
` Eesh, sibuk, not married anyways, and
if I were, probably say 2, so that my
kids won't be lonely.

[12] What is/are your favorite color(s)
` Blue, Black, Purple, Red

[13] What are your views on gay
` My friend's gay, so I've got a open
mind to it, won't discriminate, won't
talk crap about it. Support gays till
the end.

[14] Do you believe you truly only love
` Emm, I want to truly love once, but
things can happen.

[15] Imagine you're 79 & your spouse?
` Dunno, dun care.

[16] At what age did you start noticing
the opposite sex?
` Em, yeah I think 12/13.

[17] What song do you want to hear at
your wedding?
` Here comes the bride, the one in the
Tamil version, LOL!

[18] Know someone who likes you?
` Dun think so
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I'm really bored, so I decided to put some pictures up on my blog. Don't think I'm some kind of perasan case or anything like that. Just to show you, well, me.

Me, Jin Li and Ron Nard

Wan Ying, Dinisha and Me

My Friends on my Desktop

Me Looking Mysterious

Me on a Train Ride in Australia

- Vinter -

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Birthday and Dilemmas

Well, it's finally the month of August, and this can only mean one thing, birthdays and exams. If you didn't know, mine's coming up really soon, on the 6th of August actually, two more days to go. Really excited, being seventeen, and then the reality hits me hard. I'm actually turning seventeen, I'm coming to the end of my high school years, unless I continue with my Form 6, and what have I exactly accomplished? Nothing really. Is this really how I want to end this year? By doing nothing at all? SPM is also just around the corner, waiting to dive on my weak little brains. This isn't really going to good for me, but life goes on. Maybe I will study, depending on my mood. Hopefully I can manage to get good results for my exams though. Need to study! Eeesh!

The other day I had a row with my parents. It started with they didn't want me going out on a weekday and when my exams are really close. I just wanted to go out and have a drink for two hours and to also meet my ex-school mate. As usual parents didn't want to let me go. So I put on a sort of tantrum, I was really angry. It's not that I'm stupid or something. I just can't believe my parents think that I'm too young to do anything, too immature. I'm turning seventeen in two days and they think I'm too young to have a drink with my friends on a weekday? It doesn't mean that since I'm going to school I can't do anything else. I know they are doing this for my own good, but I think this is too much. I just walked out of the house and went to HIDE with two bucks in my pocket, which was rather pathetic. I know I'm not doing too great in my studies, but honestly, is two hours going to make a god damn difference? I just hate them for not trusting me enough. And another thing is that my mom tells me not to hang out with my friends. This really made me annoyed, no one chooses my friends but me, and someone telling me who to hang out with is just, well, I don't know what. It's just stupid. I was so angry with my parents, I didn't wish my dad on his birthday. I know, I'm bad.

Well, anyways, was reading Dinisha's Blog just now. Was reading the part about the debate about God, and thought it was really interesting. Should give it a read. If anyone's interested, just click on the "Dinisha's Blog" link on the left side of this blog page and just look for the debate about God post. Go ahead and read her other blogs as well, quite interesting. Anyone have any nice blogs, post it out on my comment and I'll check it out when I have the time. Check back for more of my blogs soon.

- Vinter -
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