Cheer 2007

Hey guys. The last weekend was a blast, mainly because the biggest Cheerleading competition in Malaysia was held at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil! Before I get to that, Friday night was a blast too. A number of friends met up and headed down to this cool cafe in Manjalara, called the Hide Cafe. I myself just discovered this cafe just recently, and now, I've been going there quite often. It's a fun place to just chill and hang out, but the place is a bit hot though, but no matter. They provide games like board games, playing cards and the another version of UNO Stacko. A pool table and a fusball table is also provided, and I really love pool ^0^. We had loads of fun. Then the girls took pictures like cats and I was behind them looking like a "hantu".

Now coming to Cheer. Wooo Hooo! It was a very exciting weekend for me and my school's cheerleading team, as they were going to National's for the first time. Seraphim, SMK Taman Bukit Maluri's cheerleading team, dressed in blue, black and white, went for the competition filled with excitement and anticipation (I know, cause I was there with them). The first day of competition, we were at the stadium pretty early to get the team registered and get seats for the supporters that were coming later. Other shool's were already there, doing their warm-ups and going through their routine. And it finally began. The hosts, Jien and MTV VJ, Sarah Tan, were doing a great job entertaining the crowd. The only person I was entertained with was Sarah. LOL. Each school did their best in their routine. As Seraphim was waiting to perform, wathcing the other schools made them nervous, making sure they wanted to do a good routine. Eventually when it was their turn, the dance turned out really well, but the stunts didn't do so well. Some of the members were kinda sad. But they still had another day to proove themselves. While they were busy packing, I had a chance to get to Sarah and get a picture with her! HAHAHAHAHAH! But it's not with me right now.

The second day arrived. Again we left early and this time in a bigger bus with more supporters coming with us. As usual, I went to sit, as the team prepared. We brought banners, and buckets and pails and bottles and card and logos and so many different kind of things to cheer our school on. Thanks to Jia Myn's parents and their great graphic works, our school got a lot of attention. And I decided to bring a little attention to myself too. I brought my Afro wig and wore around on the day. =0 The stadium was packed as ever, even more than last year. It was fun seeing other school's supporters cheering for their respective schools. Our supporters on the second day was quite a number, I think like five or more full rows. We were shouting and screaming and dunno what else. We, the supporters, had a blast. When the team did their performance, we screamed like mad. They did much better than the previous day and they were happy with their routine. Eventhough they did not manage do get any awards, the Seraphimers were happy, being able to join such a great event. Team Dynamitez emerged as the winner followed by Shirtlift, Vulcanz-All Boys, Vulcanz-All Girls and Titans. Before we left we took a lot of pictures with the hosts and many other celebs. Here are some pictures, enjoy.

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Friends. So many many friends. Really good friends, really bad friends, and those friends in between. I have plenty of good friends, thank God, and as far as I know, none of them are bad. If you were to ask me, who's my best friend, I would certainly correct you by saying, "My Best Friends". These people are, just to name a few, Dinisha, Darshanaa, Ravind, Singh, Ron Nard, Joel, Wan Ying, etc. But recently, some of them seem different, distant in fact. We used to do load of things together, but somehow, that's sort of ceased. We don't speak as much anymore, but, yeah, we do need our space. I speak as if this person were my girlfriend or something, that's how much I care. But I don't seem to be having fun anymore. Well, people change I suppose. But why leave your friends behind, I don't get it, but I don't really care anymore. This is just a simple blog for today, a feeling I want to share. So my question is, how long do friends last before the other gets hurt?
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LIFE! Life feels like a bullet lodging itself in one of my butt cheeks. It's totally unfair. Well my life is anyways. Like I've said countless times before, SPM is closing in. And still, no change in me. Doing anything other than studying seems to be more benefitial somehow. I am so dead. Some things to me just seem impossible. There should be a phrase set in my mind but I guess not, and the phrase I meant is, "How can it be impossible when nothing is impossible". I've gotten back all my exam results and it all sucks. I know I can do better than this, I know I can, I KNOW I CAN! So, I have to make a vow soon, that I have to achieve good results eventhough it may sound ridiculous and if I put my heart and soul into it, then maybe, just maybe, there can be a change in me. Life's unfair isn't it. It doesn't give you want you want if you yourself don't work for it.
Even certain friends can be annoying (I know I can be to, but some people are just over the top), or I suppose it could just be all in my head, or even jealousy perhaps. But I can't let this get in the way of my life, I just can't. These kind of people have no life, or maybe it's me without the life. Well, I don't feel this way towards all my friends. I've got plenty of brilliant friends and I meant it literally as well. I just hope all of us don't lose contact after I leave the shit-hole I call school. But then again, I go to school to see friends, not to study. Well, school would be hell, if friends are not around to lift you up when you're down. Or people who said they were gay and eventually turned straight again. Or people that just crack you down and even, yes, those who make you angry and sad and etc. These people make up my life, and without these people? There would be no more meaning to life. These are the people that makes your life worth living. These are all the people I cherish, even if they can be the most stuck-up person in the world. If you're my friend, it's a honour.
Well, tomorrow I'm joining the prefects for their camp in Pangkor. I really can't wait to go. Besides Langkawi and Penang, Pangkor will be the only other island I've been too. From what my friend said, there is going to be plenty of avtivities there. Water polo, beach football (which I dread as I hate to play footy), kayaking and I suppose a lot of other cool stuff. And I really can't wait to go with everyone else. Well, it's already 3 in the morning and I have to leave for school in four hours and I've not even packed my stuff yet. So till the next blog report, I'm out!

- Vinter -
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